Nilo Siavashi
by Nilo Siavashi

ای عاشقان بسی کردید ناله و فغان

که شهر ما آن سال شد زیر غم نهان

دگر نبود زشادی ز دوستی هیچ خبر

به جای آن آمد مرگ, دردسر, خطر

چه گلها که پرپر, دستان دوستان بریده از هم شدند

سینه ها پر از ماتم, پاها سنگین, دیدگان نم نم شدند

چه نکته ها که هیچکس دیگر نگفت

چه بی کس آنان که آنگاه در بند شدند

دور هم نشسته اید کنون شما, به جمع تان خوش آمدید

اما امروز با راحتی, چرا ملامت بی کسان می کنید؟

به دارشان می افکنید شما آنان را با انتقادتان

خواهم آن روز که جمعی کنند تحسین آن بی کسان

هر بی کسی دو باره گر در تاریخ آدمی شود

هر نکته ای دوباره در آینده گفته ای شود

درود بر بی کسی که در تاریخ آدمی شود

خنک آن نکته ای که در آینده گفته ای شود


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Jun 29, 2009
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Nilo Siavashi

Dear MPD, Indeed many people lost their lives for a noble cause

by Nilo Siavashi on

Just this past couple days, I learned about couple classmates who were executed in early 1360s in Iran when they were under 20 years old.  Like you say, history will look and judge that era as a brutal one. 

This poem is about the writers and intelllectuals of that era who are now being criticized by youth of that era who are now in their middle ages.  Some tell me that those intellectuals really were not that good and were dogmatic and caused problems for the youth of the era.  My poem is about those intellectuals who participated in the revolution and then tried to stir the new government to a more democratic way through peaceful activities not by violence.  When new government turned more radical somewhat as result of militaristic activities of some political groups, these intellectuals were executed along with those who advocated violence. If they were not executed, they were sent to prison and tortured, and some went on exile for their beliefs. What else do we want them to have done? It seems to me that among all parties involved, these were most noble ones.

Multiple Personality Disorder

A very poignant poem

by Multiple Personality Disorder on

Many innocent people lost their lives for a noble cause, liberty.  At the end it was brutalithy that destroyed innocent lives.  History will look at what went on as a chaotic and brutal ear.