by Latina

Not long ago within your dwelling

No joy, no warmth was to be found

Only shadows remained within

Shadows waiting to torment you nightly

The pain and sorrow felt so profoundly

Yet hope, you finally found one day

Looking now into your sanctuary

The place that you call home

Warmth can be found in every space

No more shadows to torment nightly

You are instead enveloped in a warm embrace

Only great joy and peace is felt within

What a difference true love makes

All her tenderness awaits you

Great joy to be found in her embrace

Now only warmth and joy within your home



  Copyright © Latina


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by Latina on


Thank you. Sorry to hear you are stressed. Perhaps a nice cup of Persian tea. :o)


I am in the process of beginning my move today and completing the process on Monday. So, I know what you mean about stress. I feel your pain. LOL


Nice Daughtry song.


Hasta luego.........





by yolanda on

Hi Natalia,

    Very sweet poem!

"What a difference true love makes"

well said!

I have a Daughtry CD, my favorite song of his is "Feels like tonight".

Sorry to come late! I am stressed out lately! My last day at work is 7/27. After that, I will watch Olympics for 2 weeks! Can't wait!



by Latina on


Thanks for the video clip. I actually have not seen the movie because I think it might be to scary for me to watch.




I clearly labeled the links so that people don't have to listen to the songs or singers they don't like. I happen to like Daughtry. :o)


At least you had not complaints on the poem. That is a good thing.

Esfand Aashena


by Esfand Aashena on

Natalie erase Daughtery's song!  It's like a mini-Titanic song, played over and over again though unlike Titanic it was NEVER good!  Daughtery is sucks! 

Everything is sacred

Multiple Personality Disorder

Nice house!

by Multiple Personality Disorder on

It reminds me of the house in the movie "The Woman in Black"




by Latina on

Muchas gracias



by Latina on

Daughtry, I am going home: //youtu.be/7bnX-6sJZBw

Michael Buble, Home:  //youtu.be/lbSOLBMUvIE

Marc Broussard, Home:  //youtu.be/FuWPseegaKw

Switchfoot, This is Home: //youtu.be/MgA_bsl84qo

Mohammad Ala


by Mohammad Ala on

Sé feliz.