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Washington DC - NIAC is working hardto provide Iranian Americans a strong and respectable voice in America, as wellas to speak forcefully in defense of the Iranian people as they courageouslystand up for their rights. Links to recent media coverage are below:

Interview with Radio FardaPersian, Dec 31.

Al JazeeraTalk Show, Dec 29.

MSNBC's The Rachel Maddow Show. "Tide turning for Iranian protestors?" (Video) Dec. 28.

PBS NewsHour. "Analysis: New Clashes Test Iranian Regime's Grip onTehran." (Video) Dec. 28.

LA Times. "Iran sanctions: U.S. and allies may narrow their approach."Dec. 29.

Al Jazeera. "Iran seizes opposition figures." Dec. 28.

Financial Times. "Washington no longer able to remain silent." Dec. 29.

CNN. "Iranian official: Arrest anti-government demonstrators." Dec. 28.

CNN. "Iran: Why the U.S. Should Care." (Video) Dec. 27.

The Christian Science Monitor. "New US stance on Iranian protests: stress human rightsviolations."

The National. "Iran regime cracks down on activists." Dec 29.

VOA Persian. "Iranian-American Organizations in the US." Dec. 22.


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Calling for debate over NIAC

by ramintork on

I think NIAC and its loyalty to the Iranian community needs a good debate so I have opened the debate in a new blog.



OMG - next, we will quote the Rajavi duo as the word of G*D

by MM on

OMG - next, we will quote the Rajavi duo as the word of G*D

Oh please, we already have a representative of him on earth, as in Velayat-e Vaghih.

Fouzul Bashi

Hassan Daioleslam

by Fouzul Bashi on

The only source you have to quote against NIAC is Hassan Daioleslam who is a known member of MKO.

Patrick, check your facts before you spread the lies any further. You're giving AIPAC sympathizers/Pahlavist a reason to rejoice which is ok in the spirit of the season, but starting Jan 1st, you better put a lid on it. Neocon's era is over!


Hey Patrick

by masoudA on

Happy new year - and good to have you here.    We will kick some much deserving ars in 2010 - mark my word.   In the war against a$$holes they are either with us or against us.   When it comes to A-holeness, no religion matters,  there is just no grey area.  





NIAC in the News

by MM on

Keep up the good work.  Thanks.


Sitting on the Fence Waiting for Dust to Settle

by Ahura on

Dr. Trita Parsi under the banner of NIAC, a non-profit educational organization that dabbles in politics, had advised for normalization of relations between USA and Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) to facilitate trade and travel of Iranian residents or dual citizens. To that end regime change in Iran has been a taboo, the pursuit of nuclear arms by IRI a nonissue, and human rights violations and genocide against other Iranians (MKO, political dissidents, ethnic and religious minorities) of little importance until recently that the widespread and overt crimes of IRI were seen by the world community and could no longer be ignored.  

Although he strongly condemns the violation of human rights by IRI now, he has been consistent on his advocacy of more time and no general sanctions until the dust settles over the present civil unrest in Iran.  This just happens to be what IRI wants, more time and no hindrance to acquire nuclear weapon and ensure its rule of terror in Iran.

Regardless of the disagreements that you readers of may have on the effectiveness of general sanctions, targeted sanctions, financial and banking restrictions against IRGC and IRI leaders, my guess is that except for the few paid IRI agents almost all of you would respond no to the following three questions.

1.  Do you prefer the present theocracy to a secular democracy for Iran?

2.  Do you want a judicial system based on Sharia laws rather than modern laws for Iran?

3.  Do you think IRI can evolve into a secular democratic republic?

If you are hesitant on your response to question 3 please read the IRI constitution that forbids changing the theocratic nature of the regime and the rule of the Supreme Jurist. Also review the ideas of IRI infallible leader late grand ayatollah Ruholah Khomaini that gives supremacy to Islam over Iran. He even suggested a compromise to change the name of the Persian Gulf to Islamic Gulf, in lieu of Arab states call for Arabic Gulf!

Well, you all agree and want a regime change in Iran. So take note NIAC that Iranians in USA echo what the Iranian domestic opposition movement wants, namely, a regime change from religious dictatorship to secular democracy. Now go figure why Dr. Trita Parsi still advocates sitting on the fence waiting for dust to settle in Iran, as in Aljazeera Talk Show, Dec. 29.