Modiri's New Sitcom is again a Success!

by mazfaz

"Mard-e-Hezar Chehre" which means "the man with thousand faces" is about a normal employee in shiraz (mehran modiri, known in the series as masud shastchi) who wants to marry a girl (played by flamak junaidi). but her dad only allows masud to marry his daughter if he gets all the money in sepehr jandaghi's (falamak junaidi's brother) bank account, by claiming that he is sepehr. but when masud goes in the bank to empty sepehr's account, he finds out that sepehr has won a car and he has to go to tehran to get the car.

when he goes there, at first a person thinks that a really good doctor, who has contributed to science and medicine in the west, and then he is forced to do surgeries in the tabibian hospital. after he runs away from the insane tabibian family who think that he is a doctor, he becomes a senior general and he dictates all the inferior soldiers and arrests every man in order to diminish the rate of crime. after several days of dictatorship and torturing people, he realises that he has been an evil person and he tries to run away and go back home, but then he becomes a poet and the story goes on and on...

the name "hezar chehreh" derives from دزد هزار چهره and the series consists of many real characters. for example the poet that mehran modiri goes to his funeral is محمود مشرف تهرانی but they don't say who he actually is and he is only called tehrani m.

It is really hilarious and it is among the best new tv series. for further information on marde hezar chehreh go to: //


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Red Wine


by Red Wine on

Nah agha jan,in yaru Modiri in kareh nist,ino akhunda gozashtanesh unja keh javunayeh iruni ro beh maskhareh begireh va vaghteshun ro hadar bedan...Khoda az saresh nagzareh !


Thanks Kamangir

by Abarmard on

Thanks for the site, but I am looking for a copy with a subtitle. I saw once that IRIB Jam e Jam was broadcasting it with a subtitle. I have searched the stores but can't find one with english sub. I am not sure why. My wife loves Iranians movies and series, and I actually want her to see this one:)


Modiri = No. 1

by the real Nader Vanaki (not verified) on

Modiri is an excellent satirist and the guttsiest of all in Iran. He has made people laugh and his anectodes become part of day to day conversation in Iran.

Redwine I did not know that you are such a snob. For some one who writes historical essays on Iran you have a pretty 'chos_o_fessi' attitude.


You can download it!

by Kamangir on

Marde Hezar Chehreh? Check the link below:




Damesh garm ModiribbbBest of all

by Ye Irani (not verified) on

He's a great artist and he brings laughter to Iranian people.

The jealous old Iranian pre-revolution "So called" artists can't stand the home grown art.

Hey REDWINE: MoraBBa Bedeh BaBa;


Can't wait!!

by IRANdokht on

I am a fan of Mehran Modiri and his Shabhayeh Barareh

I can't wait to see his new shows. 

Thanks for the news!



Download Iranian films and series!

by Kamangir on


I'm proud of them!

by Kamangir on

I'm a big fan of Iranian films, no matter what their style (I'm mean the ones after 1979) and Modiri has produced some interesting jobs. Years ago when I managed to visit Iran, my younger cousin took me to 'lale zar' neighborhood where you can still watch theatre plays. There were very few people watching that play, but the actos/actresses were doing their best. While sitting there, their working conditions and their barely recognized efforts, broke my heart. Later that day, when we went back home everyone got angry at my cousin for having taken me to lale zar theaters, whereas there're many upper class ones in Tehran. But I enjoyed that play very much. Iran has a very professional and hard working stablishment in the seventh art and theaters. Characters such as Hamid Jebeli, Ms. Motamed Aria, Ostad Entezami, and many many others have kept our Iranian sense of humor, our Iranian essence alive through their work, a work sometimes barely paid, even in financial terms. I'm very proud of them all.

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

Hala ino iruniayeh iran bebinan ziad khiali niss chounkeh bikaran,kareh digeh na'aran, iruniaei keh in ashghalayeh modiri ro mibinan cheh bahanei daran !?!?!?!?!


Sounds good

by Abarmard on

Hope that it has a subtitle so my wife and I could watch it together. By the way I am looking to buy "Madar e sefr Darejeh" with english subtitle. If anyone knows where they sell one please email me.