First Iranian Female who has become a Famous World Journalist: Rana Foroohar


M. Saadat Noury
by M. Saadat Noury


In this article the life story and the works of Rana Foroohar, an Iranian Female who has become a Famous World Journalist will be briefly studied.

Her Life
Rana Foroohar was born in 1970. Rana currently lives in Brooklyn, New York. During 2007, she also used to live in Brooklyn ( New York) but for a short time she moved to Frankfort (Indiana), and finally she was settled down in Brooklyn, New York since 2008 (1)

Her Education
Rana Foroohar graduated in 1992 from Barnard College, Columbia University, with a B.A. in English literature (2)

Her Works in Newsweek
Rana Foroohar was the deputy editor in charge of international business and economics coverage for Newsweek. She conceived and edited a weekly section of breaking news stories, features and guest articles. She also wrote economic cover stories and opinion pieces, and pens a bi-weekly column on the global economy.
Foroohar overseed Newsweek's team of global correspondents and stringers, directing their reporting on the week's business news. She edited regular columnists such as hedge fund manager Barton Biggs, Morgan Stanley emerging markets head Ruchir Sharma, Yale professor Jeffrey Garten and PIMCO CEO Mohamed El-Erian. She was in charge of economic coverage for Newsweek's annual Davos special issue, which features pieces by world leaders and economic thinkers, and also chaired panel discussions while at the World Economic Forum in Davos.
Prior to taking this New York based position in 2007, Foroohar spent six years as Newsweek's European Economic Correspondent based in London, covering Europe and the Middle East. During this time, she was awarded the German Marshall Fund's Peter R. Weitz Prize for transatlantic reporting. She also worked as a general editor at Newsweek, a reporter for Forbes, and as a writer and editor at various other national and international publications (3)

Her Works in Time
Rana Foroohar is currently an assistant managing editor for TIME, overseeing business and economic coverage in print and online. She also writes TIME's Curious Capitalist column. Her most recent cover story was “The Wimpy Recovery,” which she co-wrote with Bill Saporito (2)

Her Other Professional Activities
Foroohar is also a contributor to The Daily Beast and an occasional commentator on MSNBC's Now with Alex Wagner and various CNN programs and a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (4)

Some of her Views
A. On 20 August 2012, in her article entitled as "The Economy's New Rules: Go Glocal" published in Time, she noted that, "If there's a single company that illustrates the huge range of opportunities and challenges facing the US economy today, it might be Caterpillar, the heavy-machinery giant based in Peoria, Ill." (5)
B. On Monday 1 October 2012, the Website of Newsbusters reported that, "Appearing as a panel member on (September 30) Sunday's Face the Nation on CBS, Time magazine's Rana Foroohar - identified as assistant managing editor in charge of economics and business on Time's Web site - lamented that she was sad at how much taxes are being discussed as she asserted that "one thing that's not going to get us some kind of a growth boom is a tax cut," and then called for more government spending which she claimed would entice businesses into more economic activity.
Without clarifying that the recent political debate about taxes has been about preventing tax rates from increasing as the Bush tax cuts expire, Foroohar dismissed the effectiveness of tax cuts and explained her prescription for the economy:
Well, I think that the President would like to spend a lot more on infrastructure and education. This is what we need to be talking about right now. I'm actually sad that we're spending so much time talking about taxes because one thing that's not going to get us some kind of a growth boom is a tax cut. I mean, it hasn't worked in the last three or four years. It really hasn't worked since 2001 when you had much broader across-the-board tax cuts.
She continued:
We need to be focused on infrastructure spending, on how to get our roads in better shape and how to get our schools in better shape, and I think that if business saw that government was investing in this country and making it a place that you'd want to do business, then they would start spending some of that two trillion on their balance sheet.
Conservative commentator John Fund of the National Review and the American Spectator responded:
The problem is, four years ago, we had an enormous stimulus package which we were told a lot of it was going into infrastructure, and then, two years later, the President had to admit, in public, [Well, I was wrong. There are no shovel-ready jobs]. So we've heard that story before. Words are easy in Washington. Watch what people do, not what they say" (6)
C. Some of her views as translated in Persian (7, 8 , 9)

Some recent remarks about Rana Foroohar
A. "She is wonderful": Vildemose (10)
B. "Sez she, (I'm actually sad we're talking about taxes. We should just be carrying palm fronds, singing, 'Hosannah!' and bowing down in worship to Obama. How DARE anyone question him?)
Yeah. There's a journalist": Larry E (6)
C. "Classy looking, articulate, great voice, smart and making a difference by wriiting great articles ina widely read magazine. Iranian women ROCK when given the opportunity": Nozar Mahallati (10)
D. "Barikalla .., I love how she engages and doesn't just wait her turn": Hafez for Beginners (11)
E. "Rana Foroohar is a great journalist": Anonymous (12)

Some documents indicate that Ezzat Molk Dowlatshahi (EMD) granted the title of Ashrafolsaltaneh may be regarded as the First Iranian Female Journalist. Ashrafolsaltaneh was the wife of Mirza Mohammad Hssan Etemadolsaltaneh (MHE), the Minister of Publications and the Head to the Office of Translation during Nasseredin Shah Qajar who ruled from 1848 to 1896. The daily journals published by MHE and EMD are the most important books about Qajar era in Iran (13, 14).

EMD along with Sedigheh Dowlat Abadi, Shahnaz Rushdieh, Iran Taimourtash, Shireen Bakhtiar, Christiane Amanpour, Davar Ardalan, and Rudabeh Bakhtiar could be considered as the First Iranian Female Journalists.

About 1.5 centuries after EMD, the Iranian Rana Foroohar has become a shining star of the media, a respected editor, and a very well-known journalist all over the world. Gongratulations and More Power to Rana Foroohar!

Manouchehr Saadat Noury, PhD

Rana Foroohar (15)
Time Magazine editors Joe Klein and Rana Foroohar (16)
Rana Foroohar: Real Time with Bill Maher (17)

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 She is also a great

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 She is also a great little economist:



All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir

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Thank you for the link; please accept this in return

Rana Foroohar: America's Best Hope, Improving Education


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The Bio of Kambiz Foroohar

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If he is a brother to Rana Foroohar, here is his bio:



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I believe that she is related to (sister?) Kambiz Foroohar, a blogger on this site and a famous person in his circles.



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Thank you for the questions; you may ask her online:

She is on Twitter @RanaForoohar or here // 


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Christiane Amanpour! She was, at one time, a journalist :-)



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