Bibi Netanyahu's religious fanaticism


Setting aside the historical inaccuracies and misrepresentations, have you guys noticed the deeply religious undertone to Netanyahu's speech at the war thirsty conference that was AIPAC? It's perfectly okay for US/Israeli politicians of the sane world to quote scriptures to push their war!

Please watch:

Robert Wright has a fantastic column today at the atlantic where he says:

"Why is it routine to talk about Iranian religious fanatics who are leading us toward war and so rare to acknowledge the role that religious tribalism in America--among both conservative Jews and conservative Christians--is playing in leading us to war? And why is it that when Muslim radicals use religious scripture in a way that foments belligerence we consider it primitive and vile, whereas when Bibi Netanyahu does the same thing (more subtly, I grant you) we nod politely and smile?"


"By the same token, Netanyahu could choose to emphasize a part of the Hebrew Bible that depicts Persians in a more flattering light. For example, the part that calls Cyrus the Great, the Persian king, the "messiah" because he delivered the exiled Israelites back to their home. (Yes, the only non-Hebrew called messiah in the entire Hebrew Bible is a Persian!)"


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Just like any religious fanatic….

by Bavafa on

They use religion as tool for their own evil plan, just as it is done by turban wearing Mullahs or the tie wearing religious fanatic as seen here or those in Saudi Arabia who believe a woman’s place is only in their haram.


'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



Thanks for posting!

by Disenchanted on

    Bibi is not religious. He is a demogogue & a sociopath! Likes of Robert Wright is what makes America a great country!