Of Religious Atheists........

by پندارنیک

For those of us who think Switzerland is only good for fine watches, delicious chocolate bars and secret bank accounts, here I have found a young Swiss philosopher/entrepreneur to help resurrect our marooned souls for the coming Easter Monday, or something like that........You can also find out more about this fellow HERE.................. 

I do strongly advise our friends to watch this interview, and listen to what he has to yodel about, HERE

The video below, is exclusively for those of us who only care about the Resurrection of the Body, or something like that.........



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maziar 58

Good for them

by maziar 58 on

peace and tranquility in zurichhorn for them.

And Iranians have to endure yumo-lah 13 Aban,

22 bahman,aashura,tassuaa,and 1000 more shit in a year with 365 day in it.



not a bad idea! maybe!

by مآمور on

I took your 'advise' and watched his interview. I mnt sure, but I guess what he is trying to say is religious people have fears of their god(s) therefore, they are less likely to commit an act against the rules of their religions( common rules like not stealing, not lying........). Whereas atheists hold no fear of god and if they can get away with they wont have a second thought!!

Also, some people enjoy  highly spiritual interaction with their god whenever they are left alone with the god!! some other like me try to enjoy the video instead but we know we cant possibly get the same level of satisfaction as our believer friends get!!!

if u see mulah Marmolk, tell him to bring my outfit back, i m missing it!!

I wear an Omega watch