Video of Khamenei's recent speech!!!!

by IranNegah

Ayatollah Khamenei speaking yesterday about the importance of elections in light of the upcoming parliamentary elections on March 14, 2008 which candidates began registering for this past weekend.



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در ظلماتی که

Anonymous11 (not verified)

در ظلماتی که شیطان و خدا جلوه یک سان دارند
دیگر آن فریاد عبث را مکرر نمی کنم
مسلک ها به جز بهانه دعوائي نیست
بر سر کرسی اقتداری ٬
و انسان
دریغا که به درد قرونش خو کرده است


REPLY : VOTING.......................COMMENTS on COMMENTS and

by Faribors Maleknasri M.D. (not verified) on - Exclusive Views into Iranian Politics & Society
Khamenei's recent speech on upcoming elections
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First comment: "Sahar Shirazi" we all know that you are some hairy fat ass blood sucking traiter mullah lover who could never defent your worthless "islamic republic" in any debate. Two simple questions:
Is it not only fascist leaders whose title is "rahbar=leader=fuher=il doche" just as Hitler's title was, Kim Il Song's is, etc. etc?
You sit and cry and deflect blame on America for all of Iran's failures (as a direct result of the theivery of the mullahs) including reciting Mossadegh's overthrow. We all know if Mossadegh was alive today the mullahs would kill him in bloody murdery , just as they killed his followers like Daryoush Forohour and marhoum fuck you mullah lover. Just like the Palestinians will one day get their country back so will the Iranians against you basterd mullah loving Arabs.

Made by Gheire nokare akhoond , 10 hour(s) ago .
My Comment: I think better nokar e Akhund as nokare Bushy bushy and condolenze.
Original Answer to the Comment:
Yes Rahar, LEADER. And people voted for Assembly of Experts (Majles Khobregan) which appoints the rahbar, and SUPERVISES him, and has power to also remove him. Go to Iran and see how many fadaheee he has. As for what have they done. The most important legacy of the revolution and Islamic Republic is standing up to American imperialism. The greatest gift they have given us is an INDEPENDENT nation that is self-sufficient and based on the sacred and lofty principles of Islam. A nation that will never be a puppet again like the disgraceful pahlavi era.

Blaming US is old trick? lol. We blame them because they are the ones holding us back preventing our banks to even engage in international business. What do they fear? That the world will stop obeying them. Iran has taught the Muslim world that you can stand up to US. And Hizbollah, HAMAS, etc. have all taken lead. No longer will we muslims be passive agents in the repressive schemes of the Americans that just want our OIL!


Rahbar? What vote from what election made him 'Rahbar'? Iran has been suffering from 'Islamic Republic' and Iran will continue to suffer from the forced 'Islamic Republic'. Blaming US for all your problems is an old trick. What have the 'Rahbar' and the 'Molla system' done for Iran under this forced 'Islamic Republic'?
My Comment: Better study the Constitution of the ISLAMIC REPUBLIC of IRAN. One will then see, that even the RAHBAR is voted by the Iranian Nation, Indirectly.To that Nation count up to my opinion only the ones who have founded the ISLAMIC REPUBLIC if IRAN, are living there and are willing to protect what they have achieved through the last 30 years
Original answer:
Rahbar is right, these people who US comes to support should ask themselves, what they have done wrong that the enemy wants to support them. These people are traitors. Iran may have its problems, but we should never forget the US which overtrhew Dr. Mossadeq and backed Shah and SAVAK and later armed Saddam against Iran, is not our friend, but our enemy, which can do us no good, for it only wants our oil!

I think Mr. Bushy Bushy is more than unexprienced. He should have known that his confession backing the reformists for MAJLIS E SHORAYE ISLAMI just works in oppsit direction. The Iranian nation knowes that who is backed by strangers works only FOR strangers. The reformists have lost thier last chances to find a place in the new iranian parliament. I for my part can say: Thank you MR. President.
regarding ther ones who have suggested to bring "international voting watchers" in well they have only had Watchers from USA and West EUROP. NO Egypts, no Indians, no other Moslem country. Only Bushy bushy and condo. So one sees what a AASH E SHOLE GHALAM KAR i they were about to cook. Now they must eat it by themselves. Greeting.


To Mr Sezavar:

by Anonymous1 (not verified) on

Are you serious or you think so less of Iranians to say he is the sootoon of Iran.Our land does not need him.We have survived 1000's of years, without someone else thinking and ordering us around.We survived Changeeze khaneh moghol!!! we will survive after him .Do not worry ,let him go to his punishment,we think of something??????????



by Farbors Maleknasri M.D. (not verified) on

The westerns know only thier "One man Government". Bushy bushy decides the nation followes. also in Europ it is allways the chanselore, the PM or the president who has the last word. Every thing looks as if they had a democracy. -actually they have something with ademocracy-appearance, something which pretends to be a D. As far as my abilities let me see the things and the reality in the ISLAMIC REPUBLIC of IRAN things are fully different. the westerns think stil is was Ayotollah Khomaini(r) who founded HIS republic. they waited 10 years barking and grunting and hopped they could get in that country the conditions before 1978/79. Since then they are dreaming from Death of Ayotollah Khamenei. They CAN not just realise that the true SOOTON E FAGHARAT E ISLAMIC REPUBLIC of IRAN are the Iranians. To that Nation count for me only the ones who have founded thier Islamic Republic, are living there and are willing to protect what they have achieved during the last 30 years. If it were so as the westerns hope to be they were not throw out of the country 1978/79, were agaian there after 1989 immadiately after Death of Super Ayatolah Khomaini. So please dont worry, be happy. the not any more great satan is laying in its death bed and is snapping air. The ISLAMIC REPUBLIC of IRAN will stay in Glory and Happiness till - as the Iranians mean - reappearing of Mahdi(s). A big number of other countries are following the Iranian Model. From Indinesia up to Andalusia. In middel America, africa and in all over the word. And who is the real SOOTON E FAGHARAT? As far as I can see and judge it is the Iranian Nation up to the given Definition. Greeting



by Behnam.sezavar on

Honestly i cant not imagine iran if something happens to khamenei will be khar to khar ..hopefully he wont die soon

Ben Madadi

Funny :))

by Ben Madadi on

It's really funny when one shouts from the crowd "takbeeeer" :))


And the crowd responds "death to America, death to Israel, Khamenei the leader!" just like the old days. It hasn't changed much, but I noticed that the number of "takbir"s has pretty much fallen!


To Tahirih

by mehran (not verified) on

Nicely said. I however don't think any one of the religious leaders ever listen to it and follow.


To the clergy!

by Tahirih (not verified) on

Leaders of Religion, in every age, have hindered their people from attaining the shores of eternal salvation, inasmuch as they held the reins of authority in their mighty grasp.

Some for the lust of leadership, others through want of knowledge and understanding, have been the cause of the deprivation of the people.

God will hold responsible religious leaders for this tragedy,who have presumed to speak for Him throughout history. Their attempts to make the Word of God a PRIVATE preserve, and its exposition a means for PERSONAL aggrandizement, have been the greatest single handicap against which the advancement of civilization has struggled.