Iranians for Obama

Iranians for Obama
by IranWrites

Let's unite and keep John Mc-"Bomb Iran"-Cain's fingers off the nuclear button.

Iranians for Obama!


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that is so true

by Reza from sacramento (not verified) on

Dear Ebi
that is so true and tks for the point you raised.
it sounds like republicans are counting on the vulgarity of the average people who just drop the vote with closed eyes.
at the same time we Iranian as an intellectual minority must play very active role in this election and not let them to get into the office for another term.
enough is enough, we dont want another land slid like Bush and his company.
keep up with the good job.


I am very gratified by the

by IranWrites on

I am very gratified by the response to our blog. I hope you will recognize it as your blog, too. If you have any ideas, please send them on to us and, if they're relevant to the subject at hand, we'll publish them on our blog.

In response to some of the points raised above.  I personally partially agree with Jamshid. BUT I feel strongly that we have to keep this open enemy of Iran from become president of the United States. Obama's positions are not without problems, some of them serious. But McCain is hell-bent on invading Iran, while Obama has opted for the path of dialogue and so the choice for me is clear. We should remain alert under an Obama presidency, too, of course.

Ey Vallah's point is a good one. In fact, I delayed putting up the site for some weeks because I agreed with him. However, after some consideration and consultation, it seemed best to me that we launch the blog. First, we should raise our own voices against the yavesara'i  coming from the McCain camp; we should not expect Americans to do our job for us. Second, I thought it was important to make it clear that it was precisely the Iranians who were for a democratic Iran who were the most outspoken in resisting being "liberated" the way our neighbors to the west were. Finally, I thought it was important to present an alternative to some misguided leftists who mix resistance to American aggression against our country with apologetics for the Islamic Republic under which our country groans.

I once again extend my invitation to you all to contribute to our blog. You can either comment on the postings or send your own postings to Postings might be edited for style. You should state clearly whether you want your name, or pseudonym, posted, or whether or not you want your email address posted.





by Khar on

Thanks IranWrites!  We are indeed with him.

PS. Very informative site, perhaps only second to!

ebi amirhosseini

Iranwhites Jaan

by ebi amirhosseini on

Count on my vote too,just for the sake of making sure these poeple won't attack our dear Iran,since we have the bitter experience( 8 years war) that these fools thought if Saddam attacks Iran,mullahs would be toppled down,which ironically made them more powerful & gave them an excuse(not that they care) to deprive the poeple of a lot of social & economic freedoms.I believe we Iranian should  at least (in nearly more than 100 years)decide the fate of our country & choose our own government, not the Ajnabis.



Unbelievable! My countrymen

by jamshid on

Unbelievable! My countrymen and women are so unbelievable. WE DONT EVER LEARN ANYTHING. It is pathetic and amazing at the same time.

Not that you have a choice. You can choose between a buffoon and a clown. Your pick. Make a line.

Jahanshah Rashidian

He would have my vote.

by Jahanshah Rashidian on

If I were an American citizen, i would vote for Obama with some reservation for his VP who is suspected close to IRI's lobby groups in USA.

Nazy Kaviani


by Nazy Kaviani on

Thanks for sharing doostam! He's got mine!


i second

by american wife (not verified) on

that emotion...:-)


انقدر از اوباما

eyvallah (not verified)

انقدر از اوباما تعریف نکنید. دشمناش بر علیهش استفد میکنندها. میگند نگاه کنید ایرانیا اوباما رو دوست دارند بهش رای ندید. میگند اوباما دوست دشمن ماست.


No bombing Iran!!!

by IRANdokht on

and no threat of bombing Iran which only empowers IRI even further.

Obama's got my vote!