Who's to balme here? it's not as clear cut as you think!

by Khar

This video shows Israeli soldiers being attacked by crew of the boat with pipes and knives and being thrown off-board upon their landing on the boat to inspect the cargo, and before they used their weapons to protect themselves.


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Shazdeh Jaan Gol gofty!

by Khar on

Seek the truth and you shall be free!

Shazde Asdola Mirza

Lies lies and more lies ...

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

Muslims fighting and attacking with knives and clubs?


We are the most peaceful and peace-loving people in the world! No muslim would ever knife anyone else!

Just recall last year post-selection riots in Iran ... was anyone attacked by clubs , or by knives? No, no, brothers of Basij and Sepah did not do that! Agents from Israel attacked the Iranian Greens and killed so many in the streets, kidnapped them for torturing and then dumped their bodies everwhere they could!!!

Allah akbar ... Allah akbar ... Khamenei Rahbar ... Marg bar zed-e velayat faghih (no kniving, only gentle death) ... Marg bar amrika ... Marg bar esrael ... Marg bar Bi-Hejab (no clubing, only killing with kindness)!

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Everybody Loves Somebody .

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Interesting point. I have to give it some thought. The one thing that really makes me sick is to see Jimmy Carter and his band of "Elders".  The man has no shame and no understanding of the damage he has done. If that idiot Carter got his way there would be no free world. He never saw a dictator he did not want to bend over for.

The thing which helped the Islamists was that they were the "enemy within". They pretended to be Iranian whilst always plotting the destruction of Iran. People like Shariati and Al Ahmad. The traitors. We fell for it like total morons. 

We will never make that mistake again. 



Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime

31 years ago an Army very much like the Israeli Army

by Everybody Loves Somebody ... on

was trying to put down criminals, subversives, and terrorists! But for whatever reason the softy left and the so-called humanitarians didn't allow that to happen. The result of that mistake is the Islamic Republic Regime and its constituents on this site!?


Let's not make another mistake again in going soft on the terrorists trying to bring down Israel.


Let's go Israeli Army. Crush these barbaric terrorists all the way. Take no prisoners. Iranian people are with you.


Benross Aziz, well said!

by Khar on

"If you choose to speed beyond the limit, you will be stopped by a policeman and you will be handed a ticket. Now try to punch the policeman who is handing you the ticket, see what happens. You probably can make a martyr out of speeding ticket too."



Let me point out the real

by benross on

Let me point out the real issue. The real issue is the blockade of Gaza. The justification of such policy and the harshness of implementing it by the government of Israel is being disputed inside and outside of Israel. But within that policy, which was fully known by those protesters, the military action was simply to enforce the policy. It was absolutely nothing out of ordinary and out of expectation. It's as simple as speeding ticket.

If you choose to speed beyond the limit, you will be stopped by a policeman and you will be handed a ticket. Now try to punch the policeman who is handing you the ticket, see what happens. You probably can make a martyr out of speeding ticket too.

If we were talking about a tension between armed and unarmed, in a framework where the freedom of expression is repressed, the story would have been completely different. But I'm sure nobody can think of such situation! 


Dear ID, MP Says: "I don't have the full story, and the truth"

by Khar on

She admits she doesn’t have a clear idea what happened (Minute 2:10) and at the time of boarding the ship by IDF she was not on the ship’s deck as she mentions she was in the press room (Minute 1:20). So she had not witnessed the attacks by the activist on soldiers boarding the boat. She doesn’t have a first hand knowledge of the events which took place on the deck. But I agree with her point that an inquiry is needed in this matter. By the way Israel as any other country based on U.N Article 51 has the right to search any ship approaching their waters.


Israeli MP speaks

by IRANdokht on

If people tried to look beyond what the media is feeding them, they'd know more details of the situation. This woman is a member of the Israeli parliament and was aboard the flotilla.


Darius Kadivar

Thank You K Jaan ...

by Darius Kadivar on

Proving if needed with your always insightful blogs that not all Khars are necessarily Olaghs ;0)

PUTTIN' ON THE RITZ: Why I won't Sign a Petition or Demonstrate Against Bad Bad Israel ...

Little Tweet


by Little Tweet on

Do the owners of the western media really need an Iranian spokesperson too?


Dear Q

by MeyBokhor_Manbarbesuzan on

If some of us here are against war propaganda against Iran, or oppose sanctions against Iran, we are right away dismissed as IRI apologists.

But the stink of "apologism" for this high seas terrorism gives me nausea.

Using an IOF editted video is just the topping of the cake (read kaka).

The Gazans are the Berliners of the post WWII Europe, but I all I hear from "the civilized" Western leaders are lame expressions such as regretting the loss of life.

What does this regretting mean? I mean I hit birds with my car occasionally and I of course regret the loss of life but have forgotten the whole thing in a couple of days. But I would really get upset if the wind shield got broken.

Maybe it's time to break the wind shield.


GOD loves IRI, I'm loving' it

by i_support_khamenie on


do u know what international waters mean?

but maybe it's good you don't because when it comes to TV debates IRI advocates always blast away their adversaries...

i'm lovin' it..


Khar, I'm sorry this is not controversial at all

by Q on

the answer to "Who is to blame" is not even controversial. Countless human rights organizations have already pointed out that forcibly boarding the ship was illegal.

The video (heavily edited by Israelis) is designed to make ordinary Americans think of Israeli Offensive Forces are like Police. You have to obey the police and not defend yourself.

They are not. In international waters without permission to enter the vessel they are armed pirates who had already shot into the crowd. I don't understand what you are trying to say. Are you saying if there's an armed attack at sea, boarding your ship you are not supposed to defend yourself with something as elementary as sticks or throwing the soldier overboard?

Don't fall for the BS propaganda. US and European coastal guards intercept 100s of vessels every year and turn them around safely. This was a deliberate attack in order to inflict damage on civilians.

Yes, nothing is black and white but this is a lot more clear than most things we discuss on daily basis. This is why countless human rights organizations have already condemned the action as illegal.



by Majid on


There's my side of the story, yours , and then there's truth!

In the meantime as Azarin said "Let's focus on our own miseries"



SamSam Jaan

by Khar on

You said it buddy: Truth is rarely pure & never simple!


Dear ID

by Khar on

Do you really compare those Somali pirates who hijacked and hold that ship and other commercial ships for ransom with IDF? and the crew of that commercial ship which was sailing 350 miles off Somali coast with these metal pipe and knife carrying so called humanitarian workers whom were about to enter Israeli waters? It seems to me they were there just to make a political statement and to create such incident? I know you are good with logic and reason but here your logic sounds a bit like Maghlateh. There is no comparison between the two, the video speaks for itself.


Azadeh Azad

Khar jan

by Azadeh Azad on

I see some of your valid points. I just think that those who were armed more efficiently (the IDF) should not have shot to death 11 people, some of whom had only sticks in their hands - apparently there are some non-Palestinians among the dead. My whole point is that as a matter of principle, when you are the aggressor and the occupier, you cannot speak of "self-defense!" It's like the Islamist occupiers of Iran (the IRI) speaking of self-defense to justify the killing of the Kurdish youth, students and protesters. The same type of immorality and inhumanity. ............................................................................................... 

In any case, I'm going back to reading about the IRI atrocities and their preparation for more executions before the June 12.



Thanks for the interesting video.

by fooladi on

I wonder what "humanitarian aid" these "peace supporters" were carrying? Rockets? bombs? Guns? Anyway, I guess the lesson to some of us at least is : it is best to scream and shout at Israel and jews from the safety of Internet. Just dont be a fool and carry weapons to hizbullah on a boat, bad idea :)


I agree with Khar. It seems

by benross on

I agree with Khar. It seems that Israel will release all detainees. So we may never know who they really were -and I really don't care. But they sure don't look like a peace loving humanitarian bunch.

Azarin Sadegh


by Azarin Sadegh on

Dear K.

Thanks for sending me this link..even if I wasn't really following this event closely (unlike many of my dear friends..:-)... but you made me take a look at the news! 

These mob-like attacks remind me of our own "IRI thugs"... but still I'd rather stay away from Arab-Israel conflict, or many other conflicts and human rights violations in the world, especially if I am not aware of the both sides pov...as this video clearly proves my point. 

Anyway, I believe that as Iranians our main focus should be on our own miseries...and unfortunately, we do have many heartbreaking tragedies: Majid Tavakoli is dying now, others have been sentenced to death, many have been arrested, etc...Unfortunately, I don't even have time to follow our own news!

So, my only problem with having this video on Iranian.com is the fact that it isn't about the Iranians.

Thanks! Az.


maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

HELL THEY DOING IT HERE EVERY DAY AND NO BODY COMPLAINS........In the name of security they have the right to dble. check any ships coming to their territory and make sure the bill of ladding is  o.k as it stated.          Maziar


Azadeh Jaan

by Khar on

First of all I don’t condone IDF actions which resulted in several people being killed yesterday, although this evidence show they had to defend themselves, and we can talk about the plight of Palestinian people in general for hours, I do agree that they have been dealt a bad hand both from Israel and the Hammas, their own leaders. But the hard fact remains here that this incident particularly is not as black and white as it seems. Although they were in the international waters (as its reported on the news) but their intended course of travel was Gaza and were fast entering the protected waters. Besides a humanitarian aid group do adhere to the inspections. I have never heard or seen that the care givers start attacking the inspectors and attack they did with pipes, throwing soldiers off the boat and so on. This leads me to believe that the whole thing (a protest gone badly) was pre orchestrated to grab attention.  

By the way do you remember couple of years ago two ships were intercepted by Israel in the same area full loaded with Iranian Arms cargo destined for Hamas? That gives Israel a right to inspect any ships entering that stretch of water. 



by SamSamIIII on


simpleton Ommatie will not wake up from his/her pretend sleep pose with your clear arguments. Ommaties in all shades be it fokoli or non-fokoli, vailed or non-vailed among other things have one common traite which is their one dimensional thirst to mob lynch the truth..kinda like when the same elitist tribe all saw Imams shadow on the moon in contrast to their own so called academic logic. So in short ,"truth" is a mere form of inconvenience for these stateless self-proclaimed cyber champions of ouiii gluieee humanity since finding truth requires "discovery" and hence actual effort by free thinkers whom these ideologues are certanly not. 

Truth is rarely pure & never simple.

Many cheers Khar my good man !!!

&btw remember, US & coalition troops (including IRI navy in 1 case) in many occasion killed &, arrested hundreds of Somali pirates in international waters and seized their vessels. lets look thru the chimney after the smoke ;).

Path of Kiaan Resurrection of True Iran Hoisting Drafshe Kaviaan //iranianidentity.blogspot.com //www.youtube.com/user/samsamsia


Dear Mr Prez

by IRANdokht on

When the people on a ship that was attacked by armed Somalian pirates defended themselves, the whole world cheered them as heroes.

Tell me what is the difference this time?


pastor bill rennick

Dear Azadeh! What were the people on the ship doing with all

by pastor bill rennick on

those big pipes, chomaghs, and knives!? As an ex-Army officer colleague of mine stated this morning, "You don't take a knife with you to gun fight!?"
PS - BTW, chomagh is the trade mark of the Islamic Republic!


Thank you Azadeh Khanom

by Bavafa on

And mind you they were in the international water.


P.S. Khar jan,  I suppose now you would be called IRI supporter as to diverting attention by discussing Isreal (a non-Iranian issue as some call it)

Azadeh Azad

Khar jan

by Azadeh Azad on

The question is: Why did armed Israeli soldiers land on boats carrying humanitarian aids to the defenseless people of Gaza in the first place? They had no right to do so!