MKO: Into the arms of the executioner?

MKO: Into the arms of the executioner?
by Paymaneh Amiri

Reuters reports that the 3,500 residents of Mojahedeen Khalgh Organization's Camp Ashraf in Iraq have been told by the Iraqi government that their camp will be closed and that they will have to leave the country.  The camp had been under US protection thus far.  Where would they go?  Many Camp Ashraf residents have never known a life other than the one they have been living for the past three decades.  The only country that has requested their release into her custody is the Islamic Republic of Iran.  That prospect poses a grave fate for the group.  If returned to Iran, they will be persecuted and many of them could face execution.

The group's leader, Massoud Rajavi's whereabouts and circumstances are unknown, and his wife Maryam Rajavi has been living in Europe for the past several years.  In the hands of a country that considers them unwelcome, in the absence of any other country's willingness to let them in, and with IRI's all too eager interest in having them, this group's future is looking its bleakest ever.  What do you think should be done about them?


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Jahanshah Rashidian

To Mani

by Jahanshah Rashidian on

I agree with your A-paragraph--Each political body should be treated based on its own deeds. Your second part (B) is a partly mistaken:

The MEK could be intrigued in the massacre of Iraqis, but not Iranians, unless you consider IRI's troops as Iranian troops? They did not kill or terrorised Iranian civil population.

Furthermore, the MEK did not take part in the Iraqi invasion; on the contrary, their militia defended Iranian territory on the Khoramshhr front when the Iraqis invaded in 1980. At this time the MEK were still the followers of their "Imam" Khomeini. They camped in Iraq in 1982 and at this time IRI was the propmoter of the war. Khomeini  systematically rejected the Iraqi repeated ceasefires with the war-compensation for Iran.

Human rights organisations have already warned both Iraqi and US governments not to hand over the MEK members to the IRI and treat them based on established conventions. This is what I support



by Anonymous1 (not verified) on

These people have committed treason, and deserve no mercy . Never forget that they killed Iranians. Even an orderly in that group deserves a severe punishment.

American Wife

You really can't argue with JJ

by American Wife on

on this one.  If this is in fact a "camp" and there has been no trial to provide proof of innocence or crime, these people are between a rock and a hard place.  To be forced to go back to Iran and face certain prosecution and possible death seems barbaric.  It would be different if they were guilty of a crime against Iran.  Just as I think criminals against America aren't entitled to safe haven elsewhere and should be deported.  But who has determined their crime?  And  WOULD they receive fair representation in Iran?  I don't know much about this so if I'm mistaken about something, please clarify.


To Mr. Rashidian

by Mani832 (not verified) on

Two points:
A) again, I can not understand this urge to compare MEK with IRI. As if, the more negative points the IRI has the more positive points the MEK automatically gains. No Sir. These are two different independent political bodies and should be evaluated as such. The MEK is evil, regardless of what pros or cons the IRI has.
B) You say that "...Handing them over to the criminal IRI or letting them kidnapped by IRI must be a shameful stain on the front of international community and is against any international convention." May I ask; was the MEK's support of the Iraqi invasion of Iran and the desctruction of Iranian life an property in keeping with "international conventions". Was thier mass murders of civilians in Iraqi kurdish villages (at the order of thier master Saddam) in keeping with "International conventions"?
No sir. I have no sympathy for these power hungry dictator wanna be's. They played a violant game and they lost. Let the chips fall where they may.

Jahanshah Rashidian


by Jahanshah Rashidian on

Most MEK militants are old people of the revolution time; they are in hard conditions in an isolated camp in jeopardy.

Although, MEK is another Islamic current like the IRI or other Islamic factions whose priority is Islam, not Iran and her freedom, but these few thousands of MEK militants have not all committed the same crimes like Basiji, Pasdars, and... are doing so every day in Iran. MEK is a cultish sect with all Stalinist traits which of course belong to any Islamic group, but its members have much less blood on the hands than Basijis, Pasdars, Ansars, and other IRI’s followers. Even if brainwashed, MEK members must be given choice and humanitarian help to find a land of asylum. Their leaders who sided with the "enemy of Iran" will respond to Iranian people once the country is free from her main enemy, the IRI.

 Handing them over to the criminal IRI or letting them kidnapped by IRI  must be a shameful stain on the front of international community and is against any international convention.


Execute the leaders and......

by mani817 (not verified) on

The leaders of this marxist-islamist-fascist cult should, of course, be executed.
As far as the followers are cocerned, if any country is willing to take them, they should move there, if not, Iran it is. I feel bad for the simple minded MKO followers who were duped into this cult, but it's too late to go back to a normal life now.
BTW, PLEASE stop comparing IRI and MKO. IRI has many many problems. The thing is, MKO is FAR worst.
To save the time of the MKO human robots, NO I'm NOT an egent of the IRI. Just an Iranian, who like almost every single Iranian hates the bastards who lead this cult.


MEK must leave next month

by Izzy (not verified) on


MEK ruined its reputation 20 years ago and cannot get support inside IRAN. If European Union wants to use them in a war against Iran, that is a mistake. IRAQ is doing much better now and for the past five years, there is less violence. God knows what kind of deal is cut between America and Iran. There is a book out called The Secret War With Iran and talks about the possibility of a pre-emptive strike and might happen any day soon. If diplomacy fails.

Jahanshah Javid

Safe passage

by Jahanshah Javid on

The Iraqi government has every right to close down the camp and refuse to host a foreign army on its soil.

But none of those inside Camp Ashraf should be sent to Iran against their will. Instead they should be given safe passage to any country that would accept them as unarmed refugees. Call them traitors, fine. But what would you call the leaders of the Islamic Republic with the way they've treated people for the last 30 years?

There's little sympathy for the MKO and its politics. But the Islamic Republic's justice system is not known to be fair and independent either.

ebi amirhosseini

A cult of...

by ebi amirhosseini on


They remind me this:

by Anonymous I. (not verified) on


Well, let me see ...

by Well-wisher (not verified) on

Well, let me see ...

The MKO helped Saddam Hussein (1) suppress the Kurdish rebellion in '91; and (2) Kill Shiites in the South.

In addition, they launched an attack against Iran in 1988 alongside with the Iraqi army.

Sounds like a very violent and dangerous group to me.

They should be sent to Iran and kept in prison for a couple of years and then be released.


To: Anonymous123

by LiVe From TeHran (not verified) on

Do you have sympathy for Basiji?



by Daria (not verified) on

When they sided with Saddam and betrayed their country, they should have thought about the eventuality. This is what the traitors deserve. My sympathy goes to those of them who have been deceived and trapped by their leaders. They should be set free if they don't have blood on their hands. If they are innocent, I'm sure they will be better off in Iran, as many of them went back to Iran and were pardoned years ago . The leaders, however, should be prosecuted and punished for their crimes.

The SOB Rajavi must be tried alongside with the rest of Saddam's henchmen and hanged for his crimes against Iranians, Iraqis, and Americans (during Shah's time). This coward animal has abandoned his followers and is probably living somewhere in Europe in comfort with his wives.


Lost Generations...

by Khar on

IRI, MEK, Left, Right, Shahi, Va, Va......... Using people to achieve their demonic hellish goals! When is this "game" going to end when are we going to see them for what they are, false prophets!!! shame!


no sympathy here....

by Anonymous123 (not verified) on

i have no sympathy for them, especially the leaders. i wonder how come they haven't been assasinated yet by the IRI? trators, terrorists. that's all.