Racism against others; ourselves and the destruction pf our society and our culture

by iranvatan

ممنوعیت بحث‌برانگیز ورود افغان‌ها به پارکی در اصفهان

Just imagine the LA county or wherever you live would post a sign infront of a public park and demand that all Iranians stay away from it. I am positive, knowing my fellow country men and women we would not be silent about it.

But this horrific, despicable event has happened inside our country, our home our motherland. The city of Isfahan has asked Afghans to stay away from parks on the 13th day and not celebrate this sacred tradition.

I know for facts the Iranian people are not like that and that is what I want to believe. I know that this is the Fascist Apartheid Regime of Islamic republic that creates these rules and regulation.

 HOWEVER (CAPITAL), the mere silence from our part and not objecting to this kind of treatment it shows that we either support this heinous acts of crimes and we agree or we are just stupid and ignorant to the whole situation.

 When a Baha’i is spit on his face at the university and kicked out with his book thrown at him, or when jokes are made and insult are made towards the minorities in our country we have rather chosen to be silent. Furthermore, and that is very personal when our WOMEN are treated like dog, sexually harassed and discriminated against and this could be either our mother or sister we have not said anything.

 When do we plane to take a stand? When do we plan to stand for something that is right?

 On this day when I was out with my family I took a sign out on Sizdeh Bedar and I said I am an Afghan.


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iranvatan jaan

by Reality-Bites on

Thank you for this excellent blog. I salute and fully support your admirable and important stance against racism and discrimination of all types in Iran, be it based on ethnicity, gender, religious and belief.

Artificial Intelligence

Dear AO

by Artificial Intelligence on

He is a big time hypocrite. He is also a racist in denial as others are. I think JJ sees right through these people and ignores them. We just have to challenge them in a clean manner as you do nicely here. Don't let them off the hook. Piss them off with the truth. The truth hurts them.


AO: Brilliant retort. I

by vildemose on

AO: Brilliant retort. I wouldn't be surprised if Ala is our very own "IloveIran"?  

 A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny.--Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.


AO: stop your "personal attacks", you "bogus member" :-)

by AMIR1973 on

I feel your pain, brother. You have to admit that it is pretty funny. It's even more funny when one considers that Brother "ILoveIran" was dropping the F Bomb (as in f'ing "kikes") before he finally got banned (soon to be reincarnated as IranPatriot, JusticeforPalestine, I'mNoIRISupporter,But...etc). And the good Prof plaintively wonders why "ILoveIran" got banned? Cheers.

Anonymous Observer

Amir & AI - It's funny about the Professor

by Anonymous Observer on

He's been on a crusade to get me blocked.  He's been flagging my comments (none of which were removed), has been leaving comments on other threads, when I'm not participating, saying that I harassed someone on a blog, which is an absolute lie--I only expressed an opinion--and asking that I get blocked.  I'm sure he's been emailing JJ too.  

He's acting like a restless and angry five year old.  All this because he has a difference of opinion with me on issues. I guess you can take an Iranian out of Iran, but you can't get the little dictator out of him.  Absolutely disgraceful.  


AO jaan, it's called parvandeh-sazi

by AMIR1973 on

Trying to get people's real names divulged when many of us have relatives in Iran or travel to Iran and can, therefore, get into real trouble for criticizing the Islamist terrorist regime is a means of silencing criticism of the IRI. That's the point of the constant obsession on the part of some people in having members reveal their real names. Regards.

Artificial Intelligence

Dear Professor Ala

by Artificial Intelligence on

Do you know why IloveIran was blocked? I have the answer:

You see, XX control Hollywood and destroyed blacks and next in the line XX will destroy the Whites.

Now XX are not going to stop once they are finished with the Whites! Next in line for XX are Iranians.

XX now controls Iranian.com as well and that is why they managed to kick out Jahan Kalili and IloveIran. XX is everywhere and controls everything. 

Your new friend, Ferdows, is the next target of XX.

Who is XX Professor Ala? Who is XX?

Now you know what is Bogus? You calling IRI racism "careless"!

Shame on the people here who are attempting to defend/minimize IRI crimes and defending the terrorist IRI regime!  Who is defending the IRI professor Ala?



Anonymous Observer

Angry at being caught professor Ala?

by Anonymous Observer on

Spare me your manufactured outrage and stop your personal attacks.  You posted that blog about a poster in Texas and made it sound as if all Iranians in the U.S. were about to be shipped in cattle cars to concentration camps.  But here, when there's a blatant case of government sponsored, institutional racism, you try to minimize it by calling it "carelessness," saying that it's something that happens in all countries (really?!!  Can you point me to a public park in the U.S. or the UK where minorities are banned?) and comparing it to a traffic violation!

And really, this is what you want by demanding that everyone disclose their identities.  You want everyone's identity to become known so that criticism of the IR can turn into extreme "light" criticism.  Why don't we just use our real names and limit our criticism to traffic laws in Iran?  

I guess when the IR was executing thousands of people in the 1980's, that was just "carelessness" also, no?  Carelessness...kind of like me being careles by putting my coffee cup too close to my keyboard and accidentally spilling it on the keyboard... 

Mohammad Ala

Bogus Members Iran will NOT change for better unless you change.

by Mohammad Ala on

Bogus members feel entitled to hide their own identity but ask personal or specific questions from members who are known inside and outside of Iran.  Pathetic. 

Bogus members resort to profanity, accusations and threats thinking they are exercising their freedom.  Bogus members’ reasons for hiding their own identity should be the same and respected for others….?? double standard?!?

I stated there are racism and discrimination in every country including Iran.  Taking a word of mine and magnifying it with words which are not mine is nothing but dishonesty.  Being coward is understandable but being coward and dishonest are difficult to understand.

When I posted a poster from a store in Texas, my reference (which is mentioned in that blog) was to the comments that non-IC members posted which the majority were negative towards Iranians.   That was the source of my contention in that blog. 

AO jan, you have viciously attacked IC members by using derogatory terms such as Boy for a person who was/is in your father’s age.  AO cries when IC members flag his comments and makes false accusations, then feels free to attack other members openly such as Hafez for the Beginners which was rude and irresponsible.

Bogus members have resorted to personal attacks by calling people who post different views as “mozdoor,” (… someone called ILOVEIRAN mozdoor yesterday) and repeatedly have indicated the known members should be “reported,” “deported,” and complained to their place of employment because of what they have said on IC….  ???their kind of freedom of expression???

God help Iranian people if IC Bogus members are given a chance to run for and hold an office. 


The apartheid Islamist regime of Shiat vali faghih

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

 What else do you expect from this filthy regime, built upon the corrupt cult of shiat vali Faghih? This is the cult which discrminates against the vast majority of Iranians because they are female, or sunni, or Jew, or secular, or even followers of Shiat islam, but not "khodi", i.e. not part of the leadership mafia or their bassiji thugs..

How else do you expect these islamist criminals to treat defenceless Afghan refugees when they treat Iranians with such contempt?

And thanks for voicing your concern, Thanks for the blog.

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

Artificial Intelligence

Dear Iranvatan

by Artificial Intelligence on

I agree with your blog and your statements 100%. I asked specific questions from Mr. Ala regarding specific statements that he has first hand knowledge of. I asked Mr. Ala the questions because I believe he is engaged in double talk here and he is not sincere in what he is saying below. 


What about Iranians Women....

by iranvatan on


Please tell me what Iranian women have done that they deserve to be harrassed and discriminated by the regime.

 How can you say you love Iran when some part and members of the society in the country that you love are been condemned to death because of religon or race?

What have the Kurdish or Baluchi people done? 



One Iran for all Iranians


Mr. Al

by iranvatan on

I am not sure what you are trying to say. The intent was not to compare the Islamic Fascist State to any other country. We have to STOP coming   up with excuese for these barbaric savages. And those of whoare trying to protect these Barbaric tyrannts are enemies of Iran and Iranian people...NO more excuses



One Iran for all Iranians



by iranvatan on

I really didn't understand your commen and I refuse to understand it.

 Becaue it is people like you that have been the reason that our country is so backward and primitive. 

So, because Bahai's have fled Islamic Fascist Apartheid State of Iran and wenet to a country that respects and cherishes as a result of that they must be condemned to discrimination and hate.

What a childish argument


Iran has become a Facist and Racist state 


One Iran for all Iranians

Anonymous Observer

It's funny that professor Ala calls this blatant act of

by Anonymous Observer on

government sponsored racism which took place just yesterday "carelessness" when he was the one who wrote a blog about some poster from thirty years ago in some restaurant in Texas that no one has even heard of and called it "racism" against all Iranians:


Where's the double talk police when you need one?

I guess though that the good professor's conduct shows the greatness of free speech, and really, the greatness of America.  He lives in, and is a citizen of, the United States, where he is free to call it as he sees it, and he won't get hanged from a crane.  But he's also a citizen of Iran, where he travels to often, and there, where it's a dictatorship, he won't dare call blatant racism as what it is, so he calls it "carelessness," just so that he doesn't get hanged from a crane.  God bless the USA! 


Bahaism is a religion ... NOT a race

by ILoveIran on

A religion is something you have choice over, your race is not.

A fair article would describe how Bahais have a policy of not criticizing Israel for any of its behavior whether racist or genocidal.  

Instant Karma. 

Artificial Intelligence

Dear Mr. Ala

by Artificial Intelligence on

Can you please tell us who made the below statement and whether is was "careless" discriminatory/Racist?

"Blacks have been destroyed in America and white race is next in line to be destroyed through lies of media and junky Hollywood culture.  Guess who is controlling the media and Hollywood?  Please at least give credit to Dr. MacDonald for using his real name. "

Someone also made the following statement:

 there is a book entitled… xx accomplishments, according to a good friend who is xx, 1/3 up to ½  of the material in that book are not true.  However, xx have accomplished more than Muslims.  I have been busy, I would like to write something about Hollywood. 

Who is "xx" Mr. Ala? 





Artificial Intelligence


by Artificial Intelligence on


Mohammad Ala

Careless people

by Mohammad Ala on

Yes, we have our share of careless people.

Racism and discrimination exist in every country.   We should be blamed for our own behavior and failures.  We fail in other areas such as protecting our heritage or caring for our environment or obeying traffic laws which kill many every day.

Soosan Khanoom


by Soosan Khanoom on

Unfortunately, there are many Iranians living in Iran who are as racist as hell . We hate to admit it but that is the fact.    What do you expect from people who have never been educated on this topic? This should start from the schools.  The majority of Iranian people do not care about Afghans the same way they do not care about the child labor and child poverty in that country.  This mentality has been there forever.  Now, of course, I blame the government for it because IRI uses its authority and allows this to happen but at the same time the Iranian people should be equally blamed.  Shame on us. 


This so inhuman, barbaric

by PArviz on

This so inhuman, barbaric and embarresing but then again this regime has been doing to native Iranians the same if not worse. Afghans are not the only victims of this savage regime. Shame on IRI thugs.

This just goes to show what kind of a backward reactionary bunch is running (=ruining) the country.

Ordinary Iranians too should have refused to go to that park on that day in solidarity with their fellow Afghan citizens. 

Unless this turns out to be a "doroogh sizdah" which does not change the fact that the regime in Iran is indeed backward, inhuman and barbaric.

Down with the ENTIRE Islamic Republic!