Shahs of Sunset, an addicting reality show

Shahs of Sunset, an addicting reality show
by NicholasRowe

Although many of you can say that this show is horrible. You may also say that "this gives Persians a bad name" or "why are the people ugly" or "why are these people representing Persians" or whatever other reason you have to think this show is crap but, in the end, it still has your attention. You are talking about it. You are watching it. You find it addicting.

I, personally find the show entertaining. Most Iranians do act like this and if they don't, they hide it. The Iranian woman all act like GG. You Iranian women that say you don't, prove it. Lol. The first episode made me laugh so hard. Sure the people are over the top but, if you hate it so bad, why do you tune in week after week? It's obvious that you like the show or it would not have your attention.

I'm addicted to this show. Can't wait to see more Shahs of Sunset on BRAVO!


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Mr Naderi aziz

by Sean-K on

I am a 42 year old man so not washed up yet  and old and surely not a pedophile even though i don't see the logic of {thinking GG is not hot = pedophile}??!! but I am sure Freud has written something about that logic.

And something very strange....when I click on NicholasRowe I get 'ERROR'. Someone wrote on this site the other day that it means the person is blocked when that happens. Do you know what happened to Nicholas mr Naderi?




by Sean-K on

Are you here to praise a ugly (in and out) woman and insult all our other women? Not a nice behavior for a welomed guest you know.

good luck getting a persian woman buddy.


Golnesa (or GG) is hot

by NicholasRowe on

She's insecure but, tell me what Iranian woman isn't? C'mon. It's in your DNA!