Iranian-Americans for Obama

by iranicanlive

Iranican Reports on Iranian-American Obama supporters in Northern California.

Exclusive interviews:

  • Steve Westly, Obama Campaign California Co-Chair
  • Heather Fargo, Mayor of Sacramento. 


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Please make sure to go out and vote this Tuesday!

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Obama and corrupt Chicago Boys

by Anonymous on

dont rush to vote for Obama yet..Read his first book and don't be fooled by the marketing package that his campaign manager, Axlrod, has designed to fool you.

Read this WSJ article: //

One of the first Obama political boosters, Tony Rezko, is at the center of the state's highest profile corruption case. Recall that in June the Chicago real-estate developer and Democratic fundraiser was convicted on 16 counts of influence peddling. His sentencing was delayed this month to let Mr. Rezko "engage in discussions" with prosecutors. In other words, Mr. Fitzgerald wants him to spill the beans on Illinois corruption, possibly up to Governor Rod Blagojevich, perhaps in return for a shorter prison term. (Mr. Rezko still faces trial in Chicago in a $10 million business fraud case, as well in Nevada over unpaid casino-gambling debts.)

Visit this site:

Vote only if you really are sure WHO HE IS?????


Thank You BAIAD and Iranican!

by Q on

You guys are doing a great job.

It was really educational going to your website. First because it seems you too get the crazy wingnut loudmouth commentators like Farzin Khorram who left that nasty message.

But the poll that you have on the right side shows that he's in a tiny minority. This should be a lesson for all of us. We used to think those who yell loudest actually represent the community. It's not so! Iranians are coming out of the political closet and putting these reactionary idiots back in their place.