When the grotesque becomes vile

by Fred

There are those Iranians who live and prosper in the sane world, and yet defend the very system which denies their compatriots the same opportunities back in Iran.

This grotesque behavior becomes vile when the one defending IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, is a woman.


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Her pronounciations are

by vildemose on

Her pronounciations are Arabic...Maybe she is half Arab.


Roozbeh jon

by Souri on

My objection to that is : By just ridiculing a school of thought, we can't ignore it, leave alone fight it!

To confront an opposition, we must first acknowledge it. By ridiculing the girl, we just prove that we are ignoring a big percentage of Iranians state of mind. No matter how we truly like to look at this subject, the absolute fact remains there, crashing to our face: There are many people inside and outside of Iran who think the same way.

We come from a relatively religious society. We can't ignore it. Even before the revolution, we have been exposed to many religious aspects of our society, even among the family members, during the family gathering or at work or at the street.

There are unfortunately many more windmills to break, yet. By ridiculing on person whose opinion is opposite to ours, but still represents a majority's opinion, we will get nowhere.

What we say here in the west (and especially in this site) is something that we believe to be the absolute truth, because we said and heard it since years. By doing this every day, since years, we have acquired this belief that everybody thinks like us and everybody in Iran wants the same thing as we do. We think that this is the absolute truth and anybody who says the opposite is just a paid agent of IRI or a retard at the bests.

What I'm saying is that we are wrong if we think this way, and we will be in the wrong way toward democracy.

I don't blame you of bashing this young woman. I understand you are angry. But I say let be more open minded and more tolerant. Otherwise, we are just building castles in the sands.


Is she really NP???

by vildemose on

Is she really NP???

Anonymous Observer


by Anonymous Observer on

There is nothing wrong with anyone defending his / her beliefs, including religious beliefs.  That is the definition of a free society.  She is free to defend whatever religion she wants.

The problem is when she compares the individual freedoms in the West and say that they are the same in Iran.  She claims that she can wear the same thing that she is wearing at this meeting in Iran, which is an absolute lie.  That's what I have a problem with, not her defense of her religious beliefs.   


Dear Souri, this woman was defending the islamist regime

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

And those of us who object to the islamist regime ridiculed her. I think she and hypocrites like her who use the freedom offerd by the western media to defend the system who denies Iranian people enjoying the very same democratic rights and freedoms deserve a lot more than just the ridicule. What is your objection to that? 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


dear Anonymous Observer

by Souri on

You said :

"What she and others say are important.  Because it gives a false impression of what the situation in really like in Iran to a foreign
audience who may not have the opportunity to see those things first
hand, and that, in itself, can be an obstacle to exposing IR''s human
rights abuses in Iran"

While I accord it to you, but you have to pay attention to the fact that there are lots, I mean really a lot lot more people in Iran who think the same way and say the same things as this girl says.

If you want to expose a problem, you must first confront it in all its aspects. While we all condone the atrocities against women in Iran, we must also acknowledge the fact that this trend exist among the very Iranian people, including many women there.

We can't ignore this fact....otherwise we will become another dictatorial school of thought. What is most important for our country now, is Democracy. This is what we have to fight for bringing it to our society. By insulting and accusing people who just don't think the same way as us, we can't get anywhere.

No matter how much you and me insult the girl who abuses on Western fish & chips, we are getting far from being just and open minded. We stick to our own truth and reject any and all opinion which might oppose ours. I don't agree wit this.



dear Shazdeh, Congratulation!

by Souri on

Once more you have astonished me by your accurate analysis! I can't believe you're so much open minded. This is fabulous!

Actually it confuses me. I ask myself if it is you, the Shazdeh who was sometimes arrogant and went trough cuss and insulting the others, who were defending some opposite ideas?

All in all, I congrats you. You have a great knowledge and a very logical vision of the current complex situation in Iran. I agree with what you said and wish there were more people like you, daring to say the truth the way the see it. Please do not change ;-)

Anonymous Observer

Shazdeh - What's bothersome about this girl is

by Anonymous Observer on

that she is sitting next to her boyfriend, without a veil, showing cleavage and arguing that women in Iran, who could be beaten, harassed, dragged into police cars, jailed and lashed for the doing same things in Iran have equal rights.  That's what's bothersome about her conduct.  Otherwise, as far as I'm concerned, she can defend whatever she wants.  Just don't be a hypocrite at the expense of the Iranian people (much like the collection of IR apologists that we see day in and day out on this site).

PS-What she and others say are important.  Because it gives a false impression of what the situation in really like in Iran to a foreign audience who may not have the opportunity to see those things first hand, and that, in itself, can be an obstacle to exposing IR''s human rights abuses in Iran.  


"the nice but young lady"

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

 Was keenly defending the islamist regime of Iran, not the islam itself, although she started off her speech by her cynical defence of islam. (If she is a true muslim believer she would wear hijab). Using islam as a shield by the islamist ideologues with no regards for the lives let alone human rights of  muslims is an old and tired trick now...


"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

Shazde Asdola Mirza

In defense of the nice but young lady

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

She is clearly brought up as a Muslim (pay attention to her perfectly pronounced Koranic phrase, when she is accused of insulting her Iranian sisters), and she is sensitive to the demonizing of Islam.

There is nothing wrong with either of the above, is there?

A lady can choose to have love and respect for her religion, and develop her own personal point of view about what the faith and the book have to say about women and their rights.

She is defensive about her heritage and background, but then again, a lot of us can get upset over many different sensitivities. Her portrayal of true Koranic values as moderate, humane and forgiving is not singular, but shared by many others, even scholars.

She clearly makes a distinction between her "true faith" and the Islamic interpretations offered by the majority powerful voices claiming to hold the ultimate key and right to Koran.

Her fault is that she is young and trusting, and has little first-hand knowledge (except for a couple of weeks a year fun filled trips) about the real life problems of women under the IRI.


She should cut back on english Fish & chips and lose some weight

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Obviously too much western freedom she is not used to has gone into her head and got her all confused.

Brits should deport her back to Sidney, via Tehran. Couple of weeks in Tehran should put some  sense back into her thick head. 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

Anonymous Observer

That's our good friend and prolific IC blogger

by Anonymous Observer on

Niloufar Parsi.  Didn't you notice the British accent and the "Johnny on the Spot" knee jerk reaction and debate acrobatics that she was engaged int to put lipstick on the IR pig?   :-))

BTW, don't you love Chris Hitchens?  You better have some debate skills and have done your research before you go up against this guy.  Otherwise, you will get destroyed, like this overweight idiot was.   

I wish Hitchens the best in his battle against cancer.

Fred-Thanks for posting this video.  Very eye opening. 

Dirty Angel

covering only a little bit of immodest follicles

by Dirty Angel on

more of  sharia law's little bits: beat your wife softly....

" Thank god for botox; my facial expressions are wearing rather thin...."


Height of Hypocrisy

by davidib on

I've been a lurker on Iranian.com for a long time.  Haven't done much posting (last post was 2002?).  Regardless, I find this attitude of 'Hey, I'm a big supporter of the Iranian Regime, as long as I don't have to live under them' pretty tiring.  If you truly were such a believer, you'd be there, no matter what excuses you use to rationalize your obvious hypocrisy.

Finally, Sargord, I know you're a very intelligent guy.  But Dude, give it up.  You can't honestly believe that anyone is going to take you seriously.  Go back to Iran, stay there for a couple years, then let us know how you feel.  

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

A broken

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


broken clock is right twice a day. Hitchens got this right; give him some credit. Plus he was passionate about it.Glad he was there. If not the woman would have got away with here nonsense.

Not sure why he supported Bush. What I know is that he is a passionate man. And does not beat around the Bush :-)

I do have a huge problem with a sentimental idiot i.e. that girl. People as her spread falsehoods making Islam appear warm and fuzzy. That will contribute to the surprise when Westerners realize the true face of Islam. She is also callous and vain. The arrogant fool thinks just by going to Iran for a few summers she knows about it. Note that she does not even know how to pronounce Iran right. Heck my kid who was born and raised in USA noticed it! 

No more lies and letting people get away with whitewashing Islam. If this woman was a Muslim she would be wearing a hijab. Then bow to Hitechens because as a man his opinion  is twice as good!




by comrade on

I can totally tolerate a sentimental girl in the audience who can be proven wrong and muted in less than a minute, but I can not tolerate the  ideogigolo(?) in the panel whose support for the Bush's war was proven wrong, who is still talking.  

Never increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything.


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Simorgh555 Jan

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Precisely. I know the kind. It is perfectly possible to have a great time on a visit to Iran. Specially if you are connected and have money. I need not say any more as we all know the routine. 

This b*** has no idea what a normal Iranian woman has to put up with. Having to live and work under this radical repression. Not every Iranian gets to live in the West then go party for the summer at her aunt's house. 


  • G. Rahmanian has a point. She may want a chador!
  • Hitchens is an asshole but also a straight shooter. 


G. Rahmanian

She Does Need A Chador!

by G. Rahmanian on

To cover all that flab! Is the husband a sumo wrestler, as well?



by Simorgh5555 on

Agreed. Hitchens was right this time. Does this woman take every one for an idiot? They spend most of the year in Australia or the 'sane world' as Fred puts it and then spends the summer partying hard in her aunties house in Tehran. she doesn't need to leave her house.  The only time people like her leave the house and walk in public is when they have to climb in one car to go to another house party. No wonder she doesn't have to cover her hair much.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

This woman

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


is simply in denial. With a straight face she claims to be able to show her hair in Tehran. Either she is a bold faced liar or a brain washed moron. I believe the latter. Remember Islam has a rotting influence on the brain.

Good for Hitchens. I have not been a big fan of him. But he called her on her idiocy. 

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

There are

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


idiots and shameful hypocrites in the world. This one happens to be a female. 

This breed is special to the West. They are full of themselves. Think they are sacred while living off the Great Satan. Glad she exposed herself. She ought to be sent to Islamist Republic for some hands on training.

Worse than Islam are idiots who promote it. VPK


OMG Must see video!

by Simorgh5555 on

I say this for the first time...gulp......Well done, Christopher Hitchens!

The woman in the audience is nothing but a shameless lier. There is  no way this topol khanum with her flabby charb o chilli arms can sit down like that in public in Iran. There is NO WAYshe can expose all of her shoulder lengthhair in such a manner in Iran. This charlatan of a woman does not admit that women must cover themselves in a tunic meaning that daylight cannot even touch their skin. Even women who dare to wear sandals in the blazing summer heat with painted toenails risk being caught. Since she goes to Tehran quite often then maybe she can explain why Fati Comandos accompanied by bearded thugs patrol the busy shopping centres and restaurants fining and arresting women for flouting the Islamic dress code.

And what is it with her saying Allah  and estaghfoallah like an Arab? Can't she say the Iranian woman Khoda?

I must say I have found  new respect for Hitchens, a man who I did not like before for supporting Bush; but he stood up for Iranian woman and put this 'sister' back into her place.  Well done, Hitchens!

Thank you Fred for posting this video.

You have a woman like Neda Soltani who has become a poser-girl for freedom loving Iranians and you have this woman (whoever she is) who brings shame to Iranian women all over the world. She disgusts me. 


Sargord Pirouz

"When the grotesque becomes

by Sargord Pirouz on

"When the grotesque becomes vile" pretty much sums up you folks' propagandist effort.

You should make it the blog name, replacing "Musings of a former chicken."