Now it is the time of the French to ridicule Mohammad


Now it is the time of the French to ridicule Mohammad
by mahmood delkhasteh

What is going on? Why are factions in western countries systematically provoking Muslims? Initially it started from Salman Rushidie portraying Muhammad's house as a whore house, providing Khomeini with a golden opportunity. Then the Dutch filmmaker who unfortunately was killed at the hand of a fanatic. Then it was the Pope's speech depicting Muhammad as violent warmonger. Then the Danish cartoons, linking Muhammad with violence and sexuality. Then it was Koran-burning in Afghanistan, and threat of it by an American priest. Then the recent movie depicting Muhammad as a paedophile and mad womanizer, which no doubt hopes to create a sort of 'October Surprise' for Obama. And now these cartoons in France.

Why are they doing this? What do they get out of ridiculing and insulting one of the most populous religions in the world? Why has west sunk so low and become so devoid of ideas that it is only left with nothing but ridicule and insult as ways to define itself, which it celebrates as freedom of expression? If the freedom of expression is so dear, then why is it suppressed when others criticise Israel? There are plenty of stories in the Old Testament that could satisfy the need to insult. Why don't you dare to scrutinize and question the Holocaust? What happened to freedom of expression when it comes to that? What happened to the country of Dante, Hugo, Sartre and Foucault? Why has it fallen so low? What next?

My last word is to Muslims. Why do you let yourselves to be provoked so easily? You know that all of these provocations have political aims and are used by extremists in the west to put progressive forces on the defensive by depicting all Muslims as intolerant and violent people. Why fall into this trap? You know that in the Koran, God say to the prophet that when you are confronted with vain words, walk away and do not respond? If you used this principle as a method of response, then these right-wing forces in the west could not have achieved their goals. Why not start now? Why not do what Muhammad did? Walk away and ignore them. By doing that you will isolate and expose these fanatical forces in the west, which more and more are gaining the upper hand. Why not?


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Anonymous Observer

Just for you Amirkabir4U

by Anonymous Observer on

I personally think that Moses never existed.  None of the stories about him are historically documented nor can they be confirmed by historical events.  And we're talking about Egyptians, who were meticulous record keepers.  But let's assume that he was real.  In that case (or even he wasn't real) he was about as abig a child molester and warmonegr as Mohammad.  Just read the old Testament and see how he command people to rape rival tribes' women and children and how to wage war on them.  

As far as Baha'ullah, I personally find him to be another opportunist charlatan who, just like any other "prophet," tried to make a buck (both literally and figuratively) from gullible masses.

Happy now?

PS- all the above bening said--along with everything that has been said about Mohammad--should not be grounds or justification for any harm against Muslims, Jews, Christians or Baha'is because of their faith.   


Is it only the prophet's face that should not be reproduced?

by MeyBokhor_Manbarbesuzan on

Is it only the prophet's face that should not be reproduced?

How about depicting him from behind?

It kind of reminds me of Iraj Mirza's encounter with the chadori woman who would not remove the chador:



All inclusive

by amirkabear4u on

Comments made about Jesus too.

But so far no one has commented about Moses or baha'ullah.





Voltaire vs Muslim Brotherhood - My choice is quicly made !!

by Shemirani on


 In France , blasphemy law was abolish in 1791, thanks to theirs intellectuals like Voltaire !!!


Charlie Hebdo is a satirical magazine  respecting french's law, and as his representant  said it, C.Hebdo made fun of all religions ! when it's about Christianity or Jewish,  medias  remain so silent about it and any word is said in medias and  radical christians group took legal actions against C.H when they were unhappy,  but when it's about Islam, so much noise is made in medias (even internationally) and violent action is there answer ???!!!!

 For me, the question is how come this narrow minded muslims are having this audacity to  over react with such a rage and with such violence ?! These people are ridiculizing themselves, their religion and their prophet much more then any cartoon !

 By the way The picture you put at the top of your blog is a Charlie Hebdo's cover of 2011 replacing their name by "Shariah Hebdo",  when by reaction  the C.Hebdo's office was attacked with a coktail molotov (as you see on the background)

The picture we are talking about now is this one : //

( a parody of the french movie "intouchables" )






My 2 cents!

by P_J on

What, we don’t see is uprising in Iran! That could mean multitude of things; either Iranians are becoming too mature and sophisticated or are SICK and TIRED of this kind of meaningless religious CRAP or, hopefully, too smart and educated to fall for it.

In this Christian country Jesus is the BOT of jokes, so is Moses and the rest, and nothing happens. Although, I do not advocate doing what this degenerate did, in offending millions, yet it is right time for us to open our mind and realize that Islam has not undergone any “Reformation” as has Christianity; neither have we had a Martin Luther advocating evolutionary changes that all religions are in need of…for us it is about RIPE time that Islam DID undergo a major self-examination, maturity and change.

Personally believe that these uprisings are the off shoot of, and reverberation caused by earthquake aftershocks called the Arab Spring.   These cataclysmic quake like movements have not yet subsided and, unfortunately, in the interim religious zealots are taking advantage of the chaos that it has ensued and/or created; as they did in Iran.

Also, these strong actions/behaviors may have been the off shoot, brought by FEAR of future, uncertainties or internal social strife or general turmoil and the indecision that follows all revolutions, i.e. the Iranian Revolution.

I also believe that uprising, if any, in Iran would not be genuinely inspired, or have grass root support; it’ll BE orchestrated by government, not by people!  

Soosan Khanoom

Indeed, you got it ..

by Soosan Khanoom on

Quran says just walk away .. couldn't get simpler than that, but then who reads Quran these days yet alone to act upon it... 

Thanks a buch for the blog


Mardom Mazloom

Don't be offended

by Mardom Mazloom on

French Love to ridicle people; including prophets!


Muhammad was a Scientologist!

by Faramarz on



Muhammad believed in science.

He believed that women's hair emit an invisible ray that distracts men. His follower and the first president of the Islamic Republic, Mr. Bani Sadr said so too! That's why he was distracted when innocent Iranians were being killed under his presidency.

Muhammad should not be bullied or ridiculed for his scientific views, only for the way he looked!


Darius Kadivar

Is it right time to say the truth about Scientology ? ...

by Darius Kadivar on


Quit covering for this cynical pshycopath ...

by Harpi-Eagle on

You say "depicting Muhammad as a paedophile and mad womanizer".  What exactly do you call someone who rapes a 9 year old girl?  How about someone who covets his own adopted son's wife and forces that peron to divorce the woman so he can have his fun?  What do you call a person who ordered the annilation of the Beni Ghoraizeh tribe of Madineh, and that very night raped their women?  For how long Pseudo Intellectuals like you are going to cover for this psychopath?  Where is your integrity, where is your honesty?  it is because of people like you and that imbicile Bazargan that we are in the mess we are today.  Shame on you and all who try to white wash Mohammad's atrocities in the name of political correctness. 

Payandeh Iran, our Ahuraie Fatherland


No big deal

by Rea on

So far Charlie H. has ridiculed all 3 monotheistic religions.

No killing, looting, issuing fatwas, or attacking embassies ensued. Only one religion has done it all.

Anonymous Observer

Because Muslims make themselves easy targets

by Anonymous Observer on

If they stop pouring into the streets and attacking embassies everytime someone exercises her right to free speech, people will stop picking on them.   Read this:


Also, you make it sound as if the events that you mentioned happened in sequence just yesterday.  Rushdi's book was published three decades ago.  The Danish cartoons were six years ago.  It's not like there has been a conspiracy within the past month to do all this.  Let's just face it: Muslims (at least the extremist ones) need to accept the reality of free speech, and people's right to say, draw, film or write whatever they want.