what's the most inhumane thing that one can do in your opinion???

by mazfaz

last sunday, i read about a man being arrested for locking his daughter for 24 years in a cellar and have incestuous sex with her, at least seven times (probably much more than that).

he has seven children with his daughter, but one of them died and the guy chucked the baby in the oven! disgusting! then all the small children + their mother did not recieve any sunlight during this horrible thing and they all lived in the dark and small cellar.

now check this out, i've got this from wikipedia:

Due to their lack of exposure to sunlight, the detainees (ie the mother and the children she had with her father) are extremely pale and cannot endure natural light. The captives all have Vitamin D deficiencies and are anaemic. They are likely to have underdeveloped immune systems, although it is yet to be determined whether their immune systems have suffered permanent damage. Due to the low ceilings, the older children walk with a permanent hunch, while the youngest child prefers to crawl, although he can walk. The children communicate with each other through a combination of speech and animal sounds, including growling and cooing, and they appear exhausted after concentrating to make themselves understood. Elisabeth is reputed to appear far older than her 42 years. The oldest, currently hospitalized child has lost most of her teeth.


So in your opinion, what is the most inhumane thing that one can do?



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On Cultural Bias

by Zion on

Sorry if this comment is a bit off topic. An interesting side issue on this whole disgusting fiasco is in the coverage. If the guy happened to be a Jew (especially in the past), or a Middle Easterner in general (especially these days), you can bet the issue would have been immediately generalized to a whole culture or society. That is how bias works invisibly. The `outsider` and the `foreigner` is always judged not only as an individual but as he representative of a whole tribe or society. We all have been victims of such bias as `outsiders` one way or the other.
Since the guy is a white European however, it is immediately understood that he was an individual pervert.
Sad how bias is always there working.

Anyway disgusting crime. I really hope he gets what he deserves.