Top 5 reasons why is serving or helping IRR

Top 5 reasons why is serving or helping IRR
by Hovakhshatare

5- The diaappearance of certain comments without flag or other justifications. Typically anti-IRR comments in response to IRR apologist provocation

4-''randon'' selection of featured blogs that strangely seem to have a disproprotionate amount of fluff, neutral or NIAC/Trita type stuff relative to blogs that are less so

3-The high number and frequency of features that include individuals or organizations that are divisive and certainly questionable. Like NIAC, Sazegara, Akbar Ganji, Mahajerani...

2- Repeated statements of support, endorsement or otherwise favorable action to organizations and individuals mentioned above; And islamic flag on ads that were removed only after June events

1-Removal, blocking or deleting members with disproportionate number of anti-IRR  or anti-apologist individulas. Removal of messages from the same more often and frequently than those of IRR apologists or those that seem particularly anti anything but a reformed islamist regime. And high number of IRR or other related groups that seem to gang up on others with impunity.


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Mardom Mazloom

Saying that

by Mardom Mazloom on

and being backed by a true IRI lover who doesn't hesitate to show his affiliation and love to Mullahs shows exactly in which side you are.

When a crime is committed one has to see the mobile crime. The only persons who wish this site be shut down are Mullahs in Iran, now coming here and chanting for treason and being in fact an IRI agent disguised in lamb is simply ludicrous.

I doubt you can see under your own level as there aren't any below traitor's one. Shame on you.

Sargord Pirouz

IRI political mainstream on IC

by Sargord Pirouz on

All I can say is that so far, my opinions are tolerated here amid a crowded collection of animated subversives.

The editor's tolerance is appreciated. For if it were not for that, an opinion shared by a not inconsiderable segment of the IRI political mainstream might effectively be shut out from IC.


MM, I am not about to sink to your level. And will try to help

by Hovakhshatare on

depite your blabber. Look at AO's comments on this thread //

and you will recognize yourself within his 3-group description. From there on, you can start on path of becoming an Irani.

Mardom Mazloom

Go get yourself a life,

by Mardom Mazloom on

life. I said it twice as you seem to be anti-IRRIRR and a bit slow.


CoP, to your point...

by Hovakhshatare on

I don't think many appreciate the subtleties of what has been going on with the infiltration of this and many other sites.

And jj, take Samsam's point about kisehkesh to heart. It is to IC's advanatage before it becomes me-2 or irrelevant. In daghal doostan ke mibeeni, magasanand gerd shirini.


MM, thanks for demonstrating yourself to further validate

by Hovakhshatare on

2 of my 5 points

Mardom Mazloom

Poor guy

by Mardom Mazloom on

Balgoor-ing IRR and ommaties like AIPAC men and pretending to back Jonbesh Sabz. What a pity!


There is something we can agree on

by Hovakhshatare on

If I disliked jj and IC, I would not be here and this thread would not have come to being.

Because of the special situation of Iran and Iranians, specially at this point in time and given the gravity of the Ianian dilemma, I think we are all duty and honor bound to be mindful of anything that pushes and encourages aor has even a hint of support for IRR or islamic democracy (a simultaneous oxymoron and paradox).

As editor of a site popular with Iranians, jj has a higher responsibility and duty than the rest of us, as does anyone in public eye or exposing public to opinions and views. That was the context of my blog. I hope this comment qualifies as a break because I think jj is a likeable dude. However, as editor it is his job to take criticism, specially constructive criticism and evolve. With that comes some doodoo but I was not dishing it out. I do believe the overall tone of the site is not constructive at this point in time. managing content (our blogs) is the art jj and any other site editor needs to master. Perhaps he needs more resources.

You have a good weekend too as well and Hoi from the land of the tulips.

Darius Kadivar

Hovakhshatare Jaan

by Darius Kadivar on

Look My Point was To Give the Man a Break !

If your point is to criticize his editorial policy. Well I have alot to say about many of his selective choices in the past and to a less degree today with some of his featured blogs or selected news on the Front page.

But Heck this is after all his website and the fact that anyone can blog news and personally edit his or her views is something that traditional medias and websites did not allow until very recently.

I have much more criticisms to make regarding other  popular websites which are actually not filtered by Iran unlike because they remain widely sympathetic if not to the regime at least to the regime's Apologists.

But here at least nothing stops you to come and write a deep and profound and argumented article which would demolish the arguments of the Islamic Think Tank who also blog and write here.

Such an intellectual discourse is virtually impossible on other websites which I won't name here but for which I have also contriuted and where I have always had to be apologetic to write the slightest article supporting the Monarchy for instance.

I have never had such problems here on and Heaven knows I have had hot debates and differences of opinion  with JJ on for instance Robert Baer and a report which Baer Endorsed which clearly shocked me for being biaised.

That JJ can have a personal outlook on the news items or blogs he deems as worthy to be featured on the first page seems obvious because someone has to do the publishing.

If it were run by someone else maybe certain news or blogs would be featured differently and the Timing would be different but in the end of the day you can always write a comment with solid arguments and completely demolish that person's arguments or reasoning.

No one can beat Logic in the end of the day !

Now is JJ perfect ? No He isn't !

Look I'm not going to argue endlessly with you on this thread. If my response doesn't  convince you well tough for me.

I wrote it the way I felt it on the moment based on all the heated blogs on this endless subject and I won't retrieve my comment. You are free to think otherwise.

Have a nice week nevertheless !





I am between flights so I respond to DK but it is sufficient

by Hovakhshatare on

to cover ommatie and the three groups Anonymous Observer described in Khomeini feature of last few days.

DK, this is the lamest response and I have to admit despite my low expectation, I did expect better than this from you being a non-ommatie but you are using a similar MO.... "from accusing or blaming someone for having an opinion, slandering his family or threatening him ...  ".  Beside all of that being false and irrelevant to what I wrote, what the heck does yours have to do with my comments? Try reading first and then and sticking with the topic.

"If you are so pissed off why not create your own website ?", again you are making up statements about me being pissed off and again what does that have to do with the topic at hand and the objective of improving.

jj, is doing fine filtering this site and I have addressed that in my comments. Were you not kicked off because of a response to one of the ommaties? What a sad statement of logic and closed mindedness to tell someone criticizing to go open a website. That is the recipe for inbreeding. If you disagree pick on my topic and main point. What do yo think are you accomplishing with the brown nosing and misstatements?

Indeed the comments on this thread have validated several on my points. And additional ones were addressed by several others.


The comments so far are indicative of nothing new

by Hovakhshatare on

I was not attacking. However, I anticipated what we got so far. Any agreeing comments are also attaked. Give me some thing new. Perhaps a give and take that changes something. Else, it is a lot of the usual suspects. A conversation perhaps rather than a shooting contest?!


These people

by Cost-of-Progress on

Wouldn't know a true Persian if it hit them in the head with a Mohr (pun intended). no wonder we're so phucked up...






توبه گرگ مرگه



 you got a problem with this blogger go right ahead and grill him but why insult an icon of of Irani heritage? this molla just a few days ago played a PR pretending to get offended by the movie 300 and the way it insulted Iranian icons. I told him then that I hope he is not just pretending & his repentence is real so time will tell . Now true to his Arabo ommatie form he comes here insulting an icon of true Iran "Houkhshtareh" , Median monarch & one the 1st founders of Iranian-Median civilization. Guess bani arab will never change .

& as for hajieh blue,  ; what has natanayahoo or Reza Pahlavi or Niac got to do with Ahura Mazda or beloved Cyrus? why would ignorant hajieh mock and degrade beloved Cyrus in the same category as Reza Pahlavi , NIAC or Natanyahoo? , what the hell gives you ommaties..


& JJ, this is exactly what i,m talking about when i said that ;

"Dont let buncha kisseh keshh & paacheh khor hezbollahis define & hijack your character for you and others"

These moftkhors are the cause of your some what ill-reputation via their mere forced association with you . You dont need these pacheh khors . take my advice pls.


Path of Kiaan Resurrection of True Iran Hoisting Drafshe Kaviaan // //


Speaking of personal attacks

by Cost-of-Progress on

Oh come on, I'm sure Mr. Javid is used to all this by now, but to see known Islamists such as Moosir and Molla coming to "defend" him....pahleez, let's not piss in each other's shoes...OK?

I don't think your "help" is niether needed nor appreciated...................and what's with the stupid hazrate shotor garbage?....give it up ain't funny..............

boro namzeto bekhoon basiji...........(moosir, molla and the rest of the brainwashed squad of the braindead).







by yolanda on

JJ is a nice guy!!! I agree with masoudA......please give him a break! Please!!!!

Delaram Banafsheh (Yolanda)

"Cactus in the Desert"

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

just a question. just curious. doesn't this make a good point?

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

that maybe your hero opposition leaders..... assuming ahura mazada, cyrus the great, benjamin netanyahu, reza pahlavi, etc.... are doing NOTHING of news merit? 

maybe if those people would shake their tooshies from the chaise lounges (definitely not from china or iran.... purely democratically crafted furniture), you could blog about their wonderful actions and make NIAC, Mohsen Saz look like clowns? instead you all look like clowns. jealous ones. so take off your clown shoes and put on the work boots. there is work to be done.

instead you all just complain and moan. check out fred's latest blog. woe is you......  


Dear Hovakhshatare

by masoudA on

You are wrong -

Give JJ a break - ha has created an open line forum for free expressions.  Is it perfect?- certainly no.  but unlike many of us, he was willing to put his name and reputation on the line. 

And trust me - wherever there is free expression - IRR loses

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek


by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

also i am an employee of the mullahs and i'd like to say that this is totally blowing our cover! cut it out or we will cut you out.... if you know what i mean.

what is going on with these conspiracy minded people? is there less oxygen in the world? i keep hearing that there is mind control poison in the water and air and that the world will end in 2012. now this comes up about every week in comments and blogs. stop this madness! it's a sign of frustration that "you're not on my side enough wa wa wa" and it's dumb. find something more clever to say. 

Mola Nasredeen

Hovakhshotor, top five reasons why you wont be taken seriously:

by Mola Nasredeen on

1. Your name. I can understand Hazrate shotor but Hovakhshotor!

2. Your bossyness, you've here for a few days and already want to overthrow the president aka JJ and dissemble iranian dotcom?

It's enough for now, I let you know the other reasons later.




Cant believe I'm saying this but I fully agree wih DK. ;)


Considering how Fred gets to have a featured blog post almost EVERY single day I say this site is pretty balanced  alright. 

Darius Kadivar

Don't Insult Our Intelligence ...

by Darius Kadivar on

I don't understand all these personal attacks on JJ lately ? 

God Knows I have often been at odds politically with JJ BUT Personally I have NEVER EVER BEEN CENSORED !

And I am Openly a Monarchist ... So How more Diametrically Opposite can I anyone be from his views ? ...

I've been Moderated YES and  Once Blocked which I found Unjust and told him so !  

But I think we can all agree that he is his own man.

There is nothing wrong with questioning or debating with JJ's views ... I have done so many times but that is very different from accusing or blaming someone for having an opinion, slandering his family or threatening him ...  

If you are so pissed off why not create your own website ? If what you say is true you may even end up having more hits than the 6 Million or so monthly visit this website has been getting in growing numbers for the past 10 or more so years of existence ...

I don't think you will get anywhere through such provocative and I should say rather unfair comments ...

It is neither constructive but I would even argue that it is counterproductive ! ...