The most beautiful Persian women in the world

by NicholasRowe

As you know, my blog // has been posted before. I am sharing the blog again in an effort to apologize to the administrator and offer peace between us. I want to publically apologize to the administrator for blaming him for the content that is displayed on in the comments section under blogs and articles. I falsely accused J of not only creating fake accounts but, also impersonating several people on this website to draw traffic in. I was wrong and I am sorry about that.

However; I am not sorry about my angst directed towards the jealous women and the sexually repressed men who post on this website (and you know who you are). Some of you are constantly so negative and critical but, also see your narcissism as normal. I am sorry if you are not one of these people but, the people that do this day after day, night after night, all of the time...24/7, let's face it, you know who you are. (and some of you managed to bring that on my blog in the comments section of the girls)

I think some of you think it's normal but, when I call you out on it and post your are quick to change your tune. Then you constantly obsess over me. Now, I don't know if some of you jealous broads make up false accounts as men to obsess over yourself or if some of you sexually repressed men pose as women to try and act like you have a social life but, lets get real, if ya were happy or you're so hot or good looking to bash other people, why would you be posting about it on a website?

I have no hate towards any of you because in the end, I don't give a f*ck who you are and that's all I got to say about that.



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big keer

Hendoostan loves Parsi women.

by big keer on

Parsi Iranian women are the most beautiful women in the world!

Main tumse pyar karta hun!

Anonymous Observer

Just a question

by Anonymous Observer on

I haven't heard or seen some of these women in the public realm.  Are some of them just friends of yours?  If so, are they in agreement with you posting their photos, esepcially the one with the child?