Any bass or drum player on

by mazfaz

well i'm a guitar player and it has been my goal for 2-3 years to actually form an alternative/rock/indie band with a bunch of iranians. but as you may know firstly to form a rock band, you require to have at least a singer, guitarist, a bassist and a drummer. but in the iranian community, bass and drum are not very popular and all the parents want their children to play flamenco or the 6/8 iranian tunes, not an actual rock riff. even if someone is in a rock band in iran, they actually try to play metal riffs with the loudest distortions.

anyways, to be honest i'm not into bandari tunes or any hardcore metal songs. i just want to play music like red hot chili peppers and arctic monkeys. so anyone want to cooperate???


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by payman jon (not verified) on

did you find a drummer yet?
you can email me @


I play drum in a rock band in LA

by Payman (not verified) on

check out our page, i learned by listening so i may be able to adapt to different styles, what city are you in?

-Payman (PJ)


I can't but

by Abarmard on

A joke for the occasion:

Az yeh Azeri miporsan: Shoma piano baladeen?

Azeri migeh: na, vali yeh baraadar daaram unam na!

Ali P.


by Ali P. on

Can we play on-line, or you need to be physically in the same location? If the latter, what's your location?