How much does he love u?


John Am
by John Am

How much does he love u?


If u want to know how much he loves u,

Look at how many times he gets back up for u.


He worked all day and comes home and does more,

Hes been working all week with no rest, and all he can say is

“I gotta keep working till Im the best”


Does he sulk and sorrow,

Or every word is of morrow?


His visions seen,

That his hard work will fulfill your every dream,

Does he love your ambition, thoughts and faults?

Does he yearn to hear u talk?


When they spit in his face

Cause Hes this single minority race,


When they jump him cause

 hes different and there jealous instincts tell them

Hes above them


When they try to sink his mindset into the pits of doom

Does he continue to bloom


His face and soul still sore,

Does he talk about we still have to grow,


Hes about to choke hes swallowed so much pride,

But hes standing outside protective, stubborn man, hell never hide,

He’d die before they touch his bride.


His every move is selective, he has this deep perspective,

When he wants something hes so aggressive


The weight of the world on his shoulders,

Hes still true, he still bends down on one knee before u,


When he looks u in the eyes, is he in love with u?

Then don’t ask how much he loves u?

U can tell by how many times he gets back up for u.


Gets pulled over for speedin, pigs leave him on the floor bleadin

Gets thrown in jail for no reason,

His only words is

“ life without you has no meanin,

your my passion, my heart, and all four seasons,

you’re my star, my moon, my everyday

don’t believe a word they say”


She replied,

            “you’re the sun that lights my skies, 

you’re the fire in every patriots eyes. 

 The ones that put u here,  they’ll never know you work tirelessly,  

its such irony,  that you work so hard that they may be free.”





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