Student bloggers against apologists

by hooshie

The Iranian academics in the UK are lambasted by student bloggers in Iran for their disinforming their UK audiences. Here is the link:








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Farhad Kashani

Great job hooshie! This is

by Farhad Kashani on

Great job hooshie! This is exactly what the people inside of Iran need.


does anyone have the time to

by Anonymousaaa (not verified) on

does anyone have the time to translate the whole article for the English speaking audience??? I think it's a very significant piece. thanks.


Awesome. Haleh Afshar,

by fantastic (not verified) on

Awesome. Haleh Afshar, Elaheh Rostami, Ziba Mir Hosseini, CASMII's Abbas Edalat and Rostam Poorzal, UK's Socialist Workers Party and other defenders of the Islamic Republic are slammed by Iran's student activists in this article:


A particular point of contention in the article is the audacious claims by the likes of Elaheh Rostami and Ziba Mir-Hossein that Iranian women are better off now than before the revolution!

From the article:
'While they compare the status of Iranian women with their counterparts in other Islamic countries like Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and some Persian Gulf countries, they forget that these countries did not even exist when the Iranian women were given the right to vote. Even when comparing with other Islamic countries, they selectively forget other Islamic countries like Turkey, Tunisia, Morocco and Malaysia'

The article finishes by claiming 'under the pretence of wanting to stop the war, these traitors purposefully endeavour to damage Iran's civil movement including the student movement'



by samsam1111 on


Thank you! I quoted your blog under CASMII wonder that one is  featured  and this one is ignored.. Us true Irani patriots without Shaikh view of Iran & ancient Iran are the %1 minority with no mahfeli connection to ism,s..our arguments no matter how logical is ignored.