Top to Bottom: Enjoy the Truth

Top to Bottom: Enjoy the Truth
by MaryamJoon

PHOTOS: Top to Bottom.

(1) NY billboards paid for by US Jewish groups stating when choosing between the "civilized man and the savage, support Israel, defeat Jihad."

(2) Advertisement for Israel's latest Iranophobic and racist film called "Enriched Iranium" - It's latest effort to galvanize world public opinion into supporting the killing of Iranians.

(3)  Palestinian child cleaning up after the Israeli army's masacre of his family and siblings  (photo on left); and the next photo is one of the victims of Israel's human organ theft ring wherein Israeli army soldiers took Palestinians into custody, Israeli doctors removed organs needed for transplant by Jewish patients, Israel denied this was happening, and later had to admit it happened when a Swedish journalist broke the story. (And the FBI arrested at least a half dozen Rabbis in NY City for participating in the scheme). 

(4)  The hundreds of millions of dollars* of prime real estate Israel has generously permitted the Haifan Bahai Organization (the main Bahai group) to have in what most of the world views as Occupied Palestine and others call "Israel."  Hmmmm ... No settlers seem to want to colonize that land: I wonder why?  (*Israel's generosity towards the Bahais is likely in the billions of dollars over the lifetime of the movement.) 

Sensible people can draw their own conclusions ... Enjoy the truth.   


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