Lawmakers Turn Backs on Blockade Resolution


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Patrick Disney

Washington, D.C.-- Yesterday, two members of the House of Representatives withdrew their cosponsorship of H.Con.Res 362, the controversial bill that many experts interpret as recommending a blockade of Iran. Rep. Tom Allen (D-ME) and Rep. Stephen Cohen (D-TN) announced their decision to withdraw yesterday. Below is a statement by Rep. Allen explaining his decision:

"I cosponsored H. Con. Res. 362 because I believe that the Iranian regime poses very real threats to stability in the region and that it is in our national security interest to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons. However, there is language in this resolution that may imply Congressional approval of a blockade of Iran. I want to be perfectly clear about where I stand: I believe our nation should be engaging in tough diplomatic talks with Iran that will permanently dismantle that country's nuclear weapons program, and that sanctions should be part of that strategy. However, I do not support the idea of a blockade. Since the resolution has not been amended to address these concerns, yesterday, I removed my name as a cosponsor."


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Re: Or it could be something else.

by mostaghel on

We will see whether you are correct!. So far, as someone has put it in this thread, it seems more like a zio-nazi tail-spin.

(I know zio-nazis are your favorites!)

Mehdi Mazloom

Or it could be something else.

by Mehdi Mazloom on

Did it occur to anyone that, this "resolution" could be just part of a very sophisticated and elaborate disinformation designed to put the Mullahs to sleep, while behind the scene preparations are being completed for regime change in Iran.


connect the dots...............................


Our thaks to Rep Allen (D-ME) and Rep Cohen (D-TN) for not

by Tafreshi on

endorsing the military blockade of Iran. Also, our thanks to NIAC for working for peace and understanding among Iranian and American people.

Shiny Head


by Shiny Head on

It was obvious from the start that the zio-nazis were behind this anti-iranian so called "resolution". Apparently the zio-nazi tail spin which begun a while back is going on.!!


(I did not become Kachal because I used vajebi to shave my head. I becamse Kachal because I wanted to know better!)