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Yesterday I attended a seminar on future of investment markets. The lecturer was telling the trend of FDI in The SSA during recent years has been positive and this is while regardless of the ongoing crisis The GCC countries have shown positive index both in GDP and GNP, but elsewhere, in EU and OECD regardless of generous helps of IMF and numerous warnings of UN, the trend has been negative. I just gave up and walked out. When I arrived at office, there was a file on my desk reading FYI. I opened it and there were notes from OIEC informing they have just stopped working with EPC’s and the LCs for PET and HDPE have been expired; besides Mr. VJ the CEO of BIBFZCO had sent a DO for the PCs in the DPA. I asked my colleagues: IS this VJ the same custom boy? They replied no this VJ has an MBA from UCLA and a PHD from UCB. I told enough is enough now I should go to WC!

When I arrived home I turned on TV to check the news but the screen was asking for password. I tried all passwords that I could think of, but it just hanged and messaged: USB out of memory, contact admin!

I just couldn’t believe it; I started chatting with my daughter texting her: I think your dad has reached his expiry date; I just can not stand any more of this alphabet soups. She replied: LOL, XOXO DAD.


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A brilliant piece............... my ID is LHAO ing



*Really good blog........

Anahid Hojjati

Good blog

by Anahid Hojjati on


Yes, there are too many abbreviations but emoticons are even worse than abbreviations :(.