8 years of war!

by mazfaz

Iranians fought 8 years in a war against the world (i.e. basically all countries except Cuba and Israel supported Iraq). Our boys did that so that one day we would be proud of saying we prtected our country from a tyrant.

But now no Iranian appreciates what was done by these fellow SHAHIDs and we even curse them! We go to countries such as the US and the UK, who were completely against Iran and hated her. We support the West when they say that our country shouldn't have nuclear energy, but they killed thousands of soldiers by the use of weapons of mass destruction.

 As an Iranian, I do not care about others, I am proud to be an Iranian and I am proud of what our soldiers did in protecting our land, our history, our culture and our tongue.


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The Mullahs now hugging the folks who killed 1 million

by samsam1111 on

shahids and calling them our brothers. to them the arab shia who decade ago chemical bombed innocent Irani kids & soldiers are their half brothers and regime gives them 1.5billion in aid.look at the comments section of aftab yazd and find out how average Iranis are disgusted with regime gugging our enemies. so who is the real culprite of shame....


Some notes

by jamshid on

"Iranians fought 8 years in a war against the world..."

No, "Iranians" fought the war only for the first year. After that it was the IRI's war and not the Iranians' war. Khomeini should have accepted the peace offer of 1982 which included reparations by Saddam. After that, it was Khomeini's war, the mullah's war and their ideology's war. As the great majority of Iranians would have wanted that peace offer.

How many days did you serve in that war? Do you even know what was going on in the soldiers' minds?

And no, it was not Iran against the world. This is an illusion that may make you feel good. But it is an illusion only. Iran was not fighting against the world. Iran was not fighting against anyone. Nor was Iraq.

It was Khomeini and Saddam who were fighting against each other. Neither of these two hated individuals represented their country. They caused the death of hundreds of thousands while enriching many foreign countries who sold weapons to them at the cost of Iranian and Iraqi blood.

However we are in agreement that there is very little appreciation for those who died for Iran, both in Iran and abroad. They are the forgotten ones. The IRI has abandoned all of them except for their "khodi's" who are well taken care of.

We are all proud of being Iranian and our soldiers, however we are ashamed of the man called Khomeini who betrayed his own people by lying to them, by derailing the revolution, by not stopping a useless war when he should have, and by directly ordering the execution of tens of thousands in the decade that he was in charge.


Dear Mazfaz

by Abarmard on

Don't think that some Iranians here are the representatives of the Iranian nation. Iranians do understand the sacrifices that was given to us by their blood and lives. Many LA crowd are living in another world and that's OK, but not a representative of our nation or people.

Thanks for reminding us and salute to our heroes.