When the grotesque becomes vile

by Fred

There are those Iranians who live and prosper in the sane world, and yet defend the very system which denies their compatriots the same opportunities back in Iran.

This grotesque behavior becomes vile when the one defending IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, is a woman.


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Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Darius Jan

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


One day  I would love to see that b**** harassing women find her place in Evin jail. Not at a guard but at a prisoner. One day the Iranian people will get the upper hand against the implanted Arabs terrorizing Iranian people. These photos will be handy in the trials to be had. As evidence of how the Tazi leftovers torture Iranian women. As how the filth of Islam behaves when it gets a chance. Not that most people need any proof.

For now, we thank the revolutionaries who replace the Shah with the light of Islam. That shines from hell bringing misery to friend and foe alike. Meanwhile we have Mammad and Q defending this garbage while sipping drinks in the evil West.


Darius's pic

by Simorgh5555 on

doea anyone know the name of the fati commando with a batton in her hand in Darius's first pic?

Dirty Angel

G. Rahmanian

by Dirty Angel on

If it weren't all so beyond sad, I would have taken it as a compliment. That breed obviously exists in most places, but it doesn't get as much clout everywhere and quite frankly,"we" in the"West", should stop , not giving these people voices, but pretending that they have a legitimate voice under that economic ballony of a farcical facade of "multi-culturalism" and consequent "moral relativism".

It has zilch to do with "democracy" or "liberalism"....

I want these people to justify in a rational way, why I should, as a wife be beaten up "softly", explain to me what my modesty has anything to do with my hair follicles  (ever noticed how those Iranian women who go on and on about "in bade, oon bade, didi chi kar kard" are the biggest serious jende around, who'd murder easily and take every man to the cleaners, wihout batting a botox-ridden eyelid for  their hymen operations?

REVOLTING! Repulsive! Repugnant! Just vomit!)

and why my rights to property are just too ridiculous to even mention!?  And all this because of some pink old elephant in the sky!


It's sad for me, but for many it means being mutilated, raped, tortured and  death, not that the ones with their kilos of make-up care either. And that is another really sad story...


All makes my blood boil....The Injustice!

BUT I suspect that, although I myself have been a culprit of vociferous objection, in order to combat these people, it's not a good idea to acknowledge the lunacies with a debate, but  ridicule is the best solution, just as is with any fascist or other extremist nutter.

" Thank god for botox; my facial expressions are wearing rather thin...."


marhoum Kharmagas

Our freind Mammad! (to VPK)

by marhoum Kharmagas on

Prophet says: "Mammad is very much like Bazargan and Shariati. Uses the same intellectual facade to sell Islam. .....Islamists had a formula that worked 30 years ago. They have not moved beyond it. "

Prophet jaan, what Mammd is trying to sell, as $H!++y as it is, it is
not nearly as $H!++y as what many others in this site are trying to sell, I am a Kharmagas you know!   ....in fact I think what Mammad is trying to sell is the least $H!++y thing!

G. Rahmanian

DA, VPK, Vildemose:

by G. Rahmanian on

Fabulous posts! DA, I loved your description of the young lady!!!

Dirty Angel


by Dirty Angel on

WTF is this ghosl thing about? I had never heard of it till the age of 17 from an Iranian girl at school. Actually I really do NOT want to know. It was something about my being apologetic about having a period? 



" Thank god for botox; my facial expressions are wearing rather thin...."


Physicist Leonard Mlodinow

by vildemose on

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Our friend

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Mammad is very much like Bazargan and Shariati. Uses the same intellectual facade to sell Islam. The difference is: us and the times. In the 60s and 70s this stuff sold. Now with hindsight it no longer works; we know better.

Islamists had a formula that worked 30 years ago. They have not moved beyond it. 



did you leave me a comment

by vildemose on

did you leave me a comment Mr. Hughes???? LOL


who works for Hughes network

by vildemose on

who works for Hughes network system, eh?

Farah Rusta

Islam IS a political faith

by Farah Rusta on

Our "friend" Mammad is famed for giving erroneous information about and self-made interpretations of many things, including Islam, and later back-tracking on his own words. Ironically though. he is right about one thing: there is no such thing as political Islam. The reason is that Islam is an innately political faith. Political Islam is as meaningless as political Liberalism or political communism because all of these institutions are essentially political. Islam was born into and out of the local tribal politics of Arabian peninsula of 14 centuries ago. Unlike Christianity which is predominantly concerned with the spiritual enhancement of the individual, Islam is an individual faith as well as a community religion. From numerous Quranic verses and chapters that address the religious responsibilities of the Islamic ruler (in this case the Prophet himself) and the duties of Muslim against the un-Islamic rulers to many thousands of hadiths of the same kind to the famous letter of Ali's (4th Imam of Sunni Islam ) to his appointed governor of Egypt, Malek Ashtar, all and all are replete with political advice and commands.So as far as politics is concerned,  there is no escaping of  it when it come to Islam.

But in a botched up attempt to diffuse the attention  of the readers to political Islam, our "friend" Mammad draws parallels between the state of Israel and more ridiculously gives, as an example, the Christian democratic party of Germany!!   First of all in Germany the Christian Democrats (CDU/CSD) have almost always (including now) been in a coalition with the Social Democrats (SDP) and therefore the most important country of Europe (as our "friend" suggests) has hardly ever been run by the CDU. on its own! Secondly, CDU is a  party committed to secular democracy running the government in a coalition. Our " friend"  tries to portray such politics and religious politics which is total nonsense.

More carelessly is Mammad's deliberate distortion of truth about Israel. Israel is a Jewish state but unlike the Islamic republic which is an Islamic state it is not a theocracy. Israel is formally a secular democracy and its definition of Jewish identity is still a matter deliberately left vague and not defined in the Israeli politics. The Jewishness in Israeli politics is a nationalistic concept and not a religious one. Now how on earth our "friend has come up with this idea that Israel was founded to home the "chosen people" must be one of many self-made interpretations of our engineer-made-political-analyst "friend".




all defenders of this "muslim woman"

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

who are so outraged by people exposing her hypocricy, should keep their crocodile tears for this , also a muslim, also Iranian woman, but living in Iran and fighting for it, and wearing hijab.

and oh, this one is not overweight, you see she is on hunger strike at Evin jail... 



"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


I vs. Islamist/zionists/evangelists Khomeinists/reformists/commu

by vildemose on



I see you as a frustrated leader of men. By inclination and temperament you are a Top Dog. You are bossy, arrogant, and, fortunately for you, you possess sufficient abilities to permit you to release your Top Dog propensities, commanding your merry pack of ------ and support staff. You are fundamentally a pack animal, a role that suits you so long as you are at the head of the pack. 

Leadership on a grand scale is not in your future, as I see it. But for you, it suffices to lead something; to boss someone, anyone; to be the man who reports to the higher authorities; to run the show, any show. You discharge your propensities as you can.

Your life is "a dog's life" -- in the more agreeable sense of the term. Your life is a charmed existence of dominance and control of your fellows. You lead the pack, and the pack serves you. That's something we have in common, in an odd sense: in a kind of metaphorical or semantic sense. I too am a pack animal. (I suppose all humans are; humans are social beasts.) But I'm not a Top Dog. My life is "a dog's life," to be sure. But in the less agreeable sense of the term. I am a lone wolf, an outsider, who craves the camaraderie of the pack but is unable to subordinate his individuality to the demands of the mob.

I am a dog in the Kafkaesque, persecutory sense. Franz Kafka's classic novel of paranoia and persecution, "The Trial," conjures up visions of an unreasoning society in which "innocent persons are accused of guilt, and senseless proceedings are put in motion against them." His protagonist is Josef K., a helpless library patron banned from his local library and ultimately transported to the loony bin (a veritable human dog-pound) for a psych exam for an unknown crime. His last words -- "Like a dog!" -- remind us that humanity is the first victim of a totalitarian state -- which is what, in essence, my friend, if not a dog pack?

What is the prototype of the totalitarian state, if not a pack of wolves or a pack of wild dogs, beholden to The-Leader-of-the-Pack for security and protection. "The bloody dingos ate my humanity," as they say down under. Or, as an old joke asks: "What's the difference between a dog and a Nazi?" Answer: "The Nazi raises his arm, the dog raises its hind leg."

The image of the dog is one to which Kafka returns, as for example, in the story "Investigations of a Dog." Here Kafka describes the dog-as-outsider, alone and against the pack. "Why do I not do as the others: live in harmony with my people and accept in silence whatever disturbs the harmony, ignoring it as a small error in the great account, always keeping in mind the things that bind us happily together, not those that drive us again and again, as though by sheer force out of our social circle?"

For the human being who is bent on preserving his singularity -- as for the dog who lives apart from the pack -- the individual conscience is a tortured one.....



by Simorgh5555 on

More evidence that you are a LIAR about no Christians being killed in Iran:


If you had any moral scruple or human dignity in your would make a written apology on this very internet site and renounce your idiotic ways. 

Dirty Angel

Fred, "Tout comprendre, c'est tout pardonner"

by Dirty Angel on

was last turn of the  century's motto, with which I always had problems ....

Shariati? Is that a joke? I tried to rummage through the gibberish one day and by George I wouldn't have fallen for that kind of total rubbish at the age of five! This is one the reasons I never understood your blogs - I thought they were some form of parody; way over my head...

I'm afraid, unlike you, I don't reserve ANY reverance for religious lunacy.  Yes, I respect their rights to their opinion, but I have ABSOLUTELY NO RESPECT for the opinion.



" Thank god for botox; my facial expressions are wearing rather thin...."



by Simorgh5555 on

OK, I'll name Christians who have been killed by the Islamic Republic.

Haik Hovsepian and MehdiDibaj. Haik was a well known evangelical Christian whose crime was apostasy and bringing to international attention the plight of Iranian Christians. Haik's house was raided on many occasions and after his savage beating and murder by Said Emami's security forces he was burried in a Muslim grave. His body had to be secretly exhumed from his grave by some of his devoted followers and later taken to a Christian cemetery. This filthy regime you ardently defend has no respect for the living or the dead. Given the lack of transparency by the Islamic Republic about political prisoners and executions and the whereabout of demonstrators last summer who were disappeared you can rest assure that there are many Iranians like Haik who have been adbucted and pesecuted in their prisons. 

You are well aware of the persecution of the Bahais and of course during Khatami's premiership when 13 Jews were falsely charged and imprisoned for charges of espionage for Israel. 

As you quite rightly say, you are not stupid to be blind to the open discrimination and persecution of religious minorities in Iran so that is why I am calling you a cheer leader of the Islamic Republic. The fact that you deny Christians have ever been killed in Iran make you the LIAR. But I am so glad you are passionately advocating the Islamic Republic and people are starting to realise that there is no difference between the Green Movement and Ahmadinejad. You are both cheeks of the same arse!



this 'boshkeh'

by shushtari on

is a moron....

she's claiming she can go to iran the way she is dressed!!!

come on, how stupid can you be.....

this is what I don't get, that everyone and their mom knows that the akhoonds and their band of thieves are a bunch of lying psychopaths....who are in iran just to rape and pillage our nation

they don't give a rat's a** about women's rights, or human rights for that matter!

they have to be exterminated for iran to live free and prosper- that's it- pure and simple


You've made your bed

by Fred on

Islamists are still not getting it. The days of trying to pass themselves off as Moslems are long gone. So is blaming their innate Islamist barbarism on Capitalism, Imperialism, and Zionism.

The fiasco called Islamist Rapist Republic is the brainchild of Islamists like charlatans Ali Shariati, Ale-Ahmad and cluelesses like Bazargan.

Rabid Islamists, both fokoli and bandaged, you've made your bed, now lie in it.



شتر سواری دولا دولا


اینهم قطعه شعری از لغت نامه دهخدا در باره شتر سواری دولا دولا

با زهد و ورع شائبه کاری چه کنی

با دامن تر شرع مداری چه کنی

یا اهل ریا باش و یا مرد خدا

دولادولا شترسواری چه کنی 

Dirty Angel

O.K. Mammad, but

by Dirty Angel on

both Fascism and Communism have had their religious elements too....I'm certainly not a fan of any sort of hocus pocus within politics, I mean what would be next? Astrology charts in courts of law? 

Loads of people condemn other religious astrocities. Still, political Islam exists and is not a Zionist conspiracy, whatever the PR machines are up to. I mean all of them.

I don't think that you understand the German situation very well and I have a suspicion that you know less about each and every individual country that is called Latin America. What you are doing is called 'sugar-coating', not contextualizing, which at least would bring about some excuse, even if not acceptable. The topic of this blog is about Iran and Islam and women's rights,  not about Krishna, Gott or Zeus or maseltoffing.

You are right though. That woman is indeed a conformist, brainwashed, non-thinking idiot and probably a great opportunist,  just like many millions and of course, she has a right to be stupid, but not when other people's lives are totally ruined by her stupidity has she the right for her idiotic and dangerous "opinion" to be listened to and respected.Express it as much as she likes, it does not mean that I have to buy into her idiocy and hail it as legimitately moral in anyway.

If you have issues with a poster called Vildemose, I am SO not interested in being dragged into it. (ALL people make judgments ALL day, the second they wake up or even during dreaming. It does not mean that those judgments are correct and good judgments.)

'Hope this post doesn't sound too harsh. Just trying to get points across. ;)

" Thank god for botox; my facial expressions are wearing rather thin...."

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Shazdeh Jan

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


We must not allow others to define who we are. We must charge of our own destinies. I say to hell with "others".

I will decide who I am; not others. Plus Einstein *was* a Jew; I am no Muslim.


G. Rahmanian


by G. Rahmanian on


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Dear Shazdeh

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I respectfully must disagree with you. I have been living in the West for 30 years. There were ONLY three people who ever thought I was a Muslim. Two of them were Arabs; one British. No American has made that assumption. You know why? Because I don't go around acting like a Muslim. When asked I am upfront and say the truth: I was born to a nominally Muslim family; then rejected Islam once I saw how they behaved.

What is damaging is when people likle this lady and also Reza Aslan open their mouths. They go around deliberately associating Iranian with Muslim. 

That is why we must forcefully stand up and reject it. Because I have no intention of being associated with Islam. Islam has done enough harm to Iran. I am not going to let it harm me any more. Islam is a sinking; why should we pretend to be sailing on it!

Rather than "fix" image of Islam I will publicly renounce it. Not because I am afraid of what people will do to Muslims; instead because I do not believe in it.


Shari's law in IRI is the reason why women can be stoned

by MM on


Khomeini's legacy dictates that when there is a conflict, Shari'a laws takes precedence over civil laws.  According to No Fear: Khomeini wrote in his book of " Hokomate Eslami ";

"And while this faqhih rules, it might be said that the ruler is actually shari'a law itself because, "the law of Islam, divine command, has absolute authority over all individuals and the Islamic government. Everyone, including the Most Noble Messenger [Prophet Muhammad] and his successors, is subject to law and will remain so for all eternity ... " (p.56)."

This is why the religiously inspired judges in Iran can condemn a woman to stoning, order someone's hand to be cut or gouge an eye.......according to Shari'a.  And, while there is pressure from all sides to abolish stoning and the other 7th century barbaric laws, no one has the authority to overrule Khomeini and the presence of Shari'a in IRI's jurisprudence. 

Oh yes, Khamenei has declared a moratorium on stoning, but the judges still can condemn women to stoning according to Shai'a.

G. Rahmanian


by G. Rahmanian on

Talking about those who attack you, you wrote:"That is the type of people we have in this unique site and, at least as I see it, they are the great majority."And of course, you cannot figure out the reason!


God is created in the image of man

by muscle-defender on


Farah Rusta

Religions are about Rules not Rights

by Farah Rusta on

Whenever I see people arguing with each other on whether or not Islam (or indeed any other religion) gives its adherent certain rights, I find it rather amusing that how the very fundamental difference that exists between rules and rights is completely misunderstood.

No religion extends you the most obvious of rights: the right to choose. Once you adhere to any faith you instantly waive your rights to be selective. You can't pick and mix, perhaps within a very narrow margin. You must obey the rules and you don't have the right to change the rules, unless you create a new religion as certain people on this thread are busy doing it!

In the case of Islam once your entered the faith you have lost your right to leave it! that is unless you are prepared to pay a very heavy price. As Obeid Zakani put it:

"Islam is an amazing faith. Once you enter it you  lose one head (foreskin) and when you leave it you lose the other!"

BTW, I was born a Muslim!




Shazde Asdola Mirza

Dear VPK - it's others who decide on our "labels"

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

Einstein once said that he first became aware of being a jew, when someone called him a dirty-jew!

We are and will be labeled Muslim, by the world, whether we like it or not, deny it or not.

What this girl, I and many others are concerned with is the great negative image that Islamic non-sense is creating in the hearts and minds of the world's peoples and powers.

If tomorrow there is going to be another holocaust or genocide, who are going to be the likely victims? Jews or Muslims?

If we don't mend our ways and our images, worse atrocities are going to befall all Muslims ... I mean ALL!

She is challenging the negative Islamic image by being nice ... and perhaps I am doing the same thing by being nasty ;-)



by Mammad on

I meant to respond to you, but labeled it GR. Read that. That is what I meant.

I add that Israel lobby and the neocons use political Islam (not have invented it) in a negative connotation in order to advance their agenda. That is what I said in my original comment, and stand by it.