Proclamation of Baha'u'llah to CZAR ALEXANDER II

Proclamation of Baha'u'llah to CZAR ALEXANDER II
by muscle-defender



 Hearken unto My Voice that calleth from My prison that it may acquaint thee with the things that have befallen My Beauty, at the hands of them that are the manifestations of My glory, and that thou mayest perceive how great hath been My patience, notwithstanding My might, and how immense My forbearance, notwithstanding My power. By My Life! Couldst thou but know the things sent down by My Pen, and discover the treasures of My Cause, and the pearls of My mysteries which lie hid in the seas of My names and in the goblets of My words, thou wouldst, in thy love for My name, and in thy longing for My glorious and sublime Kingdom, lay down thy life in My path. Know thou that though My body be beneath the swords of My foes, and My limbs be beset with incalculable afflictions, yet My spirit is filled with a gladness with which all the joys of the earth can never compare.






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nadeem khan

I did not read this Junk

by nadeem khan on

But I remember even Khomeini wrote to Garbochev.

So what ?

Do you remember the FATWA of Ayat'u'l-Baha Waters and Other Baha'is against you that you are a Covenant Breaker and a 72 Virgin Loving xxxxxx