Two Paths


Two  Paths
by Latina

Her perspective:


The Every Changing Path


I arose one day

Unbeknownst to me

My path had changed

Not knowing, when or why

I continued on my pathway


Amazed at the change

And the possibilities, it brought

Every day, my life, a new direction did take

Unable to remain on the preceding path

I continued on my path


A new phase of life, I found

Overcoming challenges along the way

Gaining strength and wisdom

I continued on my journey

Once again, facing the unknown



His perspective:


Embarking On The New Road Without Delay


I woke up, dazed to a certain degree

Once again, my life had been changed

On that morning dawn, unbeknowst to me

By and by, the old path no longer to be,

not knowing why it was thus arranged


I was called to walk on a new road

Savoring, amazed at all the change

A new direction, burdened with a new load

Not to remain on the old one showed

Unwavering, yet the new road looked strange


A new phase of life, I found

Surpassing obstacles along the way

No longer gagged and bound

Still again, moving forward, resound

Embarking on the new road without delay



Note:  The author in no way is trying to make light of the differences between the communication styles of the genders. However, is very fascinated by the varying perspectives on life. :o)



Copyright © Latina


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by Latina on



You are correct. It has hidden meaning. :o)

On the following: "Gals like to get married, but guys are afraid of commitment, etc....or something like that!"

You would be surprised how many women don't want to get married these days due to varying reasons. Leaving many a man  broken hearted because they won't marry them. Nothing wrong with the man either. Such is life........ironic.




by yolanda on

Hi! Natalia,

   This piece is quite profound and abstract to me. I am sure there is underlining meaning behind it! Wow! You can read "his" mind! Yes, it is true that different genders have varying perspectives on life!

Gals like to get married, but guys are afraid of commitment, etc....or something like that!

Thank you for your contribution to IC! I hope you enjoy your new dwelling place!