M. Saadat Noury
by M. Saadat Noury

First Iranians (in Persian: نخستين های ايراني Nakhossteenhaayeh Irani) is an e-book, which gives the readers a window to the history of Iran, from the ancient Persian Empire to the Contemporary Iran; it is a key to the past and to the present-day Iran. The book is also to a certain extent a history of Persian Culture and Literature, and in this history the focus is on ordinary people. Whether for the utter enjoyment or the literary pursuit, for inspiration or adding excitement and zeal to a conversation or to a presentation, for research or for the ultimate source for Who Were, and Who Are First Iranians, this book is a map through almost everything about Iran, and it is a book that should be read by everyone who likes to learn about Iran, and wants to know about Iranians. The various chapters of the e-book of First Iranians can be viewed online as published in and other Websites.

Here are the links to some chapters of the First Iranians:

First Iranians who lived on the Iranian Plateau: Click Here

First Iranians who Introduced the Art of Poetry: First Iranian Poets

First Iranian Goddess of Productivity & Values: Anahita

First Iranian Legendary Male & Female Heroes: Click Here

First Iranian Wise Men who visited New Born Jesus: Click Here

First Iranian Capital of Achaemenid Empire: Persepolis

First Iranian Capital City: Pasargad

First Iranian Gulf Waterway: Persian Gulf

First Iranian who established a State Religion in Iran: Ardeshir Babakan

First Iranian National Hero: Ario Barzan

First Iranian Female Admiral: Artemis

First Iranian Queen Regnant: Click Here

First Iranian Satraps: Click Here

First Iranian Academic Site: Jundishapur

First Iranian Words which Made Their Way into English: Click Here

First Iranian who Invented the Old Scientific Version of Backgammon: Bozorgmehr

First Iranians who founded the First Postal System: Click Here

First Iranian Postage Stamps: The Stamps

First Iranian Defensive Wall: Great Wall of Gorgan

First Iranians who introduced Perfumery: Click Here

First Iranians who celebrated the Day of Love: Click Here

First Iranians who introduced the Art of Carpet Weaving: Click Here

First Iranian Commander-in-chief: Rostam Farrokh Zaad

First Iranian Reference Libraries: Click Here

First Iranians who planned the City Design of Baghdad: Click Here

First Iranian who restored the Most Revered Iranian Traditions: Mardavij

First Iranian Woman known as the Famous Empress of India: Arjumand Banu

First Iranian Masters of Persian Poetry: Click Here 

First Iranian Famous Chemist: Mohammad Zakariya Razi

First Iranian Expert in the Art & Science of Music: Mohammad Farkhan Farabi

First Iranian who introduced the Art of Calligraphy: Muhammad Mukalla

First Iranian Record on Fingerprinting: Click Here

First Iranian Famous Scientist: Khaarazmi

First World-Famous Iranian Physician: Pur Sina

First Iranian Poet who advocated Social Justice: Saif Farghani

First Iranian Master in Purposeful Poetry: Khaghani Shervani

First Iranian Master in Arabic Literature: Khalil Ahmad Irani

First Iranian Founder of the First Iranian Newspaper: Mirza Saleh Shirazi

First Iranian Master of Colloquial Poetry: Iraj Mirza

First Iranian Poet & Scholar who was appointed as the Minister of Culture of Iran: Mohammad Taghi Bahar

First Iranian Figures and War Materials in the History of Iranian Army

First Iranian Founder of the First Iranian Journal of Culture: Abbas Eghbal Ashtiaani

First Iranian National Anthems: Ey Iran & Others

First Girls Schools in Iran: Click Here

First Iranian Actor & Actress: Click Here

First Iranian Male & Female Pilots: Click Here

First Iranian Scholar in Persian Literature: 1. Parviz Natel Khanlari , 2. Here

First Iranian Notable Poetesses: Click Here

First Iranian Composers of Patriotic Poetry: Click Here

First Iranian Mullah who was the Master of Anectodes: Mullah Nassr-e Din

First Iranian City where Largest Oil Field of Middle East was Explored: Masjed Soleiman

First Iranian Students Sent Abroard: Click Here

First Iranian Woman in the British House of Lords: Haleh Afshar

First Iranian-British Nobel Laureate: Doris Lessing

First Iranian Woman Be Awarded a Prize in Practical Physics: Yasaman Farzan

First Iranian Young Singer in a British Show: Shaheen Jafargholi

First Iranian Female Narrator of Shahnameh: Fatemeh Habibizad

First Iranian Chess Grandmaster: Ehsan Ghaem Maghami

First Iranian Musician known as the Artist of the Year: Javid Afsari Rad

First Iranian Female and Male Experts in Genetics: Pardis Sabeti & Maziar Ashrafian

First Iranian-American Female Artist: Sara Jahansouz Shahi

First Iranian Popular Dishes (Chellow Kebab, Kalleh Pacheh, Aab Goosht): Click Here

First Iranian who set up the First Tea Plantations in Iran: Kashefol Saltaneh

First Iranian Scholar who authored the Most Extensive & Comprehensive Farsi Dictionary : Ali Akbar Dehkhoda

First Iranian Contributors to the Collection of Persian Proverbs: Click Here

First Iranian Poet who opened up Exciting Vistas of New Persian Poetry: Nader Naderpour

First Iranian Haaji-Mullah who became the Prime Minister of Iran: Haaji Mirza Aghasi

First Iranian Experts in Modern Technology who are Famous Worldwide: Click Here

First Iranian Traditional Folk Entertainer: Haaji Firooz

First Iranian Female who has become a Famous World Journalist: Rana Foroohar

First Iranian Female Journalists: Click Here

First Iranian Economic Planner of Iran: Abolhassan Ebtehaj

(More Links to the various Chapters to be Posted)


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History of our Westernization?

by fatemeholfati on

This a wonderful work. Recetly in Tehran I was visiting the HOUSE of ARTISTS as it is called now (former Eshrat Abad military HQ?)and I came across two thin books about the first wave ad second wave of Iranians who were send aroad with their names, country and what they studied; many who went to became the main players of Iran in the 2oth century.
Have you seen these books?



by All-Iranians on

Good research work and excellent references.


Informative Articles

by All-Iranians on

These are, indeed, very informative articles on the history of Iran. Information of this kind takes a lot of times and efforts to collect & compose. Thank you.

Ladan Farhangi

More Links Please

by Ladan Farhangi on

We need more links to know much better about Iran & Iranians.

Ladan Farhangi

An Excellent Collection

by Ladan Farhangi on

Thank you. It is a very excellent collection.