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M. Saadat Noury
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1. The purpose of this "blog" is to promote the different aspects of Persian Culture and the History of Iran and also to review the latest findings in the field of Science in general and in Nutrition in particular.

2. The official address of this "blog" is //iranian.com/main/blog/m-saadat-noury and it is the most active blog of Manouchehr Saadat Noury (MSN).

3. Various Articles and Poems written by MSN may be also viewed online on GolcheenIrandokht, Persian Mirror, Poetry Today, Asre-nou, MSN-Selected Articles, and Wikipedia

4. MSN is not responsible for the contents of any other blog or blogspot addressed by the same family name spelled differently.




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The Best Parts

by All-Iranians on

The best parts of your blog are FIRST IRANIANS & MISSING MOMENTS.


Inspiring, joyful, informative, and educational

by All-Iranians on

It is good to know about the purposes of your blog; your poems are inspiring and joyful and your articles are always informative and educational.