Anglophile, Are We Better Without Him?

by religionoutofgovernment

Personally, I virtually never agreed with him. I found him obnoxious, self-righteous and confrontational. He had a talent in distorting the truth and presenting biased opinions. At times, he made me angry.

BUT are we better without him? Is this the best that can happen, to kill his voice? I think we are worse today. I think we failed. Some of us are writing victory blogs, but I think that is personal and does not prove a point. In the end, this is not a good outcome for free speech and democratic values that some of us claim to espouse. 


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Le mal est fait !

by Shemirani on

Already missed by those who liked to read his smart comments (with historical facts and great sens of humour) but the point is not just him, it's about how we treat eachothers and at the same time pretend to be proFreedom and for a Free Iran !

 A democrat liberal and cultured compatriot is ban from writing here while extremists are free to post all over the site on the name of "freedom of speech" !

 There is no valuable reason to explain it ! even if there was a "Dava" between him and an other chap they both could be ban for 24h to calm down them and that's it ! but i don't buy this childish explanation !


I think this Mossadegholahi ( J.M , Republican or Qajarsss...) in this site, flagged him over & over because they can't tolerate his comments. They muted an iranian hiddenly (behind the scene ) and pretend to be the only liberal humanist iranian around us !!!!! this low people can't even see the globale picture they are giving of our community !!! untolerance and censorship starts by this kind of people ! flagging others because their own mediocrity this is all they have to offer  ! if this users were adults and mature enough they would know there is no needs to flag anyone (to me flag button should have a very very rare utility, almost zero)

By flagging him you showed your own weakness but you  Sanctionned READERS (like me and others ) we are paying the price of your "pride&prejudice" and selfishness ! What was in his comments that you didn't want us to read ?!!!! Who are you to decide what we should read or not ???!!!

Irania vaghti Kaam miarand Doshman joonjooni mishand !!! and it's exactly why in 2012 we still are JAHAN SEVOMI !

Anglophile should be Unban even if he choose not coming back !


Me and Anglo, the story of unity between hezbollah va shahola

by مآمور on

That would be my next assignment here at IC! but let me tell u what we shared together, a blunt name! which leaves no room to mistake our political views!! she was the first one to do this here on IC. 

I started picking on her until we became friends who can have fun while criticizing each other!!

I wear an Omega watch

Mohammad Ala


by Mohammad Ala on

To my understanding... anglophile was a woman.  She mentioned that she never agreed with me except in few cases. 

I had no problem with anglophile or whatever names she used before that.  My vote is for her to return.

Shazde Asdola Mirza

This is the 3rd time that s/he has been blocked.

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

1. Used to stalk Q under the username Par...;

2. Used to stalk others under the username Far...;

3. Stalked Red Wine under the username Angl...!

S/he is a serial stalker, who gets more intense and angry as time progresses. His last comments were full of personal attacks and insults (too much even by IC standards).


Bring Chlorophyll Back!

by Faramarz on



He has spent enough time in the shade!

Let's bring Chlorophyll back in the sunlight!

First Amendment

Can I cordially invite........

by First Amendment on know who here, to not necessarily feature this blog but at least shed some unprecedented light on the cause of the disappearance of yet another member whose adversarial views I keep far dearer than the sympathetic points made by others....


Admin, may lord Moses bless and help you get your ears dewaxed!


so you can hear our requests to unblock Anglophile!

Lord Moses loves Admin!

Dr. Shlomo Loves Israel


About Jenab-e Anglophile

by All-Iranians on

If he ever reads this, All-Iranians hope he knows that he is really missed and there are many people here that want him back.



by CIM on

The issue of "blocking" (censorship) based upon malleable and arbitrary standards is something we have raised before.  This is why when the issue presents itself in any context everyone irrespective of ideological viewpoints needs to speak out about it regardless of whether you agree or disagree with the "blocked" user.  We have also raised the issue that censored people have gone on from this site to start their own news journals, such as, and that we have received many complaints about the practice.    


Fanoos jaan, I am saying Red Wine is a shazdeh

by Mehrban on

whom I respect and admire.  :)


Dear Mehrban, are you saying Shazdeh is Red Wine? I'm confused!

by fanoos on

I thought Shazdeh Asdola Mirza whom I respect immensely is different than Red Wine whom I enormously admire!


Anglo should come back and stop bothering Shazdeh Red Wine

by Mehrban on

Anglo jaan please come back as Anglophile2 as a nod to your sins and banishment and please stop harassing shazdeh Red Wine.  RW is one of our best.    Other ones of our best have taken it as they have dished it out so fair is fair :).


One can imagine many blocked around here but not Anglophile!

by fanoos on

Anglophile is an educated, smart, witty, gentleman, and tasteful person.

It's amazing to see all these latt o loot around here but this man banned!


I liked him

by مآمور on

he was always nice and polite to me, despite our big differences!!

I wear an Omega watch



by amirkabear4u on

He probably PLANNED it all !!!

Seriously what did he do?