Peacful Dialogue, or, I am not Delusional!


The Prince
by The Prince

I am not delusional! I am a peaceful man. I believe that confrontation and violence never solve anything. I believe that the only way to curb IRI, and bring democracy to Iran is through dialogues. No sanction, no resistance, no upheaval, no war, only peaceful dialogues. We should learn from history!

I don’t know what you’ve read in history, but what really defeated Hitler in WWII was not war. He was defeated through peaceful dialogues only. Back and forth talking! That’s it! All those guns and killings? Pointless! Talking was the thing that did the trick.  Or, the South African Apartheid regime, defeated not through sanctions or demonstrations, only through dialogues! Ask Nelson Mandela. He knows!  Gandhi, the most peaceful man on earth, kept talking to the British, talking, talking, and talking, until they finally got tiered and went home. No resistance, no upheaval, just talking. That is the only way.

Strategically speaking, dialogues and offering attractive packages, especially without possibility of any further consequences, is the way to go!  Recently, in California, they are talking about ending the issuing of traffic tickets, and only to issue warnings, without any further penalties.  Social scientists believe that this way, California authorities will stop speeding, reckless driving, and DUIs and other offences once and for all.  Obviously, just talking and giving warnings to drunk drivers, especially after a fatal accident, is the only civilized way to go! “Now, be a good boy, and don’t drive drunk anymore. You hear?! Next time I see you sober, you’ll have an iPad, on me! Off you go now!”      

Plus, we are dealing with an Islamic regime here.  We all know that fanatic, fundamental islamists are famous for their peaceful dialogue! So, naturally, dialogue is the only way! Recent experience and history has shown us, time and time again, the akhoonds’ eagerness for conflict resolution through chit chat!  Didn’t you just see their recent dialogue invitation to Shahin Najafi? Or how they peacefully talk to their opposition in Evin and Kahrizk?  Amreh be ma’roof! Yes, Dialogues are the only solution!  

While we are at it, I want to also clarify another thing here.  Not only I am not delusional, but I am a very realistic and practical man. I am even reasonably skeptical! My life experience has taught me that not all humans are always truthful!  People sometimes, for one reason or another, tend to twist the truth and change the real story.  So, as a matter of practicality, I do not usually take things at face value. Stories always have different sides to them and are mostly about perception and not reality. 

It is for this reason, that I have chosen to believe, that a certain book, which was written 1500 years ago, and has gone around the world from hand to hand, for all that time, is the absolute truth in every word! Logic also dictates for me to beleive that this book has remained 100% uncontaminated, as the first time it was written by an illiterate man!  Yes, I am very practical and realistic. I call an akhoond by his real title, ROWHANI, as I also call an Ebola infested pile of dog shit, Hygienic!                        



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