Moving on :)

Moving on :)
by Jahanshah Javid

Dear Friends, has been through many changes in its nearly 17 years of existence. The only constant has been my editorship. That too is about to change.

Starting next month I will no longer be having a role in management. I have sold my shares to my partner Saïd Amin and will be pursuing a new project. For the next few months I will stay on as a caretaker editor until a replacement is found.

Any dynamic organization needs to carry on independently without relying on one person. This is a big step in that direction, followed by major changes in design in the near future. These much-needed changes will revolutionize your experience on with the latest tools and gadgets.

My experience with has been a blast. It truly has. Every single day has been full of fun and excitement, so much so that no amount of hardship or disappointment ever had a lasting impact. At some point I might reflect on the meaning of it all, but the only judgement that counts is yours.

I want to express special thanks to my dear friend Nazy Kaviani for contributing much of the best content in the past few years and being a tremendous help in maintaining the site as a volunteer. I could not have managed without her good taste and dedication.

But the biggest Thank You goes to You for feeling comfortable with contributing thousands and thousands of pages of your aspirations and frustrations. And you can continue to do so. will always be your home.

Lots of love



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Organic NUTritionist

Iranitarin will be Behtarin

by Organic NUTritionist on

JJ joon, like I said on your facebook, I actually cried when I saw your signature but I know that your new site Iranitarin is soooo damn cool from what you showed me



Thank you x 1000000

by bahram9821 on

Thank you JJ for everything you have done for this wonderful forum over the past 17 years.I like to wish you all the best in the future. Bahram

Oon Yaroo

Thank you JJ!

by Oon Yaroo on

Running a business is a challenging task!

Running a business that handles Iranian customers is almost a monumental effort!

With minimum amount of casualties and blood shed, you have done a great job and managed to bring closer the following groups of ideologically conflicting and high-maintenance folks:

* 500 variations of leftists,

* 700 variations of  Islamists,

* 650 variations of Mosadeqist,

* 1000 variations of Shahies,

* 1500 variations of Republicans,

* the list goes on....

Best wishes, happy life, good health, and many successes in your future endeavors!

Do Not Shoot Me

Who is Said Amin: ?

by Do Not Shoot Me on

Are you talking about Said Amin: The “Eligible King” of Ethnic online dating? 



Oh wow

by Parham on

That's all I can say.

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

درین بهارِ کم رنگ و دلتنگ...چه بغضی ما را می‌گیرد.

همیشه در کنارت،درین تارنما بوده‌ام و خواهم ماند.کاش زمانه نیز همچو ما بدین گونه دلخوشی داشت.

به احترامِ فراوان ..

شرابِ قرمز.


Fairwell JJ

by aynak on


Everything said and done I am glad this forum exists, and have survived these many years.   From what I had experienced with similar forums (like Payvand and JM) it is easy for hijackers to push a media outlet to extremes and ultimately render it uselss for the rest.  Fortunately this is a multi-faceted site and there are many things other than politics that draws one to it.

I thank you for your contribution and wish you the best.  Please let us know what would be your next venture?  






Hafez for Beginners

"Rowing the Boat"

by Hafez for Beginners on

Thanks Jahanshah.

I read somewhere that: "Those who don't row the boat, rock the boat."

Our community is much better with the rocking of the boat, than with the rowing of it. Judging with delicacy, but refusing to lift a finger and actually take on a significant task.

Not so much you: Thanks to your perseverence and "rowing", this venture did much good and I hope will continue to do so.  At times, I wished it rowed differently, but Kudos to you for taking on such a collosal task.

And I hope you "row your boat" to continuingly inspired shores.

With gratitude. Afsaneh Mirfendereski