Republican Love for Obama Continues

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek
by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

My fellow prisoners,

Learn about ACORN and community organizing, also known as the path to crack dealing (according to some Republicans) and communism (or living wages). Check out this strange white Christian Republican woman who isn't scared of Obama the terrorist child (YET). Send the pitbulls for her!

The primary qualification I seek is POW prison camp experience. To select cabinet members, I think our commander in chief should visit the Vietnam Memorial and distribute raffle tickets. Arnold Swarzeneggar is right! A president is only good as long as he has been in enemy prison.


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American Wife

October surprise?

by American Wife on

Was that it?  That's all they can come up with?  I was expecting much much more than an attack on poor Auntie!

Marge... IRANdokht is the lady of  I personally think a well placed "fuck" is absolutely necessary once and awhile.  It cleanses the palate....:-0


If the world could vote?

by Khar on

Very interesting site:



McCnuts Campaign...

by Khar on

Dosen't beleive in people and orginaizing. Sheeps we are, in their view. McCain had no trouble fraternizing with ACORN in 2006 when their political interests coincided with his. Now, his campaign is writing e-mails in his name bashing ACORN as a tool of the Obama machine.

Watch the video below, McCnuts caught red handed!




by IRANdokht on

we wouldn't want to disappoint that #$%! or all the others like him now, or do we?   it's disappointing enough to hear their leaders say something foolish but when the herd repeats it and justifies it, it's just horrifying!

Great video clip. I missed the thursday show, thanks for posting it!