Iranians' double standard

by Fred

It is safe to say after IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic’s costly expat gathering  propaganda show the majority of voices raised were in opposition to the show and the paid for Iranian participants/actors.

Two questions:

1-were the opposition a jealous reaction for not having been invited?

2-were the opposition based on principle of those who consort with the regime which rapes, maims, tortures and kills Iranian men, women and children and cares even less for their cultural heritage are despicable individuals.

If the answer is number two, then that raises two final questions.

1-wouldn’t someone who professes love for Iran and Iranian be the first person to keep well away from those who do not share his feelings?

2-if so why should Frye get a pass and not the other participating paid for actors?

After all what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.


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Farah Rusta

Good eye for minute details Midwesty jan!

by Farah Rusta on

I am impressed. Sounds like an observant programmer is behind that cyclist avatar of yours. I stand corrected!

So fascinating to note that nothing provokes an Iranian-dot-comer to respond to a comment more than being corrected for his/her misuse of English. 

By the way, Midwesty jan did you perhaps mean to say "Aside from" or "Except for" when you began your last comment by :"Aside for"?

Respectfully ,



My pleasure Farah jan,

by Midwesty on

Aside for the 'with' case, Oversimplified is one word, also it should be Either-or, - dash normally means a bond or 'to', / slash normally means 'or'.

Farah Rusta

Thank you Midwesty

by Farah Rusta on

Your comments are as always an education. 

Would you be so kind and point out the typos in my last comment (apart from an extra "with")?

 I am not a good auto-critic 



those mispelled words show

by I Voted Ahmadinejad on

those mispelled words show who I am, a regular individual who just came back from wrok and wants to make his voice heard and has no time to check his spelling. the question is who are in the fred&Co and what are their agenda?r u a member?

ram jams


Farah jan,

by Midwesty on

The essence of using conditional clauses in speech and also programming is to distinguish options, simplify the reader's thought process and narrow down the chances of deviation of what the writer is trying to convey to his/her audience. Simply it is used to find the closest path between two points, A the writer/speaker to B, the audience.


To skillfully mislead the reader to force them to accept the writer's or speaker's stand on the issue much similar to the basics been misused in 30-second TV commercials to induce a false need in a viewer for the product. (Monroe Persuasive Speech Principles)

By the way...

You also got a few writing mistakes/possibly typos in your last comment


Farah Rusta

Now who is being manipulative Midwesty jan?

by Farah Rusta on

Midwesty jan I can only speak for myself as I am sure Fred is capable of answering your questions himself.

About "Persians and (lack of) Principles". As you said it correctly, this is a generalized view, which means there must be exceptions to this generalized rule, which is the case with me and I am sure with you. So I am here to take a principled stance on the issues discussed on this site. Does this answer your question?

Now about your over-simplified assumptions which made you reach your  (flawed, if I may say so) conclusions.

First, there is no either/or option in Fred's two "questions". The formulation of questions while not incorrect is incomplete. This is a nested "if" condition which does not exclude possibility of a third option.  Therefore, these two events are not mutually exclusive. In other words (a third situation) a group 2 member can also be envious of group 1 members because unlike them he/she has to struggle with with a decision to accept or reject the invite (testing time for his/her principles!!). 

Second, you make another (extrapolated hence false) assumption that in question 1 Fred implied that Iranians have principles! Therefore your conclusions my dear Midwesty are solely based on your over-simplified assumptions, hence not valid.

With respect, 




Farah Rusta

ram jams on language skills!!

by Farah Rusta on

Throwing stones from a glass house ram jams? Take a look at your skills:

"posted under fred' name"

"I came across of blogs"

"... used to write those blogos"

this one is most amusing:

" ... highly literated in English language"

"I noticed fred used prounoun 'he' to reffer to..."

"there is some thing more"

"smoothly writen"


Well, ram jams, what do you think?




fred & Co English-Farsi

by I Voted Ahmadinejad on

Having read a dozen of blogs posted under fred' name in past week or so, I noticed the language skill used to write those blogos has degraded sharply.I came across  of blogs where only ones who are highly literated in English language can write to blog like this, so shabby. On Sunday, I noticed fred used prounoun 'he' to reffer to Elaheh Ensani. 

Clearly, there is some thing more than a regular individual trying to express his/her views.

fred's good blogs(smoothly writen) reminded me of articles and blogs that I read in Jpost.

ram jams


hamsade ghadimi

by Fred on

Not getting into hair-splitting and semantic argument, I do take your criticism in the constructive spirit it is meant to be, but do not subscribe to it.

The way I see it your line on question verses hypothesis would make any flowchart a hypothesis while it could be fact based questions which the answer to each leading to different rout to be taken.


But I should be more precise in formulation of questions as you should be more generous and less strict about their construction in a blog of no particular note.


Take care.


hamsadeh jan...

by Midwesty on

Your suggestion to Fred is based on your assumption that s/he is faithfully committed to a transparent dialogue...I am afraid that's not the case. S/he is trying to manipulate here.  

hamsade ghadimi

fred first of all, the

by hamsade ghadimi on

first of all, the first two questions that you raised are actually premises (or hypotheses) and not questions, because then you ask which “answer” the reader chooses.  you meant which premise is more plausible to the reader 1) being against more investment opportunity with iri is based on jealousy, or 2) being against those who consort with the iri regime for any activity (including promoting Iranian culture) is a principled act.  the scenario in #1 (investment activity) is a subset of #2 (any activity), while the reasoning being against #1 is based on the base (but rational) emotion of jealousy rather than the noble emotion of selflessness in #2.  the offered premises reveal more about you than actual choices available.  it’s as if you wanted to make sure that the reader chooses #2.  i don’t necessarily agree with #2 but i definitely don’t agree with #1.  it’s as if you threw in #1 just to make a stronger case for #2!  a more transparent way of posing the issue at hand is to ask the reader whether they are offended by frye’s action or not and state their logic.  however, many readers already have gone through that exercise in the original blog and have responded much to your dislike. 

i agree to disagree with your final implied conclusion (second #2) which is beside the issue.  i’m disappointed with the warped “logical” decisionmaking process that you offered to demonstrate your viewpoint.  i hope that you take this criticism positively.


Dear Farah,

by Midwesty on

Thanks for answering my question in part one, I meant Fred but however since you answered Fred's question you automatically answered mine.

"Persians and Principles do not make happy company".

That's a generalization and a stereotype but given it's true, then a question comes in mind that why you are here?

However, back to the topic, the first question had an either-or option, meaning accepting one crosses out the other option. In specific the opposition is either jealous or has double standards. It can't be both since the sentence "If the answer is number two, then that raises two final questions" refers to the conditional nature of the first question.

Bottom line, since  Fred didn't elaborate on the number one option of the first question then s/he believes that Iranians have principles but of a double standard sort (pretty contradictory to me but anyway...) and that makes you in opposition to Fred.




Look at Fair, VPK & Ari's comments at

by MM on


After going thru Frye's resume on Iran, Ari's best line was: "Regarding his non-hostility to the IRI, we have to keep in mind that we are dealing with an intellect that perceives Iran on the scale of millennia, not a few decades. As for Iran's theocracy, he says in this video,  "That's going to change." Given his vast wisdom about Iran, I believe him."

If you are still pissed off, well, so be it.

Farah Rusta

I am not a gander :)

by Farah Rusta on

As a general observer of history my dear Midwesty, Persians and Principles do not make happy company. So on that basis I tend to believe that those who oppose the event were (largely) of group 1: envious of others. But this does not negate Fred's exposing the double standards of group 2. 








تمام شواهد موجود نشان از آن دارد که بچه ها در خیابانهای ایران عقلشان سر جا و کارشان درست است، دشمن قدر است وسفاک و بچه ها نیازمند کمک. 


آزاد شود به عقل بنده     وآباد شود به عقل ویران

ناصر خسرو  



by Midwesty on

I've heard the rumor that Fred is really a she.

But aside from that, what is your own personal take on this blog's topic (without being too diplomatic).

Do you accept or reject both events?

Farah Rusta

Isn't it obvious?

by Farah Rusta on

Fred is simply exposing the hypocrisy of the Iranian(dotcomers) by showing the ways they treat Frye as opposed to the other participants of the infamous gathering. While they are prepared to hail Frye as an Iran lover, they condemn the rest of the participants as Iran haters! Come on fellows, you can't have it both ways. 


I don't see any ambiguity here.




What I learned from the thread about Frye

by Mehrban on

We (many on that thread) do not consider freedom our priority, engratiating ourselves to others, making nice gestures and appearing generous trump our desire for freedom.  We ignore obvious relationships of cause and effect.  We twist facts so that we justify our lack of spine.  Hopefully the kids on the streets of Iran are different or Islamic Republic may be our fate for a long time to come. 


I am lost too...

by Midwesty on

Your vocabulary is degarding Fred. I thought the word "jealous" would be used more in a personal conversation than a political essay unless you follow the norm of your type in the media who love to dip everything including the news into drama. 

For example, it is not sex that it sells, it is the underlying drama that pushes the sextual contnets up to the surface making a distinctive contrast against the background.

As you know Playboy has used the same technique to even sell the sex by throwing a daramtic act into an animalistic action.

So it is drama that sells not sex.


Minister of Interior

by Marjaneh on

1.1 "Huh?"

I would never sit with smellies, except if someone else's life depended on it....

1.2  YES!

2.1 Not as simple as that.

2.2a) Frye is a sweet old man with a peculiar death wish in alame haparoot

b) Iranian hospitality/inferiority complex

c) better him than another smellie occupying the place

d) and most obvious: he's going there to pop it not to "build a relationship"


And no, I wouldn't stay there if they paid me gazillions (if I could count). For one I'd have to be Minister of Interior Decorating before that happens.  I bet someone's already installing the automatic white piano playing Für Elise ... and that's not just in the loo...(the horror of it and that crystal! Ukkkh!)

"Love consists of overestimating the difference between one wo{/}man and another. " George Bernard Shaw

One ought to ask the people of Isphahan....

Sargord Pirouz

Sheesh, the grammar is so

by Sargord Pirouz on

Sheesh, the grammar is so poor in this post, I can't even follow what you're trying to get across.

If there are indeed multiple "Freds" to this effort (as has been suggested), I suggest you dump this one.