Netanyahu Advisor Advocates Mass Starvation Against Iran

Ynet says: "Iran’s citizens should be starved in order to curb Tehran’s nuclear program, officials in Jerusalem said Wednesday ahead of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s upcoming trip to Washington."

“North Korea is halting its nuclear program in order to receive aid in food, and this is what should be done with Iran as well,” one unnamed official said.

“Suffocating sanctions could lead to a grave economic situation in Iran and to a shortage of food,” the source said. “This would force the regime to consider whether the nuclear adventure is worthwhile, while the Persian people have nothing to eat and may rise up as was the case in Syria, Tunisia and other Arab states.”

Makes me wonder if the self proclaimed liberators and "democracy" promoting Iranians who advocate "crippling" sanctions really do mean starving Iranian citizens to reach their goal. The only difference between Iranian traitors and this racist Israeli is that the latter is more honest about his views whereas Iranians who advocate crippling sanctions hide behind human rights issues to spew out their hatred of ordinary Iranians.


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Disenchanted - one only needs to read your comments and blogs

by Onlyiran on

and see who you care about the most.  Hint: it's not Iran.  It's a country (hopefully one day for their sake) / nation with a name that begins with P and ends with an e. Palestine.


"onlyIran" lets see who is the real idiot here...

by Disenchanted on

         We got Israelis calling everyday for attack, destruction and starvation of Iranians and you find rest of us at fault for pointing this out! You are siding explicitly or otherwise with enemies of Iran and call yourself "only Iran"!!!! ...So who is the idiot here?!huh...


Israel, Israel, Israel / Palestine, Palestine, Palestine

by Onlyiran on

Listen to yourselves.  A bunch of brainwashed, stateless saps.  Willing to sacrifice our country for the sake of bunch of people who don't even give a damn about us.

You idiots will be the end of our beloved homeland that you pretend to care for.  All for what?  Pelastine? 


Let's be worry about Iran

by Siavash300 on

"Israel being menace to the world beyond their relation with Iran." Disenchanted

Let's be worry about our own country and then after we achieve our goal we will discuss about the rest of the world. The fact is our king Kourosh Kabir supported jews more than 2000 years ago. The fact is jews never killed any Iranian. We both know that jews never killed any Iranian but Arabs did. Arabs under Khalid ibn walid and then saad ibn vagas killed many Iranians. Arabs invaded iran in 1980 and they killed my 2 good childhood friends. You can hate arabs and I won't blame anyone to do so.



well, Israel being a menace to the world is beyond...

by Disenchanted on

their relation with Iran. Iran is a beautiful country we both love but that says nothing about how ruthless was Shah's reign. Israel crimes goes way beyond those commited against Iran. They are on a daily basis engaged in death and destruction of countries as far as Turkey.....One perhaps should have told these morons 60 years ago: If you find yourself in war and murder against a dozen countries in the region day in and day out perhpas you shouldn't be in this neighborhood to begin with!...


Dear Disenchanted you're so young and brainwashed

by Siavash300 on

"Folks wake up Zionism stops at nothing" Disenchanted

No my dear, we had beatiful country when shah was on power and we were living in peace and harmony with our neighbore including state of Israel. you have been brainwashed by a bunch of stinky Islamic criminals who occupied our country unlawfully for last 32 years.

During shah's days, there was fight between arabs and jews. That fight was since late 40's.  It had nothing to do with Iran and our people.

Now, we are facing death threat, invasion, bombing.... disintegration of our country...... and more and more .... the reason is : because that monkey who calls himself Iran's president wants to wipe off Israel from the map. Didn't you hear that? I am surprised you didn't hear that.

The problem is that monkey and all those stinky mullahs who occupied iran unlawfully for last 32 years. Once Reza Pahlavi takes the office all of our problems will be solved. Things will go back to normal. We don't have any fight with anyone. That was our shah's policy. Unlike these days that we are facing threat or we are worry about our homeland and being look like a terrorist around the world, when shah was on powere we all well respected. Once crown Reza Pahlavi take the office we live in peace and harmony with the rest of the world such as E.U and Saudi and Israel. Remember we are peacefull people.



Didn't Shimon Prez send a message of love to iranian people

by Disenchanted on

two weeks ago?! Yup starving tpeople to death is love in zionism! Those idiots who talk of Israeli attack on Iran don't know who they are dealing with! These folks stop at nothing, I mean nothing to push their aggression and occupation agenda. Remember, the other day one of those idiot Israeli firsters was advocating murder of US president to achive their goals. Folks wake up Zionism stops at nothing. If you give them the West bank they ask for Jordan. They are chosen by GOD, so figure the rest...


Psychic reading is NOT scientific

by Siavash300 on

"Iran will be divided into different provinces with their own governments such as Kurdestan, Baluchestan, Azarbaijan, etc and still there wont be no country left to restore the monarchy" Iraj khan

How do you know? Is that psychic reading or wishful thinking.? Is that stinky mullahs prophecy? Is that what mullahs are propagating these days to stay in power longer? no way jose. Mullah's time is up.

The statement sounds very familiar. The same logic was said in 1979. S.A.V.A.K was propagating,...  "..if shah leaves Iran will be divided into different providences". Shah left and stinky ruling mullahs came to the picture and people suffered for 32 years. No disintegration.

The fact is stinky mullahs are "walking dead men". They all go to the dumpster of history very soon. Every one with rational way of thinking can sense that. The fact is all world including iranian people are against stinky Islamic criminal gang who occupied Iran. People around the world are not stupid. They have brain and they can think rationally. They were able to see between 2 to 3 million iranians were on streets of Tehran against the stinky ruling mullahs in June 2009. 2 or 3 million was just in Tehran. The other cities as well. Iranians were suffered a lot, but there is a light at the end of tunnel. Victory is getting close and every one can see the fall of stinky ruling mullahs.

    Asad in Syria and stinky mullahs in Iran will fall soon. Israel and U.S remains intact. Either some like it or dislike it. That is the process of the history. 



by Fatollah on

بیشتر بکشید از مردم بومی، کسی نیست به این پست فطرت بگه کی به زمین های مرغوب عرب دستبرد زده و هنوز این غصب ودزدی بعد از۶۰ سال ادامه داره، اگر مادر قحبه نبود که چنین اظهار نظری نمیکرد،
آگه بخاطر کمکهای بی دریغ آمریکا نبود وجود خارجی نداشتن،
در ضمن اسرائیل رو به حال خودشون بگذار ببین چطور هم دیگرو ازدرون تکه پاره میکنند و دموکراسیشون پیشکش

iraj khan


by iraj khan on

If Iran is attacked the rest of Iranians will suffer along with the 'stinky mullahs'.

Iran will be divided into different provinces with their own governments such as Kurdestan, Baluchestan, Azarbaijan, etc and still there wont be no country left to restore the monarchy.

On the subject of what Israeli low life said about starving Iranians, I should add, in order to invade a country they first starve them just like what they did to people of Iraq.

I'm just saying,



correction of Iraj khan statement

by Siavash300 on

"....more concerned for Iran to be 'wiped off the map' at this time

at the hands of Israel, Saudi Arabia, United States and EU." Iraj khan

The correct version of above statement is :

".... more concerned for STINKY MULLAHS to be 'wipe off the map' at this time at the hands of Israel, Saudi Arabia,united States and EU".

Yes, we all Iranian are on the side of all those countries that you mentioned. We are going to wipe off stinky mullahs from  the map. Victory is near. Soon you will see it.

                       GOAL : RESTORING MONARCHY

iraj khan


by iraj khan on

more concerned for Iran to be 'wiped off the map' at this time

at the hands of Israel, Saudi Arabia, United States and EU.

According to the whole world, Israel has between 200 to 300 atomic bombs ready to go on top of Missiles, inside submarines and loaded on F16s.

Hence, if Iran is wiped off the map you wont have a country to 'resurrect the monarchy'.


Sanction is start to kicks in

by Siavash300 on

Chicken is sold about 3000 to 3500 toman each kilo. The life is getting harder and harder among working class people in Iran. The way it goes very soon our people are going to starve literary. The whole issue is surronding that monkey who calls himself Iran president and his wishes to wipe out state of Israel. Israel is not going to be wiped off the map,but our people is going to starve. That is the fact. Regime change seems in order to avoid possible starvation.


iraj khan

Nazi's analogy and Israel

by iraj khan on

Lets not get confused here: 

Nazis were racist,

Nazis invaded their neighbors.

Israel's Zionist system could be compared to a colonial Nazi system of government.



Timely blog…

by Bavafa on

As I was reading some of the comments last night comparing Iran and IRI to the Nazis and it paused me to think, whose policies are closer to the Nazi Germany

  • Nazis embarked on a deadly war and occupying their neighbors land
  • Nazis created a Ghetto for a specific sector of citizens based on their ethnicity/religion
  • Nazis confiscated, killed and pillaged with impunity



Looking at those acts, it is easy to see that both IRI and the Zionist regime  are practicing same acts, the former does it internally against its own people while the latter does it with its neighbors.

Back to the topic of the blog,

Kill 'em one way or another!  I suppose killing them thru starvation will not look as bad and less of a chance for any retalitatory reaction.

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 


Jeesh Daram


by Jeesh Daram on


Video about Children of Palestine



Carter on Israel: