Inciting hate

by Fred

Justice for Iran:

“The first trial session of the 13 Arab political prisoners of Khalaf Abad (Ramshir) met this morning at the second branch of the Revolutionary Court in Ahvaz.

Five months ago, the Iranian English speaking satellite stations, Press TV, introduced Hadi Rashedi and Hashem Sa’bani, two of the 13 individuals, as terrorists and members of armed groups.

The TV station broadcast the images and names of the individuals while in today’s session, the two called all the accusations lies and announced that they were forced to make the confessions under severe torture.”

In other words, Press TV is a coconspirator in the vast and ongoing state policy of inciting hate with the aim of justifying the murdering of large numbers of innocent human beings, a crime against humanity which has severe consequences.

Press TV staff should know the time to face the music is inevitable, just look up Julius Streicher or the more recent Rwanda radio stations case.

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dear vildemose: no, there is no mask here.

by mousa67 on

the hateful "religion" of shia islam is in fact fully unmasked in iran. iranian people need to face the fact and have a hard look at this problem of shia islam which has been for centuries preventing them from advancing. no society will get anywhere with a religious mind set, let alone of the criminal nature of shia islam. 

thanks for another great blog mr. fred.


 Hate behind mask of

by vildemose on

 Hate behind mask of religion, or being patriotic.


All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir


Good Point

by Azarbanoo on

when their boss IRR is gone they will get their share of athrocities toward innocent Iranian people.