Moving on :)

Moving on :)
by Jahanshah Javid

Dear Friends, has been through many changes in its nearly 17 years of existence. The only constant has been my editorship. That too is about to change.

Starting next month I will no longer be having a role in management. I have sold my shares to my partner Saïd Amin and will be pursuing a new project. For the next few months I will stay on as a caretaker editor until a replacement is found.

Any dynamic organization needs to carry on independently without relying on one person. This is a big step in that direction, followed by major changes in design in the near future. These much-needed changes will revolutionize your experience on with the latest tools and gadgets.

My experience with has been a blast. It truly has. Every single day has been full of fun and excitement, so much so that no amount of hardship or disappointment ever had a lasting impact. At some point I might reflect on the meaning of it all, but the only judgement that counts is yours.

I want to express special thanks to my dear friend Nazy Kaviani for contributing much of the best content in the past few years and being a tremendous help in maintaining the site as a volunteer. I could not have managed without her good taste and dedication.

But the biggest Thank You goes to You for feeling comfortable with contributing thousands and thousands of pages of your aspirations and frustrations. And you can continue to do so. will always be your home.

Lots of love



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Good luck JJ

by Truthseeker9 on

Hope we see you here as a commentator, please don't leave completely.


Why is this blog stuck at

by alimostofi on

Why is this blog stuck at the top of blog central.? He is not more important than Iran.

FB: astrologer.alimostofi

Orang Gholikhani


by Orang Gholikhani on

See you soon




You are irreplaceable Jahanshah

by anglophile on

Iranian dot Com without you is like Christmas without Santa.   I have lived with IC for at least fifteen years of it existence, went through a number of reincarnations, ceased to exist a few times but never felt anything but love and respect for you. You and your creation,, is the best product of that devastating revolution. It gave us a new sense of identity and the freedom to express ourselves without fear. I am choked with emotions. All I can say is: Without you Iranian dot Com will never be the same again.    Best of Luck.   Anglophile 


Wish you the best

by Cost-of-Progress on

Thanks for providing one of the most unique sites on the internet for us to share our thoughts.

I wish you success in your future endeavors.



You are an important person

by alimostofi on

You are an important person JJ. You have become a household name in the Iranian diaspora. You need to perform a duty. You are perhaps the only person who most people agree with. As such you are a unique Iranian. We do not have many if any of those. All popular Iranians are controversial. As I said on fb to you, get together with a bunch of other Iranians and form an Iranian Conference that is an Iranian government in exile to represent Iranians. Yes get together with all rich and famous Iranians or derivatives and especially those who deny being Iranian and are worldly. Shall I mention namea of them. Let's start. Biggest most wealthy Iranian that does sweet FA for Iran. Hmm. Oh yeah head of ebay. Christianne A. Who else. Loads in NASA. Get them to stop being Americans and just make money!

FB: astrologer.alimostofi

Jahanshah Javid

yek donya mamnoon

by Jahanshah Javid on

Thanks you all for your kind and lovely words.

Always by your side, one way or another




by farshadjon on

Thank you, JJ jan. has been my little Iran for the past 12 years.I wish you the best of luck in your new endeavors.

P.S. Are you getting married? What is your next project?

Medulla Oblongata

With respect

by Medulla Oblongata on

ok, bye bye!


Well you finally responded.

by alimostofi on

Well you finally responded. Hang in there Pisces. Confusion is your game.

FB: astrologer.alimostofi


good luck

by amirkabear4u on

Are you going to travel the world now?



Wow, this came out of nowhere!!

by Reality-Bites on

JJ, I had absolutely no inkling you were preparing to jump ship!!

Thank you for this wonderful website, your sense of fairness, balance, unwavering belief and support for free speech and above all, your humanity, all these years.

I hope Saïd Amin will continue the very high standard you always set.

Speculating on the new project you'll be moving on to, going by how many different countries you've visited over the past few years, are you planning to become a tour guide? :)



by P_J on

And good luck!  I am sure your next venture will be as successful as this one.



For GOD's Sake

by Demo on



Now that you are leaving, pleas take this 'Fred' with you before he/she 'air tights' the site causing a mass 'cyber suffocation!' You will surely be rewarded by GOD for doing such big 'Kheir!' to all.




by yolanda on

What a shocker! so when will you launch We will follow you to!

Thank you for your hardwork! You are the founding father of this site!


interesting and entertaining

by مآمور on

but addictive


I wear an Omega watch

Anonymous Observer

Thanks for providing us with a signature sample

by Anonymous Observer on

that we can use to clean out your bank account dear JJ.

On somewhat of a serious note, I have to say that this has been a blast for me as well. I have been able to use this forum as a never ending experiment in collective social psychology, where I can set up a virtual arena, throw out the most culturally (Iranian & otherwise) taboo subjects and have the contestants fight each other to the death. Hence, my avatar.

On a more serious note, I do have to give you credit dear JJ for understanding the value of free speech. You truly understand it. There really is no censorship on this site. While you really don't administer your comment and blocking plociy evenhandedly (not intentionally though in my opinion), you do allow people to express themselves to the absolute limit.

So, good luck. And please don't forget to send me the $125.00 bucks that you owe me. nakahatsam cheezi begam...but you being gone and all that. I may not be able to find you, and I really need the cash. Plus, you said that you would pay me back in a week and it's been six months already.


Well done for IC JJ, Thank you, : )

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

I gotta say, it comes as a surprise to see some one go that encouraged freedom of thought, speech and expression.  I'm wishing IC was as worthwhile for you as it has been for me and others.  Really Sad to see you move on, hopefully you go to an even greater horizon, I know it will be tough as you did a very meaningful and necessary task here.

Mer-si, na, Mer-navad.

Mohammad Ala

Thank you.

by Mohammad Ala on

Jahanshah jan thank you for your time and service to the Iranian community through IC.

I am one of the few who have stayed with since its inception (especially using my own name and picture).  In the form of e-mail, my letter against Tyri Rider was published in 1996.

When the site started personal attacks was minimal.  Something must be done with members who hide behind a pseudo name and feel they can open their big mouth and utter non-senses, especially against known members.

When I worked in the USA, I advertised the three websites which I started to give JJ a helping hand.  The majority of IC members have used this site for free.  As any business entity, there are expenses and my preference would be for each member to contribute either time or money towards IC’s future progress.

The new Admin should post policies for comments and personal attacks on known members.

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

It's just not fair like all the other thing in life.

MONEY can't buy you LOVE.  I guess



Thank you for everything

by vildemose on

Thank you for everything dear jj. will never  be the same without you.  

 A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny.--Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.

iraj khan


by iraj khan on

the next editor would be as informed as you

and keep the motto "Nothing Is Sacred" when it comes to freedom of speech, 

then, will survive as an independent Iranian website.

Otherwise, an uncertain future is possible.


برای من زود گذشت....


زود گذشت چون مدت کمیست که اینجا هستم

برای زحماتی که   برای این سایت خوب کشیدید تشکر میکنم

برای زحمت هایی هم که برای کشیدید و گاهی ویدیو هام رو راست و ریس کردید هم همنینطور



Dear Jahanshah...

by faryarm on

With much gratitude for your vision, sense of justice and fairness, not to mention sense of fun...

best wishes



JJ joon, naro to ro khoda

by Souri on


Thank you, JJ - And, good luck with

by MM on


Faramarz & I

by Faramarz on



I found this site by chance almost 7 years ago and after reading a couple of things, got interested and sent a little poem about a friend of mine who was serving as a medic in Iraq. JJ published it immediately. I was so surprised because I had never blogged or posted anything on line before.

I felt so important!

After that I kept sending JJ political cartoons and captions and he posted many of them. But the thing that kept me going was that he made comments about the ones that he liked. I always felt a personal connection to the site and almost an obligation to write something or say something. was never a blank canvas where you would draw some pictures and see how people would react. Or a suite in a fancy hotel where you get together for a party and at the end of the night we would all leave and the maids would come in and clean up.

It was and it is a home away from home where I reconnected with my culture and literature and learned so much from my dear friends and learned to share my experiences and views.

At this point, I wish JJ the best of luck in his future endeavors but I have no idea how I will react to without the Iranian who brought us together and made me come to this site almost everyday.

Anahid Hojjati

thanks Dear JJ

by Anahid Hojjati on

for creating this great forum. i have read many amazing articles and blogs on this site and met many people through ic. looking forward to, and also wishing the best for ic.

Shazde Asdola Mirza

Let every man be known by what he creates.

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

You can always be proud of

M. Saadat Noury

All the best JJ

by M. Saadat Noury on

Though, it's Hard to Say Goodbye

آن "جهانشاه" که هزار قافله دل همره اوست
هر کجا هست ، خدایا بسلامت دارش