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05-Sep-2009 (4 comments)
In this article, the early efforts of sending students abroad, and a list of some famous students in the various groups will be presented and reviewed. >>>
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03-Sep-2009 (2 comments)

خواهم بروم به سر ز مین _ نور 

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01-Sep-2009 (4 comments)
ای که گفتی شعر و لحن نظم چیست
یا که آیا ، می توان بی شعر زیست
شعر تاریخ است و "حی" و "حاضر" است
بر همه آ ثا ر _ هستی ، نا ظر است >>>
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27-Aug-2009 (5 comments)
First Iranians (in Persian: نخستين های ايراني ) is an e-book, which gives the readers a window to the history of Iran, from the ancient Persian Empire to the Contemporary Iran >>>
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18-Aug-2009 (8 comments)
In this article the life story of Ali Akbar Dehkhoda, his education, his works, and a short note on Dehkhoda Dictionary are studied and discussed. >>>
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15-Aug-2009 (2 comments)
درسحرگا ه_ ا بتدا ئی_عمر
آ سما ن ، صا ف و پا ک و روشن بود >>>
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29-Jul-2009 (5 comments)
من کجا ی این جها ن را دوست دارم/ من کد ا مین مرد ما ن را دوست دارم >>>
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26-Jul-2009 (9 comments)
In recent years various camel milk products (Butter, Yoghurt, Cheese, Ice-cream and Chocolate) are prepared and marketed throughout some parts of the world, i.e. Somalia, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, etc. >>>