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Mona Tahiri
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1. A good, brief and accurate summary of Baha’i teachings can be found here: //

2. Baha’is everywhere work to promote principles of mutual respect, tolerance, human dignity, peace and justice. The Baha’i community is strictly non-partisan in character and embraces principles of non-adversarial, democratic decision-making. Baha’u’llah did emphasize the need for humanity to develop new social structures based on participation and consultation among the world’s peoples. This is an inevitable part of an enduring global peace but clearly the human race is only now beginning to understand this. In no way do Baha’is seek to impose their beliefs on others. For an overview of these ideas see the statement ,"The Promise of World Peace,” a 1985 message of the governing body of the Baha’i community to world leaders: //

3. The fact that the 300,000 Baha’is in Iran have voluntarily disbanded their administrative organization in response to the unjust demands of the Iranian government, and that this community does not resist the harsh measures of persecution being directed against it except for drawing attention to the persecution, provides a true indication of the Baha’i spirit.

4. Since the time of Baha’u’llah, Baha’is have refrained from spreading their faith in the Holy Land. The only Baha’is in Israel are those who serve as volunteers in maintaining the Baha’i holy places and the administrative activities relating to the global community. This is an internal decision of the Baha’i community out respect for the peoples of that land. The blog mentioned," // " is in fact a fiction—created by opponents of the Baha’is trying to create the impression that Baha’is are seeking converts in Israel, which as indicated above is absolutely not the case.

5. One of the central Baha’i beliefs is the independent investigation of truth. Critical thinking and fair questioning is thus strongly encouraged. Faith is a matter of conscience. As people are free to embrace the Baha’i teachings, they are free to leave the Baha’i community without any stigma whatsoever. Baha’is continue to associate with all in a spirit of love and fellowship. In the few rare cases where individuals seek to undermine or distort basic Baha’i beliefs or seek personal leadership, the community avoids interaction with them while respecting their basic civil rights. This is a reasonable course of action for any faith community or voluntary association.

5. There is no schism in the Baha’i community. There are more than 5 million Baha’is around the globe. Splinter groups involved in the current court proceedings have at most a few hundred followers.
Those proceedings are about narrow issues of trademark use and impersonation of Baha’i institutions, not freedom of belief.

6. The best way to understand the tenets, activities and goals of the Baha’is is to meet them and participate in their devotions, study sessions or social initiatives. The food is usually really good!



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Adib, listen to your mother more often...

by Zulfiqar110 on

And your father. Both of these people have solid heads on their shoulders, and their advice, like the one your mother gave you, should be heeded like a precious substance as if it were the alchemical Elixir itself.

It is a shame that we have to stand on the antipodes of many issues because you are a basically good kid who, as far as I am concerned, is just being seriously misled by the agendas of  an entrenched power clique and for its own sinister/corporate ends. But, please, whether you are aware of it or not, your name is indeed being actively promoted and bandied about by associates of the Baha'i institutions as a notary on many such questions. Your own presence online is also vast. And you know exactly how I know this. I was utterly disappointed to see your cooperation with Moojan Momen in libelling Negar Baha'i-Anselm, and even more disappointed to see your name associated with the Muslim Network for Baha'i Rights, which you and I both know is a thoroughly hokey organization, nay a racket, and possibly an international money laundering front -- as I and several other people are beginning to establish. I also noted several of your own below the belt sectarian characterizations and attacks on yours truly (and your defense of that  deranged lunatic Badi Villar) -- and this sort of behavior is neither Bijan or your mother, but it is the conspicuous behavior of that woman and arch-demoness Susan Maneck, who you would do very well to stay well away from for your own sake before her type of poison works itself all the way into you.


Now as regards Debunking the Myths, there is a large amount of material you do not deal with and which you will at some point  have to begin dealing with whether you like to or not. I urge you in your future endeavours not to be like Moojan Momen who deliberately omits information, sleights of hand or otherwise feigns a wooly silence on crucial questions of history and documentation and claims it as scholarship. You would do well to keep your distance from him as well. He is dishonest as dishonest comes.

Now unfortunately due to the unprofessionally stupid and basest speculatory manner in which some Iranian Muslim authors have dealt with such questions in the past, this does not necessarily make the issues of Baha'i (not Babi, but Baha'i) linkages to European (and especially 19th and early 20th century) colonialist agendas moot and invalid. Sophia and I have uncovered quite a bit of information publicly available in the British National Archives which problematizes the issue further than anyone has so far admitted (including the Fayzieh hacks) and raises quite a few eyebrows about what both Abbas Effendi and Shoghi Effendi were up to with the powers of Westminister. All of this information would have been available to Moojan Momen in the '70s and early '80s, but he deliberately did not deal with them. Juan Cole was actually the person who first notified me about the patently disengenuous and biased nature of Momen's overall Baha'i scholarship, especially on such questions. You don't need to fall into any such ideological traps and become yet another Momen or Maneck clone/drone.  


Now I am not inviting you to leave the religion of your parents, but you would do well for yourself in significantly broadening your intellectual horizons over the next four years and more by reading and contemplating outside of the narrow Baha'i box you have been pigeon-holed into over the past 18 years. So I am urging you to expand your horizons beyond where you are at now. Never fixate your attention on one particular narrative. Never become the face or spokesperson for the bigger agendas of other people, organizations or otherwise. Think only for yourself. Reach your own conclusions, and reject all hand-me-downs as a matter of principle and personal intellectual integrity. The world is a pretty complicated, bizarre place and the line between the good guys and the bad guys will often blur and become murky -- and even shift altogether right before your eyes. Also understand that the path to Truth is incredibly difficult and full of heartache, since Truth is its own reward. Do these things, and I think in you we might actually find another Fereydoun Adamiyat or  Muhit Tabatabai rather than a Baha'i version of that giant twit Falsafi.


And despite my articulated positions and present online vocation, kindly convey my love to your father, Bijan, and to your mother as well.


Mo'affaq va mo'ayyad bashi, javan!

Adib Masumian

This "glaze-eyed dweeb"

by Adib Masumian on

Has been in the process of refining his "pamphlet" to higher academic standards for the past few months now. Please don't think I intend to leave the work in its present format. If it comes back to haunt me, I will own up to it in whatever venue I need to. I will consider submitting the book, after it has been refined, for review by a disinterested party. It's a fair suggestion, and several local Baha'is have actually asked me to do the same. You have my word on this endeavor - the word of a youth, anyway, whatever that means to you.

I found out about Lulu in 2008 when a member of our Local Spiritual Assembly published a memoir through it, more or less, and told my parents about the service he used: Lulu. My mother then published a small book through them, and I decided to follow suit with my short work. I wasn't even aware that you had published anything through Lulu until two months ago, when someone brought it to my attention.

No body, institution, or special person(s) are supporting me other than my parents. I would hope that the World Centre has better things to do than "prop up" some youth who just entered college for some kind of "potent" position, and especially not me. There are people with much greater potential than that.

FYI, I've only taken the first Ruhi book, but that really shouldn't matter at any rate as I try to practice detachment in all areas, including particular and specific programs. I'm not the kind of person that will grab my chest in pain or curse someone at the sight of criticism. Indeed, I welcome it, and many of the points in your response have been duly noted for future modification.

Yes, Dr. Maneck liked my book, but I don't see how that means the entire Faith is supporting me. Even in your Sourcewatch article, you note that Susan's statement is actually the only thing that any Baha'i has written about me (in what could loosely be described as review format) to date. Again, until I published this book through Lulu, the only people who knew about the project were my parents. They wish you well and so do I. My parents still recall how well-versed you were in classical Western philosophy with fondness.

I'm no brazen kid; I'm just another person who is sick of having unsubstantiated myth shoved down my throat when it is so transparent and vulnerable to refutation. You must realize that, however much you hate the book, its intent from the very outset, even when it was a miniscule and pathetically weak essay, was to educate the Iranian expatriate community - and perhaps Iranians inside Iran as it is now up for translation - about the falsity of such age-old rumors constantly repeated by those who don't know any better in the diaspora. Whether I failed or succeeded at the end of the day is important, and that's why there is always room for improvement.

I try to keep myself in check, and I have actually thumbed through Falsafi's memoirs (Khatirat va Mubarezat), which you may have noticed is included in my bibliography. Naturally I disagree with the comparison; however, it has prompted me to practice mindfulness - a philosophy my mother has been living by for years - in another area of my life: to always be aware of my priorities in life, to know when my convictions are becoming uncompromising and perhaps even harmful, etc. I, like you, know what kind of person Falsafi was, and I swear to you that I am doing whatever is in my power to not abase myself to his despondent condition through blind extremism.

Sophia: Yes, I was part of a gaming community where my username had "Lord" in front of it, a name I created at age 13. I sincerely hope you don't take that as a symbol of pretentiousness or something. I certainly don't think of myself as a lord of anything; it was just the product of a child's imagination. I don't certainly consider myself a scholar either, just someone who tries to conduct research. Whether I do it well, fairly, or poorly is up to the public, and it is my duty to rise to higher standards accordingly.

Thanks for the critique; I needed it. Too much praise - which I thankfully didn't even receive, not that it was deserved to begin with - can be the bane of one's ego and even their conscience.



by Zulfiqar110 on

I stand by the Bahais of this website a thousand percent
As do most New York Jews. Not one single one of them has ever tried to convert me,  Why should they try to convert you, since it is the hands of your ilk which actually feeds this racket? and if anyone
here should have been seen as ripe for conversion it would have been
me--with my frequent posts and poems on spirituality; my admiration for
Bahaullah as one of the great minds of the the 19th century--
Ali Sina talks like you as well, and we know who butters his bread. -- and why. Husayn 'Ali Nuri couldn't hold a candle to mind, dig, let alone be a greatest anything. But that statement of yours is more the product of the century and a half long investment advertising that your ilk has been actively engaged in vis-a-vis Bahaism, ergo why you say the utterly asinine nonsense that you do on a subject way beyond your depth. And ya, I think you're a complete NY moron as well so don't ever respond to me again - here or anywhere else.



by Zulfiqar110 on

You are Comedy Central.


Adib Masumian = Bahai Hojjat'ul-Islam Falsafi

by Zulfiqar110 on

I got a copy of Adib Masumian's silly, vanity press published propaganda pamphlet when it first came out [BTW I find it quite interesting that ever since I first published on Lulu Baha'is suddenly jumped on the bandwagon as well, first, Peter Terry, then Adib, etc.). Anyway, this pamplet isn't worth the paper it is printed on and outside of Lulu no one would publish such nonsense unless you paid them wads of cash to do so. It is a silly, uncritical, transparently propagandistic, partial and ahistorical piece of sectarian drivel that can be picked apart easily. Add to that the fact that established liar Susan Maneck endorsed this piece, and the nail has been hammered into the coffin of this piece forevermore.

As a matter of fact if it wasn't for the fact that such stupidity shouldn't be dignified with considered, point-by-point rebuttal, not to mention the fact that I have fond memories of Adib's father, Bijan, and his mother, I would pen a critical review of this thing myself and put this glaze-eyed dweeb in his place.

That said, it occurs to me that ever since your cult booted out or otherwise completely alienated a whole slew of intellectuals - Cole, Walbridge, Scholl, etc. - the standards of Bahaim scholarship have so sharply deteriorated that any know-nothing high-school twerp is latched on to by your organization to write silly pamphlets like the one Adib wrote. Guaranteed, that piece will one day come to haunt Adib in his professional life with a fury of a thousand suns in supernova.

In any case, the temerity and brazenness of Adib, and the vigorousness in which he is being promoted by the Haifan cult, reminds one of the career of that 1950s era moron Hojjat'ul-Islam Falsafi. The same narrowminded stupidity that embodied Falsafi is fully being reflected in its Baha'i version within Adib Masumian. It is a shame because both Adib's parent's, as far as I knew them in the 1990s, had pretty vast reflective horizons. With Debunking the Myths, Adib has done an immeasurable disservice to his own parents' open mindedness, and you have the BS brainwashing culture of RUHI to thank for that. 


On Retention

by Anvar on

*Sophia* - I understand that you're on retention and, thereby, obligated to jump in blindly in defense of your client Zulfiqar.  I was not providing critique on the content of Adib’s book.  I was praising him and his accomplishments at such a young age.  As I stated, the information that Zufiqar generously shared with all in his post (which seems to be deleted), helped me to form my opinion:

What is your hang up with my using of the word “scholar” as one of my descriptors?  My dictionary defines a scholar as: a learned person, someone (especially a child) who learns or takes up knowledge or beliefs, etc.  What does the back of your cereal box tell you it means?

By the way, if according to your client, people begged him to come back to this site because: “Obviously they liked what I was saying and felt it important enough to get my presence here…”, then how come his garbage gets deleted left and right?

Still awaiting your prior posts demanding independent, neutral, scholarly, … on anti Baha’i materials.  Can’t point to even one, can you?



Anvar's Imaginary Academy

by sophia on


So you haven't read his book, don't know what you're talking about, and you stand by your characterization of Mr Masumian and his work as 'scholarly'(obviously a title which, in your eyes, need not be earned in the same way it has been for hundreds of years)?

 "I have not read Adib’s book and I take your word that it is 80 pages.  It wouldn’t surprise me to discover that, in his enthusiasm as ayouth, he might have overdone it by trying to explain things in so much detail. Debunking the myths and other anti Baha’i garbage could possibly be achieved in 8 pages!"

Yeah, good luck with that PHD, Dr Brainiac- maybe you can defend it by saying "the material was so obvious I didn't even have to write it."

Obviously there is one set of rules for "Baha'i Academia" and one for the rest of the academic community.  Oh I forgot- that's why you need your own publishing houses!

One more thing; you might want to check out how many schools, colleges and universities have now outright banned the referencing of Wikipedia articles in papers submitted for examination (let alone anything above freshman level).   


Cracker Jack & Not Cereal Box

by Anvar on

*Sophia* - I would have saved many nights cramming for the exams had I known degrees could also be obtained from cereal boxes.  Apparently, you knew about that.  My belated graduation congratulations to you.  Thankfully, I did save some of the Decoder Rings from a few Cracker Jack boxes.  They come in handy deciphering your and your buddies’ comments.  

You are not hip enough to know about the world of youth and Internet Gaming; it makes sense that you’d take exception to the word Lord in front of Adib’s name.  I’m not surprised that he’s in charge of data integrity in his company though.  I now have more respect for him than before.

Speaking of integrity, would you kindly point out your previous posts where you so passionately advocated for “independent…academic…scholarly…neutral…standards of argumentation…evidence and documentation…etc.” on anti Baha’i materials?  I look forward to it but won’t hold my breath.  

I have not read Adib’s book and I take your word that it is 80 pages.  It wouldn’t surprise me to discover that, in his enthusiasm as a youth, he might have overdone it by trying to explain things in so much detail.  Debunking the myths and other anti Baha’i garbage could possibly be achieved in 8 pages!

By the way, are you volunteering yourself, and your infamous cohorts, to serve on such independent, academic/scholarly, neutral panel to review Baha’i materials?  That round-table panel would fit right into a late night program on Comedy Central.  “speaking of jokes......” - - - - -  Indeed!!!



speaking of jokes......

by sophia on

Speaking of jokes, Anvar, I don't know wether you have a degree or not, but if you do, you should return it to whatever breakfast cereal company from whose packet you received it. 

Anvar: "Such an oddity!  Aneighteen year old high school graduate, scholar, and author who is so muchsmarter and brighter (NURaani tar) than the ever present Ph.D., Dr. Evil."

Anvar- the pure intellectual shallowness of this statement is extraordinary. Whilst I would fully support young people's development and engagement with scholarship, I think the reality of this situation is something that needs to be brought home to Mr Masumian (or "Lord Adib" as he is known in his position as Head of Data Security at Swiftkit // certainly before he enters college, and any university professor worth their salt laugh sanyone who constructs a book from a Wikipedia article, references material from this site, and cites the material contained within as a conclusive "debunking" of the relevant issue, out of the room. Seriously, this book, which you may confuse with"scholarship", simply WILL NOT PASS at college level. 

You may wish to refer to the following forum post of Mr Masumian's regarding the time spent on writing the book: 


"Hi Adib,

Thank you for rendering, what appearsshould be a great service to scholarship.

 If you wish to possibly find a wider circulation, you might try submitting your work through a Baha'i publisher (orat least getting review and submitting it to whatever publisher you wish).While no doubt it appears you've been quite careful, the review process (one towhich 'Abdu'l-Baha Himself submitted) might also ensure a more optimally balanced presentation, especially important I would say in such an area asthis. (Granted I know, the internet does not require review, but it would seemthat such a work could benefit from it, as well as perhaps a wider circulation for your work.)

best wishes,


Adib replies: 

"Thank you Art and you are quitewelcome  About a month or so.I forgot to mention that this publication was actually reviewed and accepted by the National Spiritual Assembly of the USA."

Here's a piece of advice for, Adib- I know he's still a young man, but he needs to be fully aware of the reality of the standards of the academy. That the Baha'is rely almost entirely on their own publishing industry to distribute their books (and rubbish almost any other source, such as some of the ones that have been published here- ie EG Browne etc) as"lies", is indicative of the laughable ideological and intellectual control the Baha'i organization wishes to exert over its material. 

If Mr. Masumian really wants to walk the walk, he should put up his book for INDEPENDENT, NON-BAHAI academic review. By this I mean a a panel of non-Baha'i religious scholars, who are neutral to the subject matter, but adhere to the standards of argumentation, evidence and documentation required for admission into the scholarly canon. I have no doubt they would tell you that a supposedly scholarly book which references Wikipedia, and deals with the genuine historical claims regarding the Baha'is in a matter of some 80 pages, is not worth the paper it is written on from an academic perspective. Quite frankly, I don't know wether Mr Masumian believes this book would even pass as a sophomore paper. 

What is particularly laughable (and awfully telling) is that a person(whom I refuse to deem a scholar) like Susan Maneck would endorse a work like"Debunking the Myths" as an academic/scholarly text in recent conference proceedings, before it hasbeen subject to ANY of the standard peer reviewing processes (beside, of course, theNational Spiritual Assembly of the USA- ha, please!).  The reasoning that the "myths" about the Baha'is contained are so easy to "debunk"that a young man such as Adib could do it- in a book that took "about amonth or so" to write  is quite simply an intellectual tragedy, and an insult to the true nature of scholarship. Adib should by all means continue his investigations, develop his scholarly skills, but be aware that the sheltered, insular nature of Baha'i ideological discourse, is exactly that.  


rosie is roxy is roshan


by rosie is roxy is roshan on

thanks for the heads up and thumbs up  Nur and I already have a wonderful and flourishing relationship, as you can see.

I agree. May he live long and prosper. My advice to have him or her blocked was premature. I just thought Adib's having to go to the trouble of discrediting him/her on the other thread was an unfair waste of his, and potentially others', time.

You are right. I overreacted. In fact, I wrote my post to him before I read yours, so as you can see, I had already 'chilled out'.

Anyway, haven't forgotten about your post on flagging. Coming up. But one thing I can tell you as regards Nur's post below: DO NOT DO NOT NOT NOT FLAG! lol Well I guess I'll go feed my donkey now. Breakfast time.

rosie is roxy is roshan

Well, Nur...

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

if Bahai who said you are well-known among them for years were convinced that Mona Tahiri was you (and I said "probably" you, not diefinitely, below), and said you use mulitple identities as part of their reason for believing this, and now you are popping up as Jimminy Cricket to...uh.. 'critiuque' my hypothesis that you are probably Mona Tahiri, then it is all your fault that they and I believed that you are 'she'. Moreover it is in essence true, and essence as you know is a far profounder reality than mere appearance in the phenomenal world.

In other words, you may as well be Mona Tahiri.


To address some other points:

I am a non-Zionist. In fact, in my university years I actually worked with an organization that was loosely affiliated with the PLO, the Arab Stduents Organziation. I have mentioned several times that I think I am the only person on this site who has ever been affiliated with the PLO, and no one has said otherwise, so I'm assuming it's true. 

I stand by the Bahais of this website a thousand percent.  Not one single one of them has ever tried to convert me, and if anyone here should have been seen as ripe for conversion it would have been me--with my frequent posts and poems on spirituality; my admiration for Bahaullah as one of the great minds of the the 19th century--a visionary of the secular movements toward world peace and world government such as the UN, passive resistance and so forth; and a particular intellectual affinity we tend to share for careful (and rather long-winded) debate on pretty much anything and everything.

Not one, not once, made the teentsiest mention of my joining the relgion. And unless it was TOTALLY relevant to the topic at hand, they never even mentioned they were Bahai, and I didn't even know it about some of them at first. No, not one single one of them, onsite, by e-mail, in person, ever even alluded that there was a possiblity I might be interested in joining their religion, for now going on two years, because THEY DON'T DO IT.

And please don't respond the way you did before with how stupid and insane I am for my admiring the stupid insane Bahaullah, because it is a reductio ad absurdum of your argument. If he is so stupid and insane then it should be all the more reason for them to latch on to converting stupid insane me. 

I do not regularly read blogs on Bahaism because if they are written by them I am a big girl and I can research the movement on my own, and I have, and the blogs stand for whenever I may want to use them for research. There is no rush. Bahaism won't go away or change much quickly so I don't have to follow these blogs regularly for informational purposes. I do not regularly read blogs on Bahaism by anti-Bahai because I've heard it all before. I try to keep my finger on the pulse on the state of the trials and persecutiions in Iran by reading those submissions. I will read anything and everything on Bezaie, he is one of the greatest filmmakers of all time.

I do not regularly follow these blogs. I am not a Bahai cheerleader, mascot or secret agent. I only read this blog when this 'Mona Tahiri' popped up somewhere else and was called a fake Bahai by Amin. I questioned it there, then I thought I should be more scrupulous so I checked in 'her' tracking and I think he is right.

And if 'Mona Tahiri' is not you or one of your little friends in your commune, why are you spending so much time attacking me instead of 'her'? I understand you are insulted that I referred to you as a brilliant 'paranoiac'--although deep inside you know you are--but a few lines of Ziopig on my donkey would surely be enough. Don't waste your energy. Stick to what's important. Spend your time denouncing the evil 'Mona Tahiri' and 'her' coven's diabolical plan to, along with Jahanshah, the Jews, Asia Society the BBC and Britney Spears, brainwash the world so the aliens from Planet Planet can use us all for slave labor to cultivate stawberries, which they need for a particular enzyme they use to propagate their species (which always takes place in test tubes). 


PS Nur, thank you for telling me to chill out. Your post was very soothing. Thank you also for your obvious interest in my writings and the responses to them. I believe it is around dinner time in Australia. Have a pleasant meal. 



by Zulfiqar110 on

It seems the ones who don't get it are you cultists. The people who wrote me pleading to come back are the same people who either post blogs such as this or comment on blogs such as this or the ones whose flags go up when they finally realize the kind of dangerous lunatics you people truly are. No one's laughing at me, An-var. The joke is all on you delusional later-day Jim-Joners. Of course being that your mind is thoroughly RUHI-ed (i.e. tu maghzat reedan), you can never admit it to yourself. After all who are the ones all bent out of shape every time Mona Taheri or Ravian Bilani or similar post a blog here: earth to an-var, it is you all. Hello? That should prove to you who the laughing stock is here, i.e. you all.

Go decontaminate your mind from your lifetime of delusional ideological BS, and maybe you'll get it too.

For everyone else, see,



Have mercy on him…

by Anvar on

*rosie is roxy is roshan* - Remember what I recently posted about allowing people to debase themselves for everyone to see?  Here’s a perfect example and one that gets pretty low.

If you’ve ever seen one of *Zulfiqar110*’s infamous copy/paste hatchet jobs, you might have noticed this:
“BAHAI Tactics & Techniques”
“5. Next they relate mental instability and insanity to the exposer, i.e. shoot the messenger”

Now, he’s telling you to take your lithium!  He doesn’t even read the garbage he steals from others to re-post all over.  Anyone can tell his hatred against Baha’is, Jews, and women. He’s just practicing his own religion - literally.

To me, and I’m sure many others, he’s just a comic relief here.  His posts are just for cheap laughs and devoid of any value.  So, like the rest of us, just chuckle and have mercy on him and his cohorts.  However, if you feel like laughing out loudly, ask him to share with you his other user names and identities.  Then you’ll appreciate the joke not only on this site but also the whole Internet.

He graciously granted the wishes of some people as he stated: “…active posters here who pleaded with me to come back to”  But as you tell from his delusional writings, he thinks: “Obviously they liked what I was saying and felt it important enough to get my presence here…”  He doesn’t get it people are actually laughing AT him and not with him.  That’s the real reason why they asked him to come back here.  So take it easy on my pal. 



Rosie, take your lithium & chill out

by Zulfiqar110 on

It was totally transparent and as you can see everyone knew it was probably Nur.

That's your NYC Jew-Baha'i paranoia talking. Do you have any shred of actual concrete evidence, not wild paranoid Single White-crazy-NY Jewish-Female off-by-light-years intuition, that Mona Taheri and I are the same person? You have suggested in the past that you are close to JJ. JJ or any of the moderators here can show the IPs and who's IP is coming from where. Otheriwse, if you have nothing other than your usual delusional rantings, F-you and the SNL Hanukah-Harry donkey you rode in on! Go get the evidence before making BS accusations, woman, like the rest of your Baha'i Kike compadres here. My identities here have been NUR and Zulfiqar110. If any of you have evidence to the contrary - not speculation, not hunches, but EVIDENCE that holds up in a court room - then g'head. Let's see it...PUT UP OR SHUT UP!


BTW it was handfuls of active posters here who pleaded with me to come back to  Obviously they liked what I was saying and felt it important enough to get my presence here again pronto and into your lying faces -- despite the dirty (criminal) tricks of Mr Basiji Mansouri and cabal. So now I am here, and others also feel the freedom to challenge you ZioNazi pigs with utter impunity, so deal with it!


[the following post is saved in the event of deletion by the censor of this site]

rosie is roxy is roshan

What is this person's problem?

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

This Mona Tahirih 'person' first popped up out of nowhere in the middle of the crisis when this brilliant but obviously clinically paranoiac obsissive anti-Bahai NUR was monopolozing a lot of the discussion onsite due to his linking his Bahai accusations onto accusations of the publisher. It went on for days and in the middle of it this Mona Tahirih pops up from out of nowhere with this imbecilic blog about how Bahai must convert everybody on earth.


It was totally transparent and as you can see everyone knew it was probably Nur. I did not realize there had been more blogs by this 'person' since and it is because Mona Tahirih purposely combined the names of two of the regular Bahai bloggers, Mona 19 and Tahirih. Since they are not regular DAILY posters it is enough to use their names together for people to just accept that these blogs are from legitimate Bahai registrants, since the name echoes these people's, whose avatar you might not have fresh in your mind like I don't. So I probably just noticed the blogs were there, thought oh, okay, it's Mona 19 and didn't read them or think about it. But it all clicked together when Adib pointed it out on a thread yesterday (not about Bahai) and then I noticed this new blog.

This blog here is mild and I really don't get the point of it but a lot of the other ones by this 'Mona Tahirih' are clearly posted to make the Bahai sound like a bunch of stupid dangerous foaming maniacs. Maybe this 'Mona Tahirih' is trying to soft-pedal a little to sound more legitimate and then come back full force.

So could people who can prove this go directly to the publisher about it to get rid of this person and their COMPUTER--I wouldn't be surprised if it turned out to be the same one as Nur's and/or Covenant's or someone else who has either attacked the Bahai or done other things to undermine the site.

Isn't there any way to get rid of this 'Mona Tahirih' so that people don't have to waste their time and breath on denouncing 'her'? This is serious. No you're NOT allowed to pretend you're someone you're not to get back at someone or a group of people. I saw it recently on a PERSONAL level. No it isn't allowed because this is a 'freee speech' forum. This is not SPEECH, this is impostering and slander.



A Source of Pride

by Anvar on

*Zulfiqar110* - Thank you for “exposing” Adib Masumian thru the link you provided.  I learned a few things.

Such an oddity!  An eighteen year old high school graduate, scholar, and author who is so much smarter and brighter (NURaani tar) than the ever present Ph.D., Dr. Evil.  

Even if only half of what I read about him is true, I’m so proud of him.  Didn’t I already tell you not to worry about the youth?  Go Adib!



Killing Two Birds With One Stone

by Anvar on

So called *Mona Tahiri* - Yet another feeble attempt from you, but now you’re focusing your attention on both Jews and Baha’is at the same time.  Pretty ambitious of you!

Thanks for sharing this link.  It was new to me:

Looks like you’ve plagiarized your blog from an entry (by devonC) from that site.  You are fast though.  That comment was posted there just yesterday!

You should have also included these other comments that were posted there by people from all over the world:
“…rescued me from a racist attack…”
“They all seemed like upstanding, ethical types…”
“…the Iranians I knew didn’t understand what the Bahai religion was so discounted it.”
“…a friend of mine became a Bahai.  It changed her life for the better”
“…faith emphasizes social service…”
“Bahai’s are warm, welcoming and no threat to anyone…”
“They do not deserve the treatment they are receiving.”

Of course, you can claim that anyone who visits that site is a Jew and, for some reason, their comments about Baha’is don’t count.  But then again, you and your classmates frequent that site.  Don’t you?

Since you enjoy visiting the Jewish sites (to get Baha’i information!!!), I’ll leave you with this Yiddish proverb:  “A half-truth is a whole lie.”




ugliest of all racsim

by capt_ayhab on

Ugliest of all bigotry and racism are the ones that are directed at ones belief and faith.

NO one should  remain silent in exposing these types of bigotry.

Thanks Mr. Masumian for the truth link.



Adib Masumian

To learn more about Mona Tahiri

by Adib Masumian on