US freezes 2.5 Billion Dollars of Iranian Money-ACTION NEEDED

by mannya2001

The US Justice Dept upon instruction from the Treasury Dept. is withholding $2.5 billion of Iranian funds held by a European company called Clearinghouse.  This was revealed on 12/10/2009.  It has been withheld since last summer.

The US Justice Dept plans to withhold the funds and distribute them amongst victims of the 1983 Marine barracks in which over 270 marines died.

The Iranian community should voice its great and grave concern regarding these recent seizures.  If the US believes that the money withheld belongs to the Iranian government then one needs to wonder why Saddam's money was frozen and turned over to the Iraqi government. 

If the US believes that this money belongs to the Iranian people then it could do one of two things: procure essential equipment that it believes will be used strictly for civilian use with the funds such as Boeing parts and agricultural equipment  and send them over to Iran.

Or the US could hold the funds in a special account until relations are repaired.

This is nothing short of state sponsored priracy similar to what the Somalis are doing in high seas.


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Fouzul Bashi

JD - thanks for the info

by Fouzul Bashi on

Thank you for the info.  Regarding the compensation for the Iranian victims of the airbus shot by Americans, where did you get the figure of £1000 to each family?  Could you direct me to a source please?


Before Manny asks for anything

by Fair on

He should stand with his people (who suddenly he seems to care about). Yes, this money belongs to the Iranian people, and I think a good solution is for this 2.5 billion to be taken
and held in an account to support Iranian students and protestors and
refugees from the Islamic Republic rape rooms and torture chambers.

But in the meantime, IRI mercenaries like Manny who try to deny atrocities against Iranian citizens like Taraneh Mousavi by saying they are unlikely to even exist are the bigger problem. As long as rapists like Mortazavi, AN, and the Islamic Fuehrer are in power in Iran and commit gross crimes against humanity in broad daylight in front of the world, we will suffer massive image problems, and judgements like this will not be surprising to the international community, and they will show little sympathy to anybody asking for leniency for Iranian government owned assets.

And as long as anti Iranian fascists like Waffen SS Major try to rewrite history by saying IRGC is not involved in operations against Iranian civilians despite outright statments by IRGC itself



issues like this 2.5 billion will be minor compared to the real issues of our country. Divide the 2.5 billion by the thousands who have been arrested, killed, tortured, raped, and imprisoned without trial in the Islamic Republic since the June 12 coup, you get less than $1 million per victim. That should be considered a reasonable down payment.





Boring & Unreliable by

by vildemose on

Boring & Unreliable

by mannya2001 on Fri Dec 11, 2009 05:45 PM EST

I mean its one thing if the government can lie to old folks and fool them.  Its another for FG to try and fool educated people.

First, can you name Taeb's brother in law who lives in Canada. 

2.  Case of Taraneh Moussavi is still not proven.  Also given her name sounds like it is fabricated.  Her first name means "music"  last name similar to candidate moussavi.

Is this the same Manny2001 from this thread?


Jeesh Daram

Here is an article from last October

by Jeesh Daram on



Again, Iranian government attrocities aside, don't let your national assets be plundered. You only live once.





One American is worth 40 Iranians

by mannya2001 on

According to the US government the blood money and compensation to murdered Iranian civilians is worth $250,000.  This is the amount paid to victims of the Airbus that was shot by US sailors over the Persian Gulf.

In the Marine Barracks case as well as the case of Lockerbie bombing, the US government has set $10,000,000 as the compensation for US civilians and soldiers. 

FG and the likes are the latest in a new breed of Iranians who talk in the name of democracy for Iranians, when indeed all they care about are the regional agenda of Saudi Arabia, Egypt & Jordan. 

FG and people like ALireza Nourizadeh are individuals who stay silent or defend the actions of the biggest sponsors of terror i.e Saudi Arabia.

Their agenda is one that has placed them in the same basket with groups like AlQaeda.  AlQaeda denounce Shiites & Iranians as infidels and believe they should be wiped out. 

Such individuals support the killing of Iranian commanders and soldiers such as the terrorist action in Sistan Baluchistan by Abdul Malek Rigi's Jundullah group.  They try to sugar coat such henious actions by stating that COmmander Shoshteri was a Sepahi who deserved to be killed because he was responsible for respressing IRanians.

Iran & Iranians will forever stand at polar opposites to Saudi Arabia and its agents.

Today Saudi Arabia is a bigger enemy to Iranians and Iran than countries like US and Israel. 

Perhaps FG and likes should try and see who is aiding and abetting Judullah before they point fingers at Iran's support for Yemeni Houthis


Jeesh Daram

To MR. Ben Ross

by Jeesh Daram on

Good point and here is more:


Iran received around $60 million dollar for compensation to the family of 274 victims. Accordingly each family received around $1000 from Iranian government and the rest who knows what happened.  But can you imagine $60 million vs. $2.7 billon?


Although Reagan offered a sad face, but never an offical apology and in fact all the crew members were given medals of honor and volor. 


I recall "60 Minutes" aired the documented video record released by the US Navy to imply that it was a mistake by some young crew, but the average age of any navy carrier crew is 19 even on nuclear submarines. The notorious video showed three 18-19 years old in charge of the shooting ordered by Roger the commander in charge of the USS battleship, raised their thumbs on both hands and yelled "yea baby...Bulls eye"! as if their favorite football team scored a touch down. The video was never aired again.

All of the above are avialble on Google and known fact.

Again here is the Iran Chamber's version:


On another note to someone who insulted the person who started this blog:

At any time of the day some Iranians are ready to harass, assault and insult each other, but when it comes to their heritage and national interest they take the easy way out. Don't kill the messenger.

Sargord Pirouz

Obama's clenched fist

by Sargord Pirouz on

So this is what you call an unclenched fist? Extortion and robbery of the Iranian people? Renewed economic warfare? Threats of intensified economic warfare? Threats of war?


Iran has not even received

by benross on

Iran has not even received an apology, never mind frozen US assets! 

You confuse Iran with IRI. If I remember correctly, U.S offered apology to the victims and direct compensation to the families. I don't remember and I don't know if IRI ever moved on that. I never recognized IRI as a legitimate regime so that suits me perfectly.


Piracy is exactly right

by Q on

This is nothing but an aspect of "sanctions" which are basically economic warfare.

Western bullies and their Iranian house-slaves who care nothing for the people of Iran, will always be on board in any kind of theft of Iranian assets. These are the same people who backed selling of Iranian ancient artifacts to "terrorist" victims.

The lawsuit is bullshit, pure and simple. How much should Iran be paid for the thousands killed and tortured, and the $billions lost in oil revenue to Western companies as a result of the 1953 coup? There's much greater evidence of US crimes there than Iran's involvement in 1983.

The marines were armed invaders in lebanon, a foreign army in Arab land and a legitimate military traget. It is not terrorism and nobody needed Iran's permission to carry out this attack. Since when can "families of soldiers" sue anybody? Can I sue the Iraqi government and it's main backer the USA for 8 years of war with Iran?

Why aren't they suing the actual Arab attackers in Lebanon? Is it because the lawsuit is bullshit?

What about all the help US provided numerous right wing dictators and guerilla forces for the last 60 years.

Give me an F-ing break.


The suit is by marines' family and the evidence is overwhelming.

by FG on

1. Some here write that the US government doesn't trust Iranians.  That's a half-truth, meaning both true and false.  It doesn't trust the regime, its spokesmen and its denials.   Do Iranians?   Do they have good reasons for not doing so?  Extend the same courtesy to other countries--including the USA.  Do you believe these thugs act differently abroad that at home or that its denials have any more credibility?  You must know that's nonsense.

2. The US government says it has substantial evidence that the regime was behind the marine barracks bombing--at least a s much proof as it has that Al Queda was behind the 9/11 attack.    

The US courts do not operate like the courts of Iran's regime where the government can do anything it wants. 

You can't use hearsay.  You can't get away with charging defendant with something and providing no proof of guilt and demanding--as in Iran--that they do the impossible.   Any judge that violates the strict rules protecting defendants knows he can and will be overruled.

In real democracies unlike in Khamenei's regime, the government actually must present sufficient evidence and actually must convince a jury.  When it fails to do so, the government often loses cases, unlike in Iran.   Sometimes the government even loses a case where its evidence was overwhelming because dumb juries fall for conspiracy theories.  Thus OJ got away with murder.  

3. The regime has a past record of supporting and arming Hezbollah in Iran.  Most Iranians agree and resent this.  The government also aids in planning such attacks.

4. The Iranian government has been involved in sponsoring terrorist actions in Yemen.   It also DENIES doing so, despite the recent capture of an arms shipment to Iran with FOUR IRCG military trainers aboard.  Note: Caught red-handed and the regime denies what it was up to.  Do you believe it's denials in this case? Why should any such denials from this government--at home or aboad--be automatically accepted given what you've seen of this regime's outrageous capacity for lying. 

In the lead post here a regime agent uses nationalism in an attempt to create a cleavage and some fall for it.  Can't you see his real goal?  He doesn't care about the money.  I ask you: Should nationalism play any role in determinging truth or fairness in the marine bombing case or should it be put aside? 

To accept charges against Khamenei's government when its actions target the Iranian people and to reject such charges when the same government targets non-Iranians does Iranians no honor.

In sum, the Islamic Republic and its officials killed those marines and the US government believes it can and will prove it.   Would any moral inhibitions deter this government from such crimes?   Every Iranian knows better today.  Once you accept that the Iranian government is capable of doing it and once you conclude--based on the evidence--that it did it, you cannot legally deny compensation simply based on us-against-them nationalistic prejudices.


Fouzul Bashi

These are Iranian nation's asset

by Fouzul Bashi on

Whatever Manaya might be or might say is not relevant to the FACT that these assets belong to the Iranians as a nation.  

Jeesh Daram is absolutely right: "As for Beirut bombing, it has never been proven that Iranian government was involved or masterminded that, it continues to be an allegation".  

It is also the case that Iranians are not represented in these courts. 

Again as Jeesh Daram rightly says: "Please do not be so generous with your national assets just because you hate the despotic regime of Iran. Sometimes you have to fight in several fronts". 

 In relation to the shooting of Iranian passenger jetliner by the US, Iran has not even received an apology, never mind frozen US assets! 


The problem is that

by OmidKarimi on

Iran is never represented during these courts. The judges are also very anti-iranian, I once saw a video about this christian judge talking muslims down in hidden cam after such a case. if anybody remembers or has the video, please repost it.


Discuss, chat and post your opinions about Iran on my new forum:



I wonder

by ahmad_ on

" The US Justice Dept upon instruction from the Treasury Dept. is
withholding $2.5 billion of Iranian funds held by a European company
called Clearinghouse.  This was revealed on 12/10/2009.  It has been
withheld since last summer. "

I have read a couple articles which were linked to Clrearinghouse. These articles were pro Iran and anti USA. I don't know if anyone else has seen these articles.

Now I see the connection. No wonder.


No Boeing parts or equipment

by divaneh on

JD is completely right. You cannot be generous with the nation's asset and if started there will be no end to the plundering of Iran. It however should not be spent on Boeing parts or agricultural equipment or returned to Iran in any other form. Let IRI pay for those goods as they need them to keep running the government owned airline. Iran is an exporter of tractors and surely will be capable of producing the necessary agro equipment if did not spend the entire fund on nuclear projects and Swiss banks. That money should be held in a special account and returned to the free Iran after the IRI.

Jeesh Daram

The assets belong to the Iranian people

by Jeesh Daram on

During the past 30 years US government has been freezing Iranian assets belonging to people of Iran for veriety of reasons. On top of that they never returned assets that were frozen when Mohammad Reza Pahlavi died. It easily reaches trillions of dollars. 

Citicorp holds the $2 billion and isn't that funny that just yesterday Citicorp announced its intention to pay off the TARP funds it received from the government ($45 B). Well, here is $2 billons of it.

As for Beirut bombing, it has never been proven that Iranian government was involved or masterminded that, it continues to be an allegation. Don't you agree, that if indeed Iran was involved, US forces would level Iran with carpet bombings? After all they never had pitty on a passenger jetliner in 1988.

The problem is, once the theocratic rulers of Iran are kicked out, then their assets get frozen too, so, Iranians as a nation are nothing but a taxpayer nation to an empire called USA. 

These assets along with the tablets held by the university of Chicago, along with Cyrus Cylinder and the Caspian Sea, as well as Kohi Nour Diamond are all belong to Iranians. Iran might never rise again, but if it ever does, have no doubt that getting back these assets will be its highest priority.

History is still young.

Read about the 1988 incident:


Today's article:



Please do not be so generous with your national assets just because you hate the despotic regime of Iran. Sometimes you have to fight in several fronts. Do not take the easy way out.





mannya, I doubt if the holders of this money care for Iranian

by Hovakhshatare on

people, regardless of which government.  You say: "There is nothing good about holding Iranian money and handing it to strangers.".

Is that not what IRR does?

And when quoting, there are a lot better choices than Arafat. That you quote him, gives credibility to FG's statement.


FG- like Yasser Arafat would say

by mannya2001 on

you could go and drink from the sea!

Once FG graduates from High School, he could differentiate between fact and rumor.  Until then, we will keep him happy.  In fact, I will go further than anyone else and state that IRI was responsible for 911, responsible for the killings of Tutsi Rebels, 2 million Rawandans...there are documents supporting my statements and anyone who denies what I am saying is a BASIJI & TOTAL IRCR


they should keep it frozen

by azadi5 on

no doubt this is the money that the government of Iran has stolen from its people. US should freeze it till the day regime has changed, but i do disagree with giving it to others. it belongs to iranian people.


Mannya12001= Total IRCG/Basilj stooge. NO ACTION NEEDED

by FG on

He tries to appeal to Iranian nationalism by talking about "Iranian" money as he expected it to go to anyone other than the thuggish security agencies for whom he works. I guess the economy really is in bad shape if the IRCG needs that cash to survive.

The most likely use for this so-called "Iranian" money (actually IRCG money) would be to finance further killing, torture, beatings and jailing of journalists, human rights figures and Green protestors.  The regime hands out $300 a day for doing so.  Of course, since the ship they represent is clearly sinking, the bad guys high up in the regime may also choose to use this money to help finance a good life elsewhere, just as Nazi SS who they resemble used diamonds, and stolen paintings and gold from their victims in seeking a new life in South America and Egypt.

The IRCG has enough of an economic, political and military monopoly of power.  Since these same hardliners arranged, planned and financed the Lebanon bombing of marines, they OWE the marines' families compensation.  Let Mannya and his guard thugs cry over that.  Legally its victims will be compensated. They should have considered that before committing such crimes.

In responding one of my earlier posts Mannya denied Taranah Mousawi, rape victim, ever existed.  Implied was that no other political prisoners were raped or tortured and that all such charges were made up by the opposition.  He was especially offended by accurate charges that Taeb, former head of the Basilj, and Mortazeri, notorious state prosecutor, were PERSONALLY involved in numerous rapes of prisoners.  Taeb even issued a fatwa ordering Taraneh's execution afterward and demanded her body be dumped alongside a road with private parts burned to destroy evidence.

Nope, the IRCG and thugs will never see a penny of that cash. It will go to their earlier American victims.   




The problem is that it won't do that

by mannya2001 on

ANonymous Observer,

Equipping 1,000,000 members of armed forces with pepper sprays costs no more than $10 million.  Do not for a second think that IRI will spare any money in equipping its soldiers.

On the other hand, this money is REAL and it belongs to 70 million people.  The US opt to purchase what it believes are essential civilian products that the Iranian people are in dire need of such as Boeing airplanes and spare parts,.....

There is nothing good about holding Iranian money and handing it to strangers. 


Anonymous Observer


by Anonymous Observer on

I hope that it keeps the money and doesn't give to to IRI so that it doesn't use it to buy more truncheons, pepper spray and bullets.  

It should hold the money in an interest bearing account until the IRI is gone.  Or better yet, it should use it to pay for re-settlement, living expenses and college education of Iranians asylees who fled the country after the recent uprisings to avoid being arrested and tortured.