Did you know...?


Kaveh Parsa
by Kaveh Parsa

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I know that you all know, but just in case...

Did you know....? That Mohsen Sazgara was one of those on Khomeini's Air France plane on his return to Iran in 1979. Did you know that he was one of the architects of the revolutionary guards? that he was one of the most influential elements in the impeachment of Bani-Sadr as president.

Did you know....? That during the 8 year war with Iraq, the regime repeatedly made Arms deals with Israel & US. Informed sources claim that Iran imported 80% of its needs during this period from Israel!!

Did you know....? That Abbas Amir-Entezam who was the deputy PM and government spokesman during the Barzargan Government is the longest serving political prisoner in the world. He has been in Jail since Dec 1979.

Did you know....? That during the first 6 months, after the 79 revolution over 6000 officials of the former regime were executed.

Did you know....? That during the second wave in 1980 over 4000 leftists were executed.

Did you know....? That during the 3rd wave in 1988, over 6000 People (mainly MKO supporters) were executed in a 2 month period.

Did you know....? That imprisoned virgin girls, were raped before their executions, so that their executions would be deemed "Islamic".

Did you know....? That Kohmeini(the Imam) himself authorised each wave of executions.

Did you know....? That Saeed Mortazavi was appointed as prosecutor at the age of 19 and chief prosecutor (for a Tehran Municipality) at the age of 20.

Did you know....? That he was identified as the main culprit for the murder of Zahra Kazemi (the Iranian-Canadian journalist) by both the Canadian government and the investigative committee of the Iranian parliament.

Did you know....? That Dr Shahram Azam (who left Iran in 2004 and became a political refugee in Canada) performed an autopsy on Zahra Kazemi at the bagi-Allah hospital in Tehran. He found that her body was full of breaks and bruises and there were obvious signs of torture and sexual abuse. Amongst the injuries were: skull fracture, broken nose, crushed toes, broken fingers, pulled out finger nails (fingers & toes), damage to lungs and ribs, bruises to stomach, and extensive damage to the region around the sexual organs. All of this was evidence of the barbaric torture which she suffered and died from.

Did you know....? That Fereshteh Alizadeh (Al-Zahra university student) disappeared after the university night raids by Basiji and plainclothes forces in 1999 and has never been found.

Did you know....? That Ezat-o-allah Ebrahimnejad(another student of the 1999 raid) was a member of the revolutionary guards. His crime was that he was identifying the members of Ansare Hizbollah to the students. He was at the university only to visist some friends. During the raid he was separated form the main student body and beaten savagely by knives and chains. his coup de grâce (tire khalas) was performed by Mehdi Safari-Tabar (son of the RGC commander in eslam shahr).

Did you know....? That according to Saeed Emmami the chain murders (ghatl-haye zanjeereie) claimed the lives of over 299, writers, poets, political and human rights activists and ordinary citizens.

Did you know....? That according to Saeed Emmami the chain murders (ghatl-haye zanjeereie) were done on the basis of fatwas issued by clergy including Ayatollah Najaf-Abadi who was the intelligence minister at the time.

Did you know....? That according to the intelligence ministry Saeed Emmami was accused of sexual deviancy and that he wanted sexual relation with his cell mates and prison wardens!! his wife was also accused of being a whore during her interrogation (the video evidence of the interrogations was leaked out). Emami's wife was a confidant of Khamenie's wife!

Did you know....? That during the 1999 student protests, were marching towards the supreme leaders residence and it was the intervention of Saeed Hajjarian (who is in jail today) which persuaded the crowd stop the march.

Did you know....? That after these protests the RGC commanders wrote a threatening letter to Khatami(the reformist president) demanding that he clarifies his position.

Did you know....? That one of the signatories of this letter was Ghalibaf (present mayor of Tehran and then commander of the RGC Air force).

Did you know....? That during the last 30 years Iran's income from oil exports alone totals $500 billion. Iran's total income from Oil before the revolution (80 year period) was $100 billion in today’s money.

Do you realise now that this regime is not reform-able?


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