Netanyahu Advisor Advocates Mass Starvation Against Iran

Ynet says: "Iran’s citizens should be starved in order to curb Tehran’s nuclear program, officials in Jerusalem said Wednesday ahead of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s upcoming trip to Washington."

“North Korea is halting its nuclear program in order to receive aid in food, and this is what should be done with Iran as well,” one unnamed official said.

“Suffocating sanctions could lead to a grave economic situation in Iran and to a shortage of food,” the source said. “This would force the regime to consider whether the nuclear adventure is worthwhile, while the Persian people have nothing to eat and may rise up as was the case in Syria, Tunisia and other Arab states.”

Makes me wonder if the self proclaimed liberators and "democracy" promoting Iranians who advocate "crippling" sanctions really do mean starving Iranian citizens to reach their goal. The only difference between Iranian traitors and this racist Israeli is that the latter is more honest about his views whereas Iranians who advocate crippling sanctions hide behind human rights issues to spew out their hatred of ordinary Iranians.


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iraj khan

American people are not for war either

by iraj khan on

"According to polls, Americans remain wary of supporting the idea of either Israel or the United States – or both together – attacking Iran’s nuclear facilities."


"America has no treaty obligation to come to Israel’s defense as it does with many countries in Europe and Asia. This little-known fact may loom large in a meeting Monday between President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu." 


Siamak Asadian

نتيجه يک نظرسنجی از مردم اسرائيل در باره حمله به ايران

Siamak Asadian

12اسفند: نتيجه يک نظرسنجی از مردم اسرائيل در باره حمله به ايران

راديو فردا به نقل از رويترز گزارش داد:
يک نظرسنجی که روز پنجشنبه در اسرائيل منتشر شد، نشان مي‌دهد بيشتر مردم اين کشور مخالف حمله يکجانبه اسرائيل به ايران هستند و بخشی هم مي‌گويند اگر قرار است حمله‌ای صورت گيرد، بايد با موافقت قبلی آمريکا باشد.

به گزارش رويترز، اين نظر سنجی با همکاری دانشگاه مريلند آمريکا و انستيتو دهاف در اسرائيل انجام شده و نتايج آن پيش از گفت‌وگوهای بنيامين نتانياهو، نخست وزير اسرائيل با باراک اوباما، رييس جمهوری آمريکا، منتشر شده است.

نزديک به 34 درصد از شرکت‌کنندگان در اين نظرسنجی گفته‌اند مخالف حمله اسرائيل به ايران هستند و 42 درصد هم گفته‌اند اگر قرار است حمله‌ای صورت گيرد، بايد با موافقت و هماهنگی و چراغ سبز آمريکا باشد.

کمتر از 19 درصد گفته‌اند اسرائيل بايد به تنهايی و به صورت يکجانبه به ايران حمله کند، حتی اگر آمريکا موافق آن نباشد.

iraj khan

Obama in the video: Nobody has called for a war!

by iraj khan on

'don't jump to your guns now"

It's entertaining and shows Obama in action being himself, after hearing 'No War With Iran', thanks for posting it.


Obama intrupted at fundraiser: 'No war on Iran' (video)

by Disenchanted on


Obama interrupted at fundraiser: 'No war on Iran!' (video)

by Disenchanted on



Correction again

by Siavash300 on

"...Israel are gathering in Washington today under the umbrella of the Israel Lobby aka AIPAC to push for the starvation and destruction of Iranian nation." Iraj Khan

The correct version of above statement is:

"...Israel are gathering in Washington today under the umbrella of the Israel lobby aka AIPAC to push to the starvation and destruction of stinky ruling mullahs in Iran." Iraj khan

Israel and Iranian people have common enemy and it is stinky ruling mullahs who unlawfully occupied iran for last 32 years. Seems Iraj khan doesn't read my comments. why?  


AIPAC is the unelected governing body of this country or what?!

by Disenchanted on

10000 AIPAC members cannot and should not be allowed to take over the destiny of 300 millions Americans! You know S*** has hit the fan when Israeli defence minister is telling Gen. Dempsey the highest ranking US millitary officer, what to say and what not to say! Told ya...these folks have NO SHAME and know NO LIMIT! 


Mr Know it All FG


If you had read the full text you would know that I did source this. and it was a highly reputable israeli newspaper.


So please stop with the nonsense. 

iraj khan


by iraj khan on

supporters of the criminal racist regime of Israel are gathering in Washington today under the umbrella of the Israel Lobby aka AIPAC to push for the starvation and destruction of Iranian nation.

Show your support for Iranian people, go to Occupy AIPAC (the voice of the %99) link and show your opposition: 


iraj khan


by iraj khan on

proof is in the pudding:

Here are more sources to prove the Nazi regime of Israel wants the world cooperation to starve Iranians:

Israeli officials: Starve Iranians to stop nukes

Ynetnews - 2 days ago Iran's citizens should be starved in order to curb Tehran's nuclear program, officials in Jerusalem said Wednesday ahead of Prime Minister Benjamin ...

Starvation Would Force Iranians Into Giving Up Nuclear Power ...

International Business Times
Iranians Should be Starved over Nuclear Plans, Says Israel Official
Netanyahu Advisor Advocates Mass Starvation Against Iran – OpEd



USE COMMON SENSE! Source for Lead Post is regime itself

by FG on

Expect to see lots of regime tricks like this one. 

How many readers noticed that the writer forgot to mention the source?  Was it Fars?  Mehr? etc.    Why would such a controversial remark not have made world news and been reported in reputable sources (the NY Times, Washington Post, BBC, Reuters, etc.).   Surely Al Jezeerah would have jumped at it.

Attributing such a remark to the Israelis is expected to strengthen the appeal to Iranian nationalism.  That's an especially clever diversion (and I have no intent of defending Israel or Netenyahu who is a despicable ethnic cleanser) because it exploits longtime conditioning to which most Iranians are not immune.

Why now?

May I suggest readers look at  the following report on why Iran's businss community is so scared.  New sanctions are likely to hit hard and quickly, as the Tehran Bureau reports  and that's not good news for an already shaky regime whose best defense is to divert attention via xenophobia:


Two points it makes are true and are likely to help the regime's efforts.

1. The common people are likely to be hit hard.  That means Greens, workers and the less innocent (pious types and merchants who have supported the regime.

2. The Bad Guys (the ruling crowd of insider scum) will insulate themselves somewhat, taking advantage of their special privileges to do so.

Both statements are correct BUT do they provide good reasons to blame foreigners?   Think about it.   Here's my rebuttal.


The regime's outlaw behavior (covert de-stabilization schemes and attacks such as the Argentine synogogue, the Saudi Ambassador assassination attempt, the marine baracks in Lebanon) is what provoked sanctions.   would they exist if this regime behaved like a normal state.  Picture Hitler or Milosevic with nukes.  Have no doubt, though western leaders won't admit this, that sanctions are indeed intended to bring down the regime--something which should delight most oppressed Iranians and the ourside world.  It that sense it's a two-bagger based on common interests of both.

Notice that most economic experts agree that the system is so economically incompetent and corrupt that it would have many of these problems anyway, with or without sanctions though the agony and suffering will take only a bit longer to accelerate.


TRUE.  However, under the alternative, they suffer anyway and far, far, far longer... for years into the future much as the French would if Nazi occupation had lasted decades.    Sanctions may hurt BUT it isnt as if the alternative were "a life of joy."  The price may be worth it compared to even more miserable alternatives that exist now: a) civil war and b) decades under the Supreme Tyrant and his ruthless hard liners during which life just keeps getting worse, elections remain rigged, reform inpossible and the guys at the top steal all wealth and beat the people claiming Allah approves everything they do.


Also true with a BUT....  The catch is the people know what is happening and that knowledge only increases hatred to the insiders.   Even merchants who come begging to insiders for loans come to hate these guys as they take their money, pay high interest and "bend over."


The writer is clearly a regime supporter NOT a regime hater--a fraud much like AmirforSecular Monarchy who is as much a monarchist as I am a fan of the Islamic Republic. 


Abarmard, thanks for taking the time to respond.

by Reality-Bites on

However, I have to wonder about how you form your views, after reading statements such as these:

"Iran has never threaten to initiate an attack or preemptive strike against Israel."

"The issue is not Iran being a threat!"

"Khamenei recently said that Nuclear Weapons are illegal, irresponsible, wrong, and considered sin in the Islamic Republic. Meaning we will never build one. What happened? NOTHING."

Iran has never threatened to initiate an attack on Israel? What, you mean beyond funding and arming Hamas and Hezbollah to run a proxy war for the Mollahs and the IR president saying that the "Stinking corpse (i.e. Israel), should vanish from pages of history"?

And now you are taking Khamenie's words on this issue? The same Khamenie who, only couple of weeks ago in Tehran, ordered the Hamas leader never to make peace with Israel?

Baba damet garm, no wonder you believe "the issue is not Iran being a threat".

No, you are right. IR is totally blameless in bringing about this confrontation. This whole "marg bar Israel" stance of the IR has all been a big misunderstanding. It's all the fault of those nasty Zionists, who out of nowhere and for no reason decided to pick on poor IR, which was only minding its business and had no problems with anyone......(wait, did I just see a pig fly past my window)?


Answer to Reality-Bites

by Abarmard on

Don't you wish it would be that simple?

First this (news regardling Israel) is directly related to Iran from a country that is now serious in starting a war with Iran. This is important for most Iranians who care about Iran and note Israelis moves that relates directly to a possible war with Iran. A country that has been talking about Iran attack for the past decade and every year Iran was supposed to have a nuclear weapon. Striking Iran is a normal theme of that nation while Iranian government does it's own. Iran has never threaten to initiate an attack or preemptive strike against Israel.

Second, if tomorrow Iran comes and says what you say here NOTHING will change. The issue is not Iran being a threat! to Israel or nuclear weapon. Even Israelis now clearly speak about what's really bothering them. It's the rising power of Iran and Shia in the region. They will find another excuse or just simply ignore Iranian statement.

Khamenei recently said that Nuclear Weapons are illegal, irresponsible, wrong, and considered sin in the Islamic Republic. Meaning we will never build one. What happened? NOTHING.

Try to understand that this political game in depth is different than what you will see and hear on the news alone.



Question for all

by Reality-Bites on

Are we going to post EVERY crackpot Israeli's rant against Iran and meltdown about it? First there JJ's "Cockroach nuke missiles" clip and now this....not to mention that American Conservative moron, Tucker Carlson's, "Annihilation" jibe.

There are idiots in every nation and they will say the most outrageous thing about people they don't like and what should be done to them. In fact, we have our own idiots who say similar things about US/Israel/West etc. They are called the Islamic Republic Leadership. Life's too short to spend time stressing out about these kind of people's every idiocy.

But here's the thing. All this threat talk against Iran would end tomorrow, if only that very same IR leadership would make a public statement along the following lines:

- Although the Islamic Republic is against Israel's foreign policies, it recognizes the right of Israel to exist as a nation. Furthermore, Iran has no hostile intentions towards Israel and will cease its funding and arming of Hamas and the Lebanese Hezbollah immediately.

- The IR will also fully cooperate with the IAEA and open up Iran's nuclear facilities for full inspection, without any further hindrance, procrastinations and prevarications.

Signed: your peace loving and friendly, smiley Islamic Republic of Iran

Ps: the only problem is, the IR has to actually "care" for the welfare of people of Iran before it does anything like that, which of course......

Arash Kamangir

Why not starvation?

by Arash Kamangir on

If starvation, bombing, sanctions and other measurements bring about the fall of evil IR regime then it should be done. German cities during 2nd world war also had to be bombed because the evil back then didn't want to give up.


Let's make it more clear for my country men/women

by Siavash300 on

Listen my friends there is no need for Israel to target those sites which is meant to wipe off Israel from the map. Read my words.... if and only if I have capability to destroy those site, I would have done it as soon as possible. No doubt. I would have saved lives of million innocent jews. This has nothing to do with fox news. Humanity is humanity. Humanity has been respected all throughout history. nothing should stop any decent person to save the live of another innocent human being. Nothing.

    The monkey who calls himself Iran president is a vivid portray of devil. That is the face of evil and must go to hell where his master khomainie is waiting for him.

Joseph menglo was doing scientific research on jews in concentration camps during Nazi Germany in WWII. For example, he separated 2 twin sisters for days without food to one of them and wanted to see what would be the impact of starvation on the other sister. Now, If I could kill that bastard, I could have saved lives of thousands and thousands innocent people. I wish I could do it, but I was not born back then. Now I am alvie and could save lives of innocent peoole. I do my best. No need for air strike, I would have demolished all those sites in Natanz and Quam by myself.

Developing those sites are act of devil and I would like my country men/women see it.

Now, if I am not mistaking BAVAFA aka Mehrdad puting stinky ruling mullahs as a symbol of Iran and blowing up the site of automic bomb as an invasion to territory of Iran. He goes futhrer and feels blowing up those sites must galvanize sense of nationalism of any Iranians. First of all,  he compares that act to Arab invasion in 1980. He views blowing those sites as invasion to Iran's territory and have such an idea any patriatic Iranian must defend the devil and preserve those sites. He compares demolishing of those sites with the time that our brave  shahanshahi army defended our country against arabs aggression and invasion. I might be wrong, but this is what I am getting form his comments.

      Now, First the time is different. At that time, 98% of Iranians voted "yes" to Islamic Republic and the passion of revolution was among mass Iranians. At that time, people didn't know the nature of Islamic government. They heard promises from khomaini and they were thinking he was absolutely right in his decision and his view about future of Iran. At that time, our youths has not been mass murdered and buried in Unmark mass grave according to khomaini FATWA. At that time, our virgin sisters were not raped the night before their execution.

Now,it is different ball game. No comparison between blowing up those sites and killing those joseph menglo like scientists with the time Iran was invaded by Saddam. Different time frame and different outcome. Only poeple who are on payrol by stinky mullahs are supporting these bastards. No one else. Every single Iranians and even jews in Jurosalem know that. All those 3 million Iranians who were on streets of Tehran are still alive. They are not dead. With first strike that mullahs lose their guns in their hands, they will be on streets again. They would overthrown mullahs in a heart beat. Those are the same people who were on streets in June 2009. Future belong to our people and victory is near. I can see that very clearly. You might feel it too but you don't want to make it obvious.



Shiavash, funny you mentioned Saadi poem on humanity and empathy

by Disenchanted on

... in a blog that is on the subject of Israelis advocating "starvation" of a whole nation! :-) Don't you think you got the wrong audience for your advice on humnity values?! ....As Bavafa & Iraj kindly reminded you of the obvious, yes there have been cases of explicit attack on Iran and Iranians by warmongers in Israel As Iraj celeverly said have you been checking the news lately as in the past decade? :-) Perhaps you are watching the FOX news channel or some of the Iranian stations in LA too much! :-) I bet you missed the reports that Israelis posing as CIA recruited "Jond allah" terrorists in Pakistan to attack Iran among many other incidents!... you may be entitled to your historical grief against Arab invadors and rest BUT please don't mention Israel and humanity in the same sentence!.................When someone misses/ignores glaring facts like this, it reminds me of your favorite phrase "Brainwashed"! :-)


And we think people like Disenchanted are brainwashed…

by Bavafa on

Siavash jaan:  You may think this is in defense of IRI, IT IS NOT.

But just to set the record straight, you ask “Has Israeli ever killed any Iranians?

There are a number of Iranian scientist who have been assassinated and so far Israel has been the prime suspect as being behind those terrorist activities with MEK members as their hired killers.

You ask “Has Israeli ever harmed Iran in any way that you can imagine.?”
You may have missed the subject of this blog, hint – it is about the harm they are proposing to inflict on Iranians.

You use the tragedy of Holocaust to suggest AN will be the next Hitler and capable of inflicting such magnitude crime against the Jewish people, which only goes to show how you have fallen victim of the Zionist brainwashing propaganda.  You ought to remember that Iran is currently has the largest Jewish community in ME outside of Israel and none so far have been sent to the gas chamber.  While Israel has not sent any Palestinians to the gas chamber, they have occupied, killed and stole what they could so far and has made a Ghetto out of Gaza.

I rather think the goal is ought to be restoring democracy

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



They have right to leave

by jmyt17 on

 You are right they never harm any Iranian.Problem is American policy in the region, and these stupid mullah in our land.I think they have the right to protect their home, these camel rider problem is their problem.When Iranian people throughout these IRI from home-land, we will see how every-things will change.

iraj khan


by iraj khan on

standing on its head

last comment that states:

1. "Israel has not killed any Iranians"

(He probably has not read the news for the last few years)

2. Israelis are victims.

Conclusion then "It's OK for Israelis to push for Starvation of Iranian people and its destruction."

What a brilliant reasoning!


Beautiful poem of Saddi. A message for Disenchanted

by Siavash300 on

"Human beings are members of a whole, In creation of one essence and soul. If one member is afflicted with pain, Other members uneasy will remain. If you have no sympathy for human pain, The name of human you cannot retain" Saddi

Disenchanted aziz,

I see your frustration over something that historically has slighest impact on our people and our country, means,  state of Israel. The question is : Has Israeli ever killed any Iranians?

 the answer is NO. 

Has Israeli ever harmed Iran in any way that you can imagine.?

 the answer is NO.

So I really don't understand the source of hate against people of Israel. I can see someone hate Arabs because they did very wrong to our country and our people. Saddam killed more than 1 million of our people. So that is logical to hate Arabs because of what they did to us, but not jews.

    Imagine those who were burned in gas chamber by Nazi Germany were our biological sisters and mothers and brothers. How would you feel about it?. Look at Saddi's poem. Seems Saddi is talking to us about the survival of holocast victims and trying to teach us humanity lesson. He says :  If you have no sympathy for human pain, The name of human you cannot retain. Just feel the pain of those who lost their loved ones in Nazi Germany gas chambe.

 My heart goes for all those family members for such a crime against humanity. Hitler was able to convince people to look at jews from the angle he was looking at them and from that angle he committed the most brutal crime in the history of mankind. Now, stinky ruling mullahs are doing exact the same thing and looking forward to have another holocast. But we won't let it happen. I as an iranian try my best to prevent such a inhuman act by monkey who calls himself Iran president. No way. Monkey and all those stinky rag heads must go and vanish, not jews.  

   That is humanity and I would like to see my country men/women feel the same way about jews. I wish I was in a position who could make a decision to ask officially from Israeli to migrate and settle in Iran. Forget all arab nations. Those people are not fighting for their land, they are fighting for hate. I have an idea where the hate is originated, but I rather not to discuss it here. I believe land is an exuse.  

All efforts has to be directed to change the regime in Iran so we can live in peace and harmony with all neighbores including state of Israel.



Jeesh Daram

Essence of humanity

by Jeesh Daram on

Because we are an oppressed nation (Iran) and we have not seen and tasted freedom in our entire history (with an exception that I am addressing in my upcoming article), we tend to take two wrong paths at any chance we get to achieve our freedom, and hence we face a wall:

1-Kissing the ass of the victor

2- Shed tears as victims

Reza Shah's & Son, Inc. rear was kissed for such long time, that it blinded the vision of a nation that there should be life after Pahlavi also. Then, when Khomeini (leader of the so called victims) arrived, we were divided to many braches of ass-kissers and victims. Ass-kissers and mourners do not produce a positive approach to victory for oppression. That is why Khomeinism failed, because his emphasis was on "poor us, the victims", while the world was passing us by so swiftly.

Humiliation and degradation, that Iranian nation face day in and day out from world press, Israel, and every country on earth, has pushed back our will for a significant jump to liberty and equality. It has molded us to a divided and angry nation with the worst still on the horizon. In our debates we tend to be either a victor or a sour loser, with no middle ground for understanding.It is not the nation of Israel that has oppressed the Palestinian; it is a vicious government similar to the one in Iran. In fact the regime in Iran has come a long way in its 33 years to realize many of its mistakes and knows its days are counted, while Israel prides itself as a victim.

Israel regime forever wants to shed tears as a victim and in that approach is willing to take the whole world down, in order to not become a victim again. Iranians on the other hand, know that they are victimized, but culturally, they tend to hide their shortcomings and pretend to be the valiant that they are not, but mostly see themselves as voiceless victims. Neither Israel or Iran will be successful as nations in a long run. After all these 33 years, our voters’ best conclusion is "not to vote".  Is that how radical we the 80 million people of Iran can get? Perhaps it only proves that we are not ready for a drastic change and we are only hoping for a quick fix preferably done by a third party contractor, be it Israel military or US drones. The dictator does not care one way or another if we vote or not vote. Because at the end of the day the regime is part of us and we will come to mutual understanding that we either have to kiss up, or act as a victim, and that will change the world very little to be even noticeable. 


iraj khan


by iraj khan on

Watch and Follow the news for the next six days when 10,000 supporters of Israel in the United State, under the umberlla of AIPAC (Israel Lobby), will converge on Washington with 2 goals on their agenda:

1. Push President Obama to Starve and ultimately attack Iran.

2. Push their agenda regarding How best to continue the occupation of other's land.


Let’s not fool ourselves….

by Bavafa on

There is a daily post on IC right on the front page, which brings the victims of IRI right to our face yet for so many of us which beat the drum of Iran – only (this has nothing to do with the user member Onlyiran) fail to visit or post a supporting message.


The pledge of all oppressed people are important, but the fact is that currently Israel seem to be  embarking on a great threat to our mother-land hence it has taken a higher priority.


Deflecting any attention from this threat is to betray the people in our mother land and our own conscience.



'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



Hundreds of millions of people in Middle East have to suffer

by Disenchanted on

because bunch of nuts claiming to have a lease on a piece of land from God (Iran has some morons with similarly outlandish religious views that I abhore) do everything and attack everyone they "suspect" may have different views!...Just because bunch of paranoid, cowards in Tel aviv cannot get sleep at night does not give them the right to against all international laws preemtively attack another country. If they don't feel secure in that neighborhood, the solution is to get the hell out not going around and bombing every country in the region (just imagine another country, say India, acting with such modus oprendi!!)!!..............Siavash jaan would you please avoid using the word "brainwashed" as often. Eventhough brainwashed indicates at least I have a brain which is not something we can take for granted on IC! :-)


OnlyIran is right. Some people have been brainwashed

by Siavash300 on

Some of these people like Disenchanted were brainwashed by stinky mullahs in Iran and some receiving $$$ from mullahs. Our goal is to enlighten people like Disenchanted.

Dear Disenchanted,

please remember that the whole issue is surronding the statement that monkey who calls himself Iran's president of wipe off state of Israel. All anger should be directed toward that monkey, not decent Iranians like onlyiran. Islamic bastards are the ones who convert our beatiful country from shah's days to the dirt hole. Never forget who we are. We are offspring of Koroush, Dariush, kaveh and Nader. We have a rich history of Padeshahi. We supported jews throughout history and we never identify ourselves with arabs. Be proud of who you are and never listen to those Islamic criminal gangs who unlawfully occupied Iran.




by Onlyiran on

We're hearing about Palestine on a daily basis because that is what the IRI has drilled into their heads with non-stop propaganda for the past 33 years.  And they're just mindlessly repeating it.


I agree with Jeesh daram.

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

However, one question:

Are palistinians the only oppressed people on planet? Let me narrow it down a bit further, is all this outpouring of sympathy for palistinians because of our shared religion, (I am ignoring the fact that most sunni palistinians hate us shiat persians...), in which case how about the oppression of Muslim chechneans by russians? How about the oppression of chinese muslims by China? How about the daily murder of muslim women and children in syria by Assad? Why dont we hear a voice of support for these folks from the people who daily scream about mistreatment of palistinians on this site??

Are we saying that killing people is only bad if it is done by a jew???


"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


Can we stop with the name calling?


Lets stop deflecting attention from what matters most here. A bunch of nutjobs wishing death and destruction on IRAN. Not Israel, not Palestine. IRAN.

Jeesh Daram

Not mutually exclusive

by Jeesh Daram on

Loving and wishing freedom for the oppressed people of Palestine along for freedom and independence for the rich nation of Iran are not two mutually exclusive events in humane school of thinking. You can sympatize with as many oppressed cultures as your emotions allows you and ask yourself why not.


Human beings are members of a whole, In creation of one essence and soul. If one member is afflicted with pain, Other members uneasy will remain. If you have no sympathy for human pain, The name of human you cannot retain