Why I lost my respect for the opponents of Damascus Despot

mahmood delkhasteh
by mahmood delkhasteh

Before the "Free" Syrian army moved into Alepo, the city was one of the quietest parts of Syria and hardly touched by the uprising. So it is not hard to argue that for any reason (whether from fear, interest, confusion, or etc.) this city was not embracing the uprising. Hence, initially, the FSA imposed itself on this city and used its population to protect itself against the savagery of the Syrian army. So now the city and its people are victims of two ruthless armed groups that have no respect for people’s lives. This is why Amnesty International argues that "both sides fighting in Syria 's most populous city might be held criminally accountable for their failure to protect civilians." And this is why I long ago lost my respect for most of the Syrian opposition, which sidelined independent opponents of the regime and sought the financial, military and political support of outside powers which pursue their own interest. In effect, they became tools in a proxy war between Iran 's mafia regime and its opponents like Saudi Arabia , Qatar and Turkey , and the western powers.

The real victims of such a great strategic blunder are the majority of the civilians. Furthermore, this blunder has turned the despot of Damascus into the supposed defender of Syria 's territorial integrity. From this perspective, he could not wish for a better enemy.



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Mamoor respects the Syrian/Iranian regimes

by asadabad on

Because he enjoys it when they rape him.


Mahmood I see you clearer now,

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

see DK's blogs on the Syrian subject, while not expressing all the correct views morally against the Crimes perpetrated by the USA/UK/France "almost as if to say Iran and west are on a similar side????just wondering???? after they installed the IRI???? and murdered the late king and many of his team????" his links like Vildemose propogate intentional unbalanced reporting. This is not what Iranian Patriots represent, monarchists or not, the reason is evident, in the lack of human rights democracy, freedom, progress the west seeks for countries like libya/ syria with their extremists, maybe their MeK can cheer the west wishing to lead such an approach for Iran, not Patriots. As you know all iranians are the victims of this filthy approach, in Irans case the team they armed and trained was the anti-secular mullahs to thwart iran at the first given opportunity by stealing the source of her magic, the institution delivering freedom.  Hopefully you see the necessity for Iran to unite behind a leader who can carry Iran towards Victory despite US/UK/French opposition to our Development, Peace, Human Rights and Progress, His majesty Reza Pahlavi. On the Positive Side, at least iranians across the board know wests agenda (despite what they say), why they orchestrated removing the late shah Misinforming Iranian Masses.  Ironically in the future, it could be the deceived Mullahs, first used then raped by the west (will happen soon), the kind that shouted marg bar shah, that will be the most loyal to a secular iran with the Shah on the throne. You are on the right path.

The Dk's and Vildemoses within the context of what is actually happening have no idea if they're iranian that their patriotism comes into question when they side with those who are in the process and have been in the process of bringing chaos and regression to Africa and the Middle east.  No Matter how strong they are the truth they can not vanquish for good.

mahmood delkhasteh

My views about the IRP are clear: it has to be overthrown

by mahmood delkhasteh on

My views about the ruling mafia regime have always been
clear. Since the June 1981 coup against the first president, I have argued that
the ruling regime in Iran is counter-revolutionary, hence illegal and illegitimate,
and that it has to be overthrown.  See
below for one of many articles about what I think about the corrupt, criminal
and treacherous regime of Iran.

However, when we are struggling for freedom and
independence, we should never tolerate the violation of human rights,
irrespective of who commits such violations. If we start to justify or turn a
blind eye to this, we will never escape the vicious circle of crime and
revenge.  We have to recognize that human
rights are universal, and that everybody’s rights have to be defended. Otherwise,
we give legitimacy to an apartheid system in which the rights of some human
beings are protected and others’ not.

Rapists in Iran's regime



Mahmood Delkhasteh does not seem to be IRR/IRI supporters

by Azarbanoo on

Please read more carefully.  He was disgussted about killing innocents by two sides whether intentionallu or unintentionally.


Mahmoud, you need to be clearer to risk not being a hypocrit

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

While i like you have zero respect for the supporters of the extremists being supported in the name of democracy in syria, I have always made clear I oppose extremists for all, Iran especially.  Since the opposition is killing not just syrian govt forces, but non partisan/non government civil servants your views are legitimate, but you do need to make that clear or else you come across as being seen a hypocrit for being a silent supporter of the corrupt islamic authorities in power at the expense of iranians and others. And if you do support the IRI, then say it and we can converse more.


armed gangs groups lost control of salahedin district

by مآمور on

 unlike u, Syrian army has won my respect ! under such a tremendous pressure, they stick to what they swore to protect!!

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