Good news from Washington

by پندارنیک

The formation of the new joint House committee by the direct decree of president Obama is a right step toward a right goal........... This assembly, a presidential liaison with the congress, Pentagon, and the various grassroots communities in the US, will ensure that any military attack against Iran will be solely focused on humanitarian aspects.............. I personally encourage all our friends to maximize their valued input within the activity and findings of this committee, by their participation in its PUBLIC FORUM, HERE.


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Thanks Pendar Jan

by Simorgh5555 on

This is indeed a positive way forward. Thr focus on thr nuclear issue was wrong to begin with and counter-productive for all concerned. Regime change is the answer. The deteriorating human rights situation in Iran can only be remedied through comlete overhaul of the regime. What is needed is total regime change sooner rather than later. Israel must step up its covert operations and recommence target assassinations of members of the IR including the current President and Spiritual Leader who are legitimate targets. This is no time for delay. You cannot procrastinate the removal of this regime any further. Evil must be atopped. Netanyahu must be bold enough to move forward and Obama should get his ass behind.


Alarming News from Neocons!

by Demo on


"Militaristic Humanitarianism" is an oxymoron / makes no sense

by ILoveIran on

"any military attack against Iran will be solely focused on humanitarian aspect"

... It's one of the reasons the leaders of 'united against hunger' don't drive tanks.