NIAC Lobby=MKO Mujahedin

by Fred

The best defense is a good offense.

It seems the ongoing all hands all-out multimedia fearmongering blitz by the NIAC lobby against MKO cult is an offensive move to deflect mounting inconvenient questions about its own activities, and to eliminate a competitor.

From an Iranian perspective, there are many commonalities between NIAC lobby and MKO cult, here are just a few:

Having unelected lifetime president,

Taking money and backing from foreign governments and their fronts,

Having some sort of liaison with the Central Intelligence Agency, CIA

Having a documented cozy relationship with known mass murderers of the Iranian people,

Currently having, or in the case of MKO cult did in the past, working relationship with the US State Dept. designated terrorist sponsoring entities,

Refusing to answer well documented legitimate questions, this in the case of NIAC lobby includes unregistered and untaxed lobbying under the guise of a nonprofit 501(c),

There are many other questions; instead of attacking critics, a typical cult behavior, NIAC lobby needs to answer the questions!


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hiiiih, salman NiaKoons

by SamSamIIII on


As was correctly termed on another blog. Now we know why NiaKoons hate New Koons(New-cons:) so much since they feel only them own the right to that patented "koon" trade mark. Also its ironic that most of the Niakoon's conscripts are located in San Francisco the A$$ capital of America(American Ghazvin). if MEK-MKO & NIAC ever merged the new entity will be called MEKONI? as in "mikoni?"...

:::))) cheers!!!

Path of Kiaan Resurrection of True Iran Hoisting Drafshe Kaviaan // //

Shazde Asdola Mirza

مومنت فرد جان مومنت ... بگیر بخواب حوصله داری

Shazde Asdola Mirza


"چه چشم پاسخ است از این دریچه‌های بسته ات؟

برو که هیچ کس صدا ، به گوش کر نمی‌‌زند !"

Artificial Intelligence

NIAC is scared

by Artificial Intelligence on

Now there will be another entity which it will have to compete with. Who do you think congress is going to listen to? Trita's lets approach IRI apologist propaganda or MEK's we must get rid of the IRI propaganda?

MEK is 10 times more organized than NIAC and its supporters here. NIAC's internet response team is having a hard time these days. 





by Fred on

Shazdeh, no “home team advantage”, holding back waiting for an official NIAC lobby/cult rep to step forward and answer these preliminary questions which have been asked many times before to no avail. 

Alas, no one except few amateur NIAC lobby/cult cyber Basijis with milk on their breath and foul words and lousy sense of humor have been sent out to step on the minefield.   

Night is long and ghalandar beedar!  


Take care,

Shazde Asdola Mirza

Either Enlist NIAC or Delist MKO: they deserve each other !

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

Good reasoning Fred, but you have been much too soft on NIAC - surely for good reasons ... (home team advantage)?



by iamfine on

Fred - You already sent 3-4 articles about this subject. You must have nothing to do at home and your poor wife is doing all the work outside. What a lucky man



by vildemose on

NIAC/Khatami/Rafsanjani faction are in a panic mode over the de-listing of MEK, and rightly so if they were not so similar to MEK in their duplicity.

 Can NIAC/KHatami/Rafsanjani faction stop MEK's de-listing by writing articles and producing video clips? I think NOT.

Why has NIAC lost its clout in the first place in the halls of congress. Maybe there need to be some soul-searching on the part of NIAC et al...

It's clearly evident that the MEK leadership is much more savvy and intelligent than Trita.


Jamed D.

by Fred on

Thank you for your comment and reposting of the NIAC lobby production of a fearmongering propaganda video.

As much as your attempt at answering one of the questions posed in the blog is appreciated, and given the pattern of your commenting, you seem to be one of the NIAC lobby’s “internet response team”, would you mind answering all the questions?

If you take up the request, please state you position in the NIAC lobby, so your answers could be taken as official NIAC lobby answers to critics, which would be a first and a very good sign for the NIAC lobby acting responsibly and not like a cult.


Take care.

James D.

As for the MEK

by James D. on

As for the MEK, just watch this video:

James D.

Oh Fred,

by James D. on

You'll never learn. Last time I checked, there aren't any NIAC members holed up (or held against their will) in a fortified camp in Iraq, wishing for the good ol' days when Saddam was around. For persons confused by Fred's ramblings, just read NIAC's Myths vs. Facts.

Here's an example answer to one of the accusations Fred disingeniously raised:

Myth: NIAC lobbies more than the legal limit allowed for nonprofit organizations under the law (20% of the organizational budget). 

Truth: NIAC is a 501(c)(3) educational organization
with an H election.  As a result, NIAC is permitted to engage in
lobbying up to 20% of its budget. NIAC and its staff are in full
compliance with all regulations and laws. The issues NIAC has lobbied on
are nevertheless quite transparent - NIAC has opposed and helped kill a
resolution that would pave the way for war between the US and Iran; in
2008, NIAC favored a resolution supporting an incidents-at-sea agreement
between the US and Iran; NIAC opposes additional broad economic
sanctions on Iran due to the inability to resolve US-Iran tensions
through sanctions, to name a few.

Educational activities and advocacy for general policies, such as
opposition to war - as opposed to specific legislation - are not
lobbying under the law. If at any point a 501(c)(3) organization were to
exceed the permitted lobbying quota it would be fined by the
government. If the violations are persistent, its tax status could be
withdrawn. However, NIAC is in full compliance with all regulations and



Of similarities...

by پندارنیک on

Yup, Fred.........Yup. I can see Trita riding in a tank in front of a military column to invade a country of your choice............I can also see him taking a sack of cash from let's say Zimbabwe's Mugabe, Rupert Murdoch, or whoever in between...........and yes, yes....about his wife........he ordered his poker buddy to divorce her for him.......what else Fred?.........I've also heard that a NIAC supporter set herself afire when John Bolton said something against Trita.......but then we don't want to remember or remind anyone that Trita's organization has killed some American colonels and generals..... 

Similarities always seem endless, Fred, when sight is skewed....


I wish you had started your blog with the definition of "cult", and how it's different in ideology, structure, and history from an organization which is registered according to law of the land. But you didn't......maybe the next time, then!


Mwa mwa...