My Article on IRI Terrorism on American Soil

Masoud Kazemzadeh
by Masoud Kazemzadeh

My article entited "U.S.-Iran Confrontation: Domestic Asymmetrical Ramifications" was published at the Terrorism Law Report.  The TLR is published by the Center for Terrorism Law, St. Mary's University School of Law, San Antonio, Texas.

"It is widely suspected that Iran possesses agents, clandestine cells, and sleeper cells in the United States. It is also widely suspected that Lebanese Hezbollah possesses cells and sleeper cells in the United States. To what extent American intelligence and law enforcement agencies have identified all such individuals cannot be known. Americans only know those they have identified; they do not know which cells they have not identified. The Iranian government and Hezbollah suspect that some of their assets have been compromised, but could not be sure which ones have or have not been compromised. These cells and sleeper cells could be used to carry out terrorist activities if a war breaks out (or is about to break out) between the U.S. and Iran."

The digital version is available here:


The version with endnotes is available here:  click on the title of my article.  The article is available on pdf file.




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There Is Nothing New..

by darius on

There is nothing new in what he is claiming to be  informative. It would be  an insulting  act if one  assume that  a FBI counter terrorism expert 

is not aware or predict a retaliatory attack  by any country that USA  assumes as an enemy. There is no doubt that there are IRI agent within Iranian community  or Iranian intelligent services try to find sources within US government for all kind of purposes. This is a customary and common  action between all the nations. Embassies or diplomatic missions , private oragnization and firms usually are dens of spies .

What  discredit the writer for me personally is that he  is a person that support an organization or party that supported KHomeini and his  ideas . These  groups during the revolution promoted anti-americanism and accused the late king to be a " Nokar amrika" or American servant in the region.Now he as suporter of th egroup is trying to do the opposite.

In his previous  writing , he beleives  MKO should be given chance in a democratic  process therefore  he  support MKO activites within US soil.

His articles are self-promoting  ,sounds more commercial type rather than be sincere  .

What I see  most obvious and evident  that  his articles or writings seems to be  targeted to catch attention of authorities or facilitate some sort of connection between himself and them whomever that might be FBI,DHS.

His responses to criticism such s ,Savaki, IRI agent, Shahi or asking people to confirm that they are not a terrorist is sign of

his frustration for not being taken serious,  something strange and

unexpected from an academic. 




Thank you Abarmard

by Albaloo on

Thank you  Abarmard


Dear Albaloo

by Abarmard on

Don't worry one bit. Please ignore those who are known to be unreasonable. I am glad that you are here at IC. Thanks for your valuable contributions.



What is your beaf with me?

by Albaloo on

What is your beef with me? Why did you drag me into this? Mr. Gilani, it seems that you have been having a problem with me and I wish I knew why?  Is it just because I mentioned I am an NIAC member or disagree with your pro war and pro sanction views !! You keep seeking an argument or a fight with me.  I may leave this site.  It is very toxic.  I have flagged your post.  

Masoud Kazemzadeh

"Joe L"; Kafar hame ra be kish khish pendarad

by Masoud Kazemzadeh on

I condemn the personal attacks and character assassinations of me by "Joe L." 

The person with the screen name "Joe L" is in all likelihood an agent of the IRI (Basij Cyber Army, Ministry of Intelligence, or IRGC or such similar entity). This person has been attacking opponents of the IRI in the posts. This person has posted only 2 items (News, Blog, or Article). In the very item, this agent posted a news item from a hard-line fundamentalist site inside Iran (called hamsadeh), which attacks opponent of the IRI.



This agent has made character assassinations of me in this blog.

The fact that this IRI agent has made several personal attacks and character assassinations of me, shows that my writings have harmed the fundamentalist terrorist regime. There is no honor higher for a pro-democracy activists than being attacked by the IRI agents. They show that what we do matters to the terrorist regime.

I am certain that the opponents of the fundamentalist terrorist regime on this site are smart enough to know who the supporters and/or agents of the IRI on this site are.





There are sleeper cells in the U.S

by Albaloo on

There are sleeper cells in the U.S but they are occupied by the Mujahedin-e-Khalq.  

Joe.L,  Interesting observation.  Although, I am not sure about the Homo part.  I believe it was meant in humor. 

Joe L.


by Joe L. on

why do you think they are a 3rd world country? they shoot themselves in the foot ;)

Joe L.

My father is retired FBI

by Joe L. on

My father believes that the author is saying something from a point of sureness, that he must have some sort of understanding about being a terrorist. He said that he dealt with people like that.
Kazemzadeh should be the first target of investigation in coming monitoring the Iranian people's activities. He may have come clean or try to present facts to lose tracks, a technique used more than often among terrorists.
My father believes that either the person has homosexual tendencies or is a terrorist.
Hopefully another FBI is reading this and checking this guy out before it's too late.

Masoud Kazemzadeh

Dear G. Rahmanian

by Masoud Kazemzadeh on

GR jaan,

Sepaas gozaram.  Ba shoma movafegham.


G. Rahmanian

A Great Article!

by G. Rahmanian on

The authoritarian regime in Tehran fearing its own imminent demise, is becoming increasingly more violent, thus acting even more frenziedly.

The recent acts of terrorism perpetrated by regime's agents in various countries punctuate its desperate attempts at provoking yet another war.

Regime's criminal acts such as its abuse of human rights, persecution, torture and execution in cold blood of Iranians at home and acts of terror involving Iranians living in exile and against foreign states must be exposed!

Thank you, Masoud Jaan!

Masoud Kazemzadeh

My Analysis of the Used Car Salesman and the IRI Terrorism

by Masoud Kazemzadeh on

Mohammad Ala

Watch for used car salespeople

by Mohammad Ala on

There was very little discussions about used car salespeople in the article.  Saint-Mary in Texas? One needs to be familiar with Texas to know what their laws mean!!

SK, this sort of articles are necessary to separate Iranians from Eye-ranians.As several comments mentioned, those who supported what they are criticizing must be ashamed.


Masoud Kazemzadeh


by Masoud Kazemzadeh on

Roozbeh jaan,

Thank you for your kind comments. As usual, I agree with you.

Ti jana ghorban,






Dear AI,

Glad you liked it.






Soosan khanoom,

As usual, you are barking up the wrong tree.





Faramrz jaan,

I agree with several things you wrote. As the IRI’s plot to kill the Saudi ambassador to Washington, as well as the IRI’s terrorist plots in Georgia, India, and Thailand indicate, the IRI has an active policy of terrorist attacks.

The problem of "lone wolves" is also significant. There will probably be some of such terrorist attacks as well.

As usual, I enjoy reading your analysis and writings.






Neocon propaganda

by robertborden54 on

If I read this without knowing the name of the author, I would immediately attribute it to some alarmist neocon activist bent on sending the FBI and the CIA after brown-skinned Muslims in the US and the US military into a war with Iran.  There seems to be some doctrinal confusion within the top echelons of JM (assuming it has more than one echelon).  Welcome to the Bush-Cheney world.


Thank You Masoud

by Faramarz on

I don’t believe that the Regime has any operational capabilities in the west, but there is always a danger from the “Lone Wolves” that may decide that they need to do something by themselves. An open society is always vulnerable to that kind of threat as we have seen in recent times.

But the good news about the acts of terrorism by Iranians is that Iranians generally do not agree to anything. So if you get three Iranians into a room trying to plan something, you will never get them to agree on a plan and who should do what! Then there is the problem with what to wear, especially if women are involved! The other problem is which car to take, the Mercedes or the Beemer!

Finally, if the recent terrorism activities by the Regime in India, Georgia and Thailand are an indicator, the people that are sent from Iran to carry out these acts are not really that good either so you end up with people losing arms and legs when they try to follow the instructions on how to assemble the bombs.

Therefore, if I were in charge of the homeland security, I wouldn’t worry that much.

Soosan Khanoom

MK, you and every of us, Eye- Ranians, living on the U.S soil

by Soosan Khanoom on

Better get our asses ready to be kicked in the concentration camps soon regardless of our political views or the amount of tail shakings that we do for the Uncle  Sam ... cause these dark eyes, dark hair, and olive skin are no longer going to be seen as beauty but rather a discrimination factor. We are not going to be hand picked but rather collectively be send for a long vacation time in the fun camp should any war get started.  

Now be very proud of your article. I am sure you have made Uncle Sam so proud too


P.S ....I am shomali ....  very fair skin .... an under cover Eye-ranian , perhaps  ... lol

Artificial Intelligence

Great Article!

by Artificial Intelligence on

Thank you!


Funny,real funny

by darius on

It is funy that you two  old pals(commies and JM,IRI) using the same old tactic during the revolution.

Those who  opposed you, were Savakis and Taghooti  ,now  they are again Savakis and IRI agent and Shahis

After all these years  of horror that you caused us, you guys are getting

more shameless and ready to do what it takes to get another fake regime  in place liek yo udid 33 years ago.

Have you fogotten what you  did  , burning , destroying and calling Mar Bar America?


Why a man wit such a steem position in academic promote his own writing, does it even make sense?






A must read article from Masoud........

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Thank you very much dear Masoud  For the link to your excellent, well researched  article, which already seems to have rattled a couple of Islamist cages , judging by the first two angry responses to your post here:).

Have you noticed how this site seem to be currently  completely flushed with user ID's obviously on Islamic regime's payroll and residing in west, who constantly make Terroristic threats towards US citizens, specially those with Jewish heritage under the disguise of attacking aipac, israel, etc??

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

Thank you pendar for pointing

THAT out and also the opportunists in between.

 I doubt we have Iranians of any creed and BALLS that carries suicide attacks any where on this planet except in Iran if that.



How Ironic..

by darius on

The man whose Party helped Khmeini the biggest thugs of all come to  power, work with him and kiss Khomeni ass , now writing  about the monster    they created themselves. 

Khomeini left behind .

Vase  aghaye docotr  dast bezaneed.

cheap and sleazy 



by پندارنیک on

Let's just assume that you're's a common practice between governments...I'm sure an educated person of your caliber doesn't need my reminder of the biggest Israeli cell in the US, called AIPAC.