Saudi-Arabia as a sanctuary!

by PArviz

If things go the way they are going in the Arab world, soon we will have a club for old and brutal Arab dictators in Saudi-Arabia.

Apparently no one else wants these parasites and Saudi-Arabia is the only place left for them to go to.

But what I am wondering is this: Where would these dictators go when troubles start in Saudi-Arabia? It might take some time but it is certainly in the coming. This latest movement seems to have a domino effect in the Arab world and will not end with Tunis and Egypt.

I hope these thugs are brought to justice (as were Yugoslavian, Liberian...leaders and hopefully the Bushes, Blairs and Kissingers of this world). The world should demand that people who torture, kill or oppress people and take away their basic human rights are tried in international tribunals. Running away to Saudi-Arabia or similar safe havens should not be accepted anymore, for god's sake, we live in the 21st century and not the middle ages.

The latest movements in the Arab world will certainly have effects on the criminals in Tehran also.  Although the criminals in Tehran showed that when it comes to brutality and savagery they are indeed number one in the world, but you can rest assured that as soon as the people of Iran come up with a reliable and democratic alternative to the present rule of terror, the Akhundi regime will not last more than a few days. 


Down with the ENTIRE Islamic Republic! 


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And what will it happen

by Bavafa on

when this wave of freedom reaches Riyadh? Perhaps Israel will give them sanctuary since they are full of praise for them. And I am sure they would just love to take the Iranian dictators, once the wave reaches Tehran.




Bahram Gohari

Unfortunately we do not have

by Bahram Gohari on

Unfortunately we do not have a reliable and democratic alternative to this barbaric regime, at least we had the old fart Khomaini as an excuse for overthrowing the old regime, who do we have now?