The "Noori" station of Baha'u'llah


The "Noori" station of Baha'u'llah
by Mona Tahiri

The original narrator of this story is Haji Mulla Yusuf e Nakha’ee Khusefi.

Taken from : Payam e Baha'i (No. 366) Pages 60 & 61

In Khusef which is part of the Birjand group of villages it came to pass that Janaab e Muhammad Quli Khan Nakha’ee who was an influential and rich local man believed in the Blessed Beauty Baha’u’llah. As a result of his acceptance of the Person and Faith of Baha’u’llah most of his relatives also came to accept the Faith of God.
This first man i.e. Janaab e Muhammad Quli Khan Nakha’ee goes on pilgrimage to visit His holiness Baha’u’llah, exalted and glorified be His mention. He accompanies the other pilgrims on the first and the second day. But when he comes back to the pilgrim house he thinks with himself and in his soul and mind thus: ** I accepted the hardships and burdens of a six month journey hither to ‘Akka perhaps I might witness some extraordinary and divine happening …but Baha’u’llah speaks like other men and He gives instructions and teachings not dissimilar to other men. There is perhaps nothing extra-ordinary or miraculous here.
I was immersed in these thoughts when on the third day one of the servants there said to me that Baha’u’llah wants to see you alone and unaccompanied. I went to the presence of the blessed Beauty immediately and I lifted aside the curtain of the room where He was to be close in his presence. I bowed and instantly I saw the Blessed Beauty as an incredibly bright and dazzling Light and so intense was my experience of this Light that I fell and lost consciousness. All I recall is that He said: **fee Aman illaah** go in peace and under God’s safety.
The servants were able to drag me to the corridor and subsequently to the pilgrim house. I could not eat or sleep for two days after. What happened is as if I beheld His overwhelming Presence everywhere I went and I constantly was telling the other pilgrims that **He is here**
My other fellow pilgrims got tired of me and asked ‘Abdu’l-Baha to help me. After another two days again the servant came back and took me to Bahá’u’lláh’s presence. When I attained His presence, He poured forth loving kindness and gracious utterance. He bade me be seated.
Then Baha’u’llah said: **Janaab e Muhammad Quli Khan! The Manifestations of the Divine Essence are forced to appear in human attire and clothes. If Their true Being that which is behind the veil of concealment if that were to appear then all humanity like your good self will lose consciousness and swoon to the unconscious realm. Then Baha’u’llah went on:** Do you know how parrots are taught to speak?** I bowed and said: I do not know.
Baha’u’llah explained. The parrot owners have a parrot within a cage. Then they bring a big mirror in front of the cage which has the parrot within. And then a man hides behind the mirror and starts repeating phrases and talking…The parrot sees that there is another parrot identical to itself talking in the cage in front (reflected in the mirror) and imagining that it is the reflected parrot that is talking it too starts mimicking and learns to speak. Now if the person who is actually behind the mirror should reveal himself from the start, then the parrot will never learn to speak. It is thus that the Manifestations of the Divine should come into the world in human attire and human clothes so that They will not frighten mankind with Their awesome Being…**
This man was an utterly transformed being on his return from attaining Bahá’u’lláh’s presence and to the end of his days was engaged in teaching others and he attained spiritual insight and predicted the night of his own departure from this earthly realm.


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You are right

by armani on

You are right


Baha'i reference

by Pukirahe on

The Baha'i Faith is the newest Revelation among the Divine Revelations of God, therefore I want to provide a Website for any people who really want to know about It by reading Its authentical Scriptures.



The Baha'is really respect all other religions, if you also interest, I will give another Website for your reference. 


You Fool No One, "Mona Tahiri"

by faryarm on

You Fool No One, "Mona Tahiri"

You think by using words like "Lord"  etc, you can make people think that Baha'u'llah claimed to be God and That by refering to him as "Lord" you can be succesful in making people thinak that Bahais thik of Him as such.. 

Well, you have miserably failed from your very first post here , and this one just proves all you people's utter moral bankruptcy and lack of any integrity.

You, Ravian Bilani , etc by your very own record have revealed your hidden agenda, not to mention your impure motives. 

Mona Tahiri

Thank you Mona 19

by Mona Tahiri on

Thank you Mona

thank you again for guiding "Baha'i too"

This is a real story. Although we do not believe miracles to be the sign of a true manifestation but this is the real miracle of Lord Baha.

May Lord Baha'u'llah bless you.

Note ; i am not mr. ravian belooni

i am a bahai too

Mona19, is the story above from a good source?

by i am a bahai too on

I was unaware that Mona Tahiri is falsely representing "herself."

Sometimes I think it will be along time before we are free of personalities who want to damage the Faith, but i don't really think people who try to "battle" the Faith on websites like IC can do as much actual harm as they want to do. They usually succeed in showing others how attracted they are.

Mona, is the story above from a good source? Thanks for the links!


Mona 19

I'm a Baha'i too

by Mona 19 on

Kalimát-i-Maknúnih (Here)

Baha'i Prayers (Here)

The Tabernacle of Unity (Here)

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Source: //


Mona Tahiri /Ravian Bilani jan,you're trying too hard to prove you're an overzealous Baha'i, and pose like one ;))) . Your very first blog revealed everything!

No Baha'i says "Baha'i faith is only the way to Salvation. I
As we all know, Baha'i Faith is the only true and latest religion for
the mankind. All other religions lack spirit and hence dead




i am a bahai too

Lovely Story, Mona Tahiri

by i am a bahai too on


I just discovered this post. Wonderful story! It really moved my heart. The early Baha'is suffered so much persecution, but they were also rewarded with much.

Mona, can you direct me to where there are Baha'i Writings (downloadable) translated to Urdu, like Kalimat Maknuneh, Kitab-i-Iqan? A Pakistani friend here in US wants to read them.

Khayli mamnoon.